Why do you tease me so?

Abby @ Faith

Jealousy. It is such a useless emotion. To want what someone else has. To see what someone else sees. To have what someone else uses. But once you have it, was it worth it?

Yes. Not no, not maybe. Yes.

Abigale Richardson had become his beacon in the night. His lover and friend. He wanted her for who she was. She wanted him for who he was. Even though she knew of his, sometimes peculiar, tastes. He would change his ways for her, she'd only need to ask. But she didn't. Is this what love feels like?

To be taunted the way she did was agonising. He didn't respond at first, thinking she was teasing him. Provoking him into a reaction. But the more texts they'd sent, the more on edge he had become. At first he was concerned. What if it had gone wrong? If he had taken her, forced her against her will? But then that concern turned into something else. Something more primal. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" He didn't understand. The sweet miss that adored him, that he adored, purposefully provoking someone else? "I'll show you."

He expected her to be there. 8 P.M. he had said. She might be late, just to taunt him. That would be regrettable, but not a deal breaker. He would have his way with her tonight, regardless of whether that door opened at eight.

At exactly five minutes passed eight, the red Lionheart rolled through the garage doors. The restaurant manager slash hotel owner picked his bag and jacket from the passenger seat before purposefully walking toward the front door, not glancing back to notice the orange lights flashing to alert him of the doors being locked. Everything works the way it works, he always thought. Including automatically closing car doors.

The lock of the white fibreglass door clicked and allowed him entrance to his home. Abby had the key and would, or could, have let herself in. He calmly put up his coat and took off his shoes before pushing open the frosted glass door leading into the living room.

After that last message Abby was left with a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. She dropped her phone on the bar and sat back in her chair. A heavy sigh escaped her lips. Mason was upset. Obviously. She would be... if it had all be the truth. Part of it was. The part where she flirted a little. But she did exaggerate... a little bit. Abby wanted a reaction from Mason. Wanted to draw him out. Why? Abby raised her shoulders to the unspoken question. She wasn't sure why exactly. Thought it might be fun. Well... I might be in for something completely different... But fun surely wasn't on the menu tonight.

Abby showered and changed into the exact outfit she was wearing that faithful night. The dress, the heels, the perfume. Even the panties. The only thing different was her hair. She'd worn it down that night. But for this night she decided to braid it up. It seemed safer that way... ..for some reason.

She caught a cab to Mason's place and made a serious attempt to eat her nails on the drive over. Yes, she was nervous. Anxious. Scared? A little. But she'd brought this on herself. No one to blame but me... When she arrived at the house, it was 7:50pm. Perfectly on time. Because Mason might be upset with her. She would not give him the extra pleasure or frustration of her being late. "Thank you." Abby paid the cab and let herself in. After a quick sip of water, she wandered into the living room and sat down on the couch. Legs crossed. Heart racing. And there she waited for Mason to come home.

The front door had been unlocked. She's here, had been the logical deduction from this little piece of information. It had eased his mind a little, knowing that she still wanted him. Not that he had had any reason to doubt that. Until a few hours ago.

Part of him, the rational part, was still in denial about the whole thing. Why would she do something like that? Didn't they have a good thing going? Was there something she was missing? Did she set it up? Questions raged through his mind but we're lost in the torrent of other emotions that had the upper hand. Anger, disappointment, desolation. Rational was going to have to wait.

To all outward appearances, Mason was calm as a tucked away lake in July. Even when he saw her, he remained calm. At least, he tried to. But with every step he made towards her, with every inch he was getting closer, he felt his blood boil hotter. Longing and lust now triumphed, which formed a lethal combination with anger.

Step. She was wearing the dress.

Step. She was wearing the heels.

Step. He was now so close, he could smell her intoxicating perfume.

Step. So close. Only one more step to be right in front of her.


He hadn’t said a word since he'd stepped across the threshold. Neither had she. Now was no time for words either. With on move he grabbed her chin with his hands. With not so subtle force he lifted her head and looked deep within her eyes. An intense gaze, to convey his disapproval of her actions by a mere stare. And before anything else could happen, he bent down and crashed his lips on hers.

At the first sounds from outside, Abby sat up straight. She could hear his car in the driveway. The door slammed. Faint footsteps and then the front door. Abby swallowed hard. Oh god. She could only imagine what was going through Mason's head. Next came the familiar sounds of him taking off his coat and his shoes. He would be coming into the room next. Abby's eyes where glued to the door. And the moment the handle leaned down, her heart stopped.

Through the frosted doors stepped the man she admired. The one she loved. Abby forgot to breath as their eyes locked. His blue eyes bore into her darker ones. Filled with ice that made her shiver. I deserve it. Unable to speak, Abby kept her eyes on his as Mason came closer. His steps where slow and deliberate. Steady. One more and he would be standing in front of her. Abby's mind had been racing before, things to say - apologies and explanations she could offer. But now her mind was blank. Her heart was beating loudly in her ears. It was all she could hear. Her lips parted, her mouth dry. Anxious. Scared.

When he was close enough, Mason grabbed her chin and lifted it. Their eyes meeting again. A look. One of disapproval and, Abby thought, disgust. Abby gulped when and drew in a shaky breath seconds before his mouth crashed onto hers and captured it. She leaned up into him, her hands remained at her side. Afraid to touch him. But wanting to. Needing to. But she'd let him make all the moves. She was his to do with as he saw fit.

The meek little girl was nothing compared to the fiery and feisty minx that had stepped into his office all those months ago, and whom he’d met in his bedroom – and living room, bathroom, garden and a lot of other places - on many a occasion since then. She with the grabby hands now sat perfectly still, barely acknowledging her presence, the only sign of life in her tongue.

It angered him. Infuriated him like nothing else. She had been the one to make the mistake, and now she was the one sitting here like a meek duckling, playing the victim. I’ll have none of that, he thought as his annoyance was conveyed by an angry tongue. At least she responds to that.

But it wasn’t enough, let alone satisfying. He wanted more, he needed to get rid of these pent up emotions lest they’d consume him and he’d make mistakes both of them would regret. Abruptly breaking their kiss, he stood up straight and let her slink back into the sofa.

”Get up.” His voice was cold and hard and left no room for discussion. When she didn’t respond immediately, he told her again, with a little more force this time. His hands worked the buckle of his belt and he fumbled with the metal ornament.

When she stood, he issued his next command. ”Stand there.” He cocked his head towards the short side of the sofa. ”Facing the window.” While she took the few steps that would get her into position, he breathed in slowly and forced himself to focus on his own task. Calmly this time, he opened the buckle, silver objects making a cheery sounds as he let them slip from his hands.

Abby closed her eyes and drowned in their kiss. So much passion and pent up emotion. On both sides. For a moment she could forget the reason she was there. His tongue fought a fierce war with hers. But as Abby was waiting for his hands to touch her, Mason broke their kiss and drew back abruptly. Leaving the young girl with lips parted and breathing rapid. Her eyes searched his. Frantically darting from his eyes to his mouth. Waiting for him to speak. When he drew back even further, Abby dropped her gaze. Anger. God, he looked so angry. She shivered, suddenly feeling a rush of cold coming from him.

His voice came sharp. A command. Not a question. Abby's eyes snapped up to meet his. Waited a beat. He told her again. I'm sorry. she wanted to say. Instead she rose from the couch, turned and obeyed his command. The sound of his hands working the buckle of his pants made her shudder. Not in the usual, arousing way it normally did. But in a way that made her dread the sound. He would be rough. There would be no soft touches. And it was all her fault. Abby squeezed her eyelids together to keep in the tears that where threatening to spill. She felt so sorry. For everything.

Behind her, Mason had steadied herself and she could hear him working on his pants. The buckle making cheerful noises. But then all the noise stopped. Abby waited, stared out of the window and made sure their eyes never met. Breath. she told herself, in an attempt to get it under control. But there was no control. Mason had every last bit of it. She had given it all away. So she waited. In the spot where he told her to. Her arms at her sides. Waiting. Silently.

He followed her, stalking his pray like a hungry cat would stalk a scared mouse. Carefully watching as she took up her position, just like he described. Smart girl. In one fluid motion, Mason slid the entire belt from the seven loops on his dress pants. Grabbing one of the ends in each hand, he pulled it tight. The snap broke the silence that had built up between them.

he swallowed the little moisture that had gathered in his otherwise dry mouth, not trusting his voice to be authoritive enough for the role he was in. He had never been this way with Abby. Sure, they had played. He had tied her up a few times, she had even managed to get him tied down once. But that was for fun, just for kicks. This, what he felt here and now, was different. She had never made him be this way. And I doubt she wanted to.

The leather end of the belt left his hand in a perfectly timed moment. It flew through the air in a beautiful curve before touching the fabric of her dress. It muffled the sound of the clap slightly. Probably even dulled the sensation on her flesh. He paced himself, needing to stay alert and keep his emotions in check. Tonight, Mason Stone was dealing punishment.

At the snap of his belt, Abby gasped. Ohmygod! She'd not recognized the noises he was making. The buzzing in her brain too loud to allow any other noises to enter. She didn't dare raise her eyes to meet his in the window, thou she wanted to. Wanted to plead with him. Apologize. Beg. But Abby wouldn't. Knowing it would only fuel and worsen the situation further. Her lover was angry, and she deserved it. Abby knew what came next. So when the belt struck the flesh of her behind, she managed to stifle the cry that threatened to escape her lips. Abby bit down on her teeth, clamping her lips shut to silence any other noise that might come out. This is not the time... She could not help her body from swaying a little as her tender flesh recovered from his action. On instinct, Abby stuck out her arms to stop herself from falling. Her hands landed on the back of the couch, and there she stayed. Eyes closed.

Blood swooshed around in her head, effectively deafening her to the world. Her own words being punishment enough. How could you be so stupid?! Abby feared Mason would hate her after this. Turn her away. Never come back. Everything is broken. I ruined everything... A single tear slipped silently from the corner of her eye.

Mason couldn’t see the front of her face. This was a good thing, seeing as he would have stopped everything he was doing and had planned to do, just to cradle her in his arms, carry her up to the bedroom and watch her fall asleep as he stroked her temples. But, he didn't see.

And so, he continued. Five slaps in total. He explained to her why she deserved them. One for flirting with a stranger. Two, for showing him her cleavage, on purpose. Three, for letting a bartender spike her drink. Four, for wearing an insanely hot dress without even so much as a selfie sent to him.

Slap.”And five, because in all your insolence, you thought it was a good idea to gloat about it.”

After the fifth and last strike, he curved his leather belt across the back of the sofa. With gentle hands, he stroked the tender flesh of her beaten ass through the two layers of fabric that separated her from nudity. Reaching underneath her black dress, the man in charge continued and softly caressed the exposed cheeks. A soft groan escaped his lips as he realised which pair of ridiculously sexy panties his girl was wearing. I'll savour you, sweet girl.

Right after I torture you into oblivion until you beg me to stop.

A gasp escaped her lips when the final blow was delivered. No matter how she tried to steady herself, Abby couldn't help the way her body slumped a little when she heard him put the belt away. It's done. When Mason touched her next, Abby flinched. She wasn't expecting him to be kind. So when she felt his hands stroke her backside, it took her a few seconds to relax. This is good. This is better... Abby allowed herself to relax against his touch. She did her best to steady her breathing, to calm herself down. But it was hard. Part of her wished Mason was done, and that five hard strokes of his belt was all the punishment he would be doling out. But the larger part knew this wasn't true. It's not over...

When his hand slipped underneath her dress and found the exposed flesh of her ass, Abby moaned softly. Oh god... she arched her back a little, pushing her ass into his hand. Abby was wearing a pair of black panties that covered very little ass. A pair she knew Mason liked. Abby hoped it would please him, but in that split second she also realized that Mason would know it was the exact same pair she'd been wearing that night. With a shiver she feared it would upset him more. And she cursed herself for wearing them again. Even thou he had told her to wear everything she wore that night. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry...

What an incredible ass. He had thought it many times before and did so again as he stroked and gently squeezed her abused body part that showed off so well in a pair of tight jeans. Or skimpy panties.

Mason couldn’t resist. He knelt behind her and lifted up her dress, claiming free access to her flesh. Abby would remain bent over, he was sure of it. At least, if she valued her sweet ass tender and sensitive to his touch, rather than sore and off limits. He needed it to be sensitive, not sore. The night has only just started.

His lips found her skin and like a magnet, they were drawn to the supple flesh. Caressing and softly nibbling, he kissed around the meagre amount of fabric. He was a big fan of lace, probably even more so in a pair of undies that covered more of her skin than a thong that left little to the imagination. But really, it didn’t matter, for tonight he would be about her punishment, not about his pleasure. But one isn’t mutually exclusive to the other, he thought as his soft lips grazed the receptive skin.

Abby's breath hitched when she heard Mason crouch down. What is he doing? The girl wasn't sure if she should be anxious or welcoming. But as she waited and felt how he lifted her dress, Abby held her breath in anticipation. ”Hmm...” a soft moan traveled across her lips when his touched the tender flesh of her ass. His hands caressed, his lips tasted and savored. Abby closed her eyes and stayed perfectly still. It occurred to her that Mason hadn't realized these where the the offensive panties.. or if he had, he simply didn't care.

At any other moment Abby's mind would tend to wander. Go over a shopping list, remember a previous appointment or simply drifted off to somewhere else. But whenever she was with Mason, her mind would stay firmly in place. I am exactly where I want to be... A small smile crossed her lips, but was quickly chased off by a moan. ”Oh Mason...” she said softly.

Mason enjoyed the appreciative mumbling. It meant she was enjoying herself, as she would do until he decided it'd been enough. But for now, he was content with pleasing her.

Inch by inch he covered her skin with his lips. Gently and barely touching, then firmer and softly nibbling. The redness started to slowly vanish, a distant reminder of a few lashes that were well deserved.

Then he stopped. It had been enough. But he was torn. Do I fuck her now, for my own pleasure? Or do I wait? Do I even intend to? The choices were plentiful, and the usually so determined entrepreneur was momentarily lost for an answer. He couldn't choose.

It's her fault, he thought. She's making me doubtful. The clear path that was so common, had been replaced by one of possibilities. One more alluring than the next. But it was time to continue, to show his firm hand, to enforce his dominance.

With a flat hand, he slapped her ass once. "Stand up," his short command sounded, followed by "Follow me." He didn't look if she followed, because he knew she would. Of course she will, he thought as he made his way over to the stairs, up the steps to a familiar bedroom for the both of them.

Damn those lips. Abby closed her eyes and moaned again. She arched her back, pushing her body against his lips. Wanting for him to kiss her more. Touch her more. Maybe it means he's forgiven me... maybe my punishment is over... How she wished this was true. How she wished she actually believed it was over. As his mouth nibbled and savored, Abby felt herself relax. With closed eyes she enjoyed herself.

But then it was over. His lips where gone, leaving only a whisper linger on her skin. Abby opened her eyes and turned to him. "Mason..." his name a question on her lips. His hand struck her ass once, making her flinch a little. At his command, she immediately rose to her feet. Her head lowered as she followed him to the stairs. The bedroom. Was that where they where going? Her heart dared to skip as they climbed the stairs in silence. Abby feared much of their evening would be spend in silence, save for his short commands and her moans. Or groaning in pain... she shrugged off the thought, not wanting it to frighten her. She would stay positive. Hopeful. And obedient.

The home's owner ascended the stairs step by step and crossed the darkened landing into his - or their, as he'd come to think of it recently - bedroom. Where before he was very possessive of his own belongings, from his clothing to his house and everything in between, Abby had taken a hold of his life, and Mason Stone liked it.

And then she goes and do something like this.

He walked towards the door of the walk in closet. Standing in front of the closed door, he turned around and faced the open one overlooking the hallway. Waiting. Waiting for a silly girl thinking she could tease him without consequences.

Whatever gave you that idea.

As Abby set foot in the bedroom and saw Mason standing there, her mind flashed back to the first time she was in this room. How had she gotten there? By flirting and playing. And of course a red corset with matching stockings... the girl smiled. It had been a good start to the evening, but it had ended all wrong. Abby hadn't been clear on her limits and Mason then moved too fast. Another one of my stupid mistakes... But that was all behind them now. Far behind. So much had happened since then. And innocence wasn't going to help her get out of this situation. This time she'd just have to take whatever he wanted... needed to give her.

With her eyes cast to the ground, Abby walked into the bedroom and came to stand next to Mason. She didn't dare make eye contact. Such where the rules. So she waited. Her hands balled into fists, nails digging into her palms.

He wasn't a violent person. Assuming such men existed, he guessed that some harsher dominant or master would, on such occasions as these, not hesitate to raise their smoke-stained hand and slap this beautiful girl across the soft skin of her face.

Horrible. Shudders ran across his spine at the mere thought of abusing his precious girl that way. Never.

Still, teaching a lesson didn't have to involve violence. And with a willing participant, tonight would bring plenty of options to do just yet.

But first, there was something to be taken care of before they got started. It was a matter of trust, one he would never brake.

"Look at me."

With her heart beating in her throat, Abby raised her eyes to meet Mason's. There where questions in hers. But she found nothing in his. They appeared unreadable. A trait she'd often admired and cursed in him. If eyes where the windows to the soul, then why can't I tell what he's thinking? Abby waited and watched him. She assumed it only lasted seconds before he spoke again. But to her, the seconds could easily be minutes or hours. The nervous anticipation of the evening was building. What would he say? What would he do? Tell me what you want, so I can make amends...

She hesitated. She's nervous. He figured that was to be expected, because he had told her about the kind of disciplinary methods he would use at his restaurant.

And our first night together was a rather good start. A little smile crept over his face when the memory of 'the wedding night' as they had dubbed it, reentered his mind. A very good start.

"Abigale Richardson." He sounded like he was a high court Judge in front of a jury. I am sentencing you... bla bla.

"For the five reasons stated earlier, I am now about to tie you up and have my way with you."

He wouldn't specify what 'way' that would be. She'd find out soon enough.

"Do you trust me to treat you with respect and to stop when you intentionally say the safe word?"

It was a little something they'd built in after their first night in Mason's house had ended way too abruptly and with a rather nasty aftertaste. They had talked about what had happened and how they had both felt about it. And with these words, both Mason and Abby restated their trust in each other.

When Mason spoke her name, she froze. He called her Abigale. Not Abby. Another sign of the seriousness of the situation, as if Abby needed more signs... she listened intently. He reminded her of the five reasons and said that he was going to tie her up... worse things could happen... she thought to herself. Worse things had happened...

”I understand.” she said, looking into his eyes, ”I trust you.” The safe word had been something Mason had decided on. It was there to keep her safe. To help. So Abby thought long and hard for a word that she wouldn't normally use. So nothing that reminded her of sex or anything related to the topic. That in itself had been a challenge. But she'd found one. And prided herself in only having used it once before.

But now the formalities where out of the way. And she had placed her trust in him. Let's begin... she thought, biting her lip to stop it from quivering.

”Good.” He didn’t expect any other answer. Still, it was good to hear the words.

”Now then. Let us begin.” Mason lifted his arms and cupped his hands on Abby’s cheeks in a loving way. ”Close your eyes.”

He waited a beat or two for her to do so before leaning in and gently placing his lips on hers. Her lips felt dry, no doubt caused by a mixture of excitement and anticipation. With his tongue caressed them, passing some of his own saliva.

While doing so, the man released his hands and used them to pull a long piece of dark fabric from his pockets. Carefully, he placed the soft satin between them, covering her eyes and wrapping it around her, tying it an a firm knot at the back of her head.

Leaving her lips and taking a step back, he admired her. The beautiful young woman, fully dressed and blind folded, at his disposal.

I am a lucky man.

Close your eyes... A simple command. Sending shivers down Abby's spine and making all the hairs on her body stand on end. Slowly she nodded and closed her eyes. The world around her disappeared and she now had to rely solely on her senses. Don't abandon me now... she thought to herself.

Mason's lips on hers came as a surprise, almost making her stumble backwards. His tongue made her shiver. A promise of things to come. The sound of fabric being draw out. And then the touch of something silky against her skin. A blindfold. Of course. Abby had dreaded these things. Had resented Mason for wanting to use them. But over time she'd gotten used to them. Sort of... a little... Abby drew in a sharp breath as Mason tied the item around her head, effectively blinding her. She could hear him step away, his movements barely a whisper on the carpeted floor. Her heart thundered in her chest. Abby opened her eyes but found it was more comfortable to have them closed, so she did. And she waited. Patience wasn't one of her virtues and she feared tonight he would take full advantage of that.

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