When the wife's away...

Lucy @ Faith

His plan had worked. Daniel had successfully played the girl's mind in a way that she knew exactly what he wanted. His words had been clear enough. Hitch up your skirt, get down on your knees and suck my cock. Walking away had been fun, leaving her breathless as well as confused. Lucy had that typical look, kind of a mixture of a deer in the headlights combined with a healthy dose of utter shock. What. The. Fuck.

The initial awkwardness had subsided after a few days back into the schedule, with no possibilities on either side to pursue the matter further. Until Daniel’s wife had just paged him from a paramedical chopper en route to an emergency. I won’t be back until tomorrow. In other words: Make sure the nanny does her job properly. A little smile spread across his lips. Oh I will honey, don’t worry.

At dinner time, everything had been as normal, apart from the kids mother missing. They were always a little sad when that happened, but they both knew about their parent's jobs and that sometimes they just couldn't make it home for dinner because they were saving someone else's life. Mom and dad are heroes, what more could you want?

Bedtime went pretty smoothly, with Lucy reading them a story and Daniel tucking them in. When they were both settled and down for the night, he excused himself, slipped into his swimming shorts and spent the next hour in the water, tracking lap after lap. But his focus wasn’t in the water. Only one thing was on his mind. One woman. And it wasn’t his wife.

I'll have you tonight. A smile spread across his face as he pushed himself away from the edge of the pool for another lap.

Lucy was always pleased with herself when she managed to get the kids down for the night. Sure, they preferred their parents to read the story and tuck them in. But Lucy felt privileged nevertheless. The kids liked her which meant she was going a good job. With a smile on her face she silently closed the bedroom door behind her. She'd gone back in to check on the little boy with the restless dreams. But he was sound asleep, not a dream in sight. Good. Sleep well little one As Lucy made her way down to her bedroom, she wondered what she was going to do with the rest of her evening.

By the time she walked into her bedroom, Lucy had made up her mind. She'd go for a swim. To relax and get some exercise done. She grabbed a flowery towel from the shelves and changed into a equally flowery bikini. Lucy stood in front of the floor length mirror and admired the two piece of her slim physique. A smile came to her lips. When she seen the bikini in the store, Lucy had felt it was too much. Too revealing. Too flowery and totally not her. But Savvy, who had been her shopping partner at the time, had disagreed on all terms. And Lucy ended up buying the item anyway. Now that she was wearing it and got a good chance to look at herself in the mirror, she could only smile. It hugged her perfectly. Her breasts, thou they weren't as full and large as the bikini model in the brochure, looked amazing in the top. Gotta love the push up effect. The pink drawstrings made it look cute and playful. And the flowers where in fact, totally Lucy.

The girl stepped into her flip flops and made her way to the indoor pool. The night was beautiful but a bit chilly. So she decided against the outdoor and settled on the indoor pool. Lucy loved the pool. The way it was decorated looked straight out of a movie. It was stylish with a hint of romantic with darker colors and sensitive lighting instead of harsh industrial lighting. The contractor had done an amazing job with it. It was perfect.

Lucy pushed through the double doors and dropped her towel on one of the nearest chairs. She kicked off her flipflops and walked to the stairs, slowly descending into the pool. The water was chilly and she let out a small yelp as it surrounded her. The sound bounced off the walls, making Lucy giggle to herself. It's a good thing I'm alone... She waded through the shallow end of the pool to where the bottom turned steeped. There was a seat in the wall, a comfy little nook. Perfect to sit and relax, to get used to the cool water before doing laps. There Lucy settled and closed her eyes. She released a deep breath and smiled. This was perfect.

Even though he had locked the door to the bathroom, the high pitched yelp was clearly audible in the toilet. At first he didn't realise what the sound was, but it soon dawned on him as he entered the pool area again. The flowery towel gave it away. Perfect, he thought to himself as he softly closed the door behind him. I don't even have to go and find her.

Glancing around, he didn't see the nanny. But as the towel was there and her flip flops were next to the stairs, Daniel knew she had to be there. Most likely at the seats, getting used to the water. But while he knew that he wasn't alone any more, she didn't have that particular piece of knowledge. Gotcha.

Placing his towel on another chair, he silently walked to the edge of the pool. Without making a noise, he loomed over her and took a dive. With a big splash he landed in the water and stayed underneath the surface. While gliding to the other side of the pool, a smile crept across his face. Made you wet.

The light classical music that drifted through the open space, was comforting and had a calming effect on Lucy. Soon enough she notice her mind start to wander. To her day. How it started, how it ended. To the past few days and to a certain afternoon where things almost got out of hand. All this time Lucy had been thinking of her boss in a naughty way. And on that afternoon, her boss made it perfectly clear that his intentions towards her where less than honorable. And even thou Lucy would never ever act upon them, the thought of him wanting her in that way... she had to admit that excited her. It makes the fantasies that much nicer... the girl smiled as she caressed her legs underneath the waters cool surface.

A loud splash woke her from dreaming. Her eyes flew open and searched across the water. Oh shit! She had thought to be alone. But this splash of water could only be made by the man in her fantasies. Mr. Smith. Lucy watched in shock and horror as Mr. Smith resurfaced at the other end of the pool. Ohgod... Lucy pulled her legs up to her chest, frantically trying to cover herself as she tried to collect her thoughts and willed her body to move. Her only option was to get out of the pool. But her limbs refused to move.

Resurfaccing and casually leaning his torso out of the water, resting his elbows on the wall, he looked across the rippling water. The object of tonight's - and a fair few other nights - longing was huddled up at the other side of the pool. So shy. I wonder why that is?

He flashed her a smile. "Hey!" He tried to let surprise be a part of his words. "I didn't know you were here too. I was just getting those extra carbs you fed us at dessert to stay off my stomach." He looked down, the water disturbing the view so that it looked like he was even more bloated than he felt. "You know how it is. I really don't want to explain to the wife that I need another load of new shirts."

He made a show of watching the clock, as if he were to time the next few laps. "Right, room enough for the two of us in here. If you see any carbs floating around, don't swallow them." With a grin he let his elbows slide from the marble, flexed his legs and pushed himself away from the wall.

The sight of his bare chest, covered with droplets of water, send a fresh wave of shivers down Lucy's body. God, he's so sexy... Lucy subconsciously licked her lips as she stared at him. "Hey. I thought I was alone... but I guess you did too." Lucy paused, glancing towards the stairs. "I can go..." she was about to make a move, when he joked about the extra carbs in her dessert. Lucy turned to him and smiled a little. "I didn't tell you to have that second portion... you did that." She remembered his earlier compliment on the dessert she'd made especially for that night. "It was good, wasn't it..." Chocolate covered brownies with raspberries and white chocolate, topped off with ice cream, were Lucy's specialty.

A laugh escaped her lips when Daniel mentioned floating carbs. "I'll be careful." She waded her hands through the water, but froze when he pushed himself away from the wall and came swimming towards her. Oh crap. Lucy flexed her own lets and made a dash towards the stairs, pushing herself away from the seat in the other direction. Away from him. Her heart was bounding. Lucy glanced over her shoulder to see where he was going now. "I'll leave you be..."

From the corner of his eye, he could see that Lucy was making a dash for the stairs. Oh no you don't! Veering right, he set course to intercept her before she could reach the metal steps out of the water and into the safety of her towel.

His head broke through the surface just in time. "You can stay a while, if you want? Don't leave on my account." Using his body to block her exit, he hit the water with the flat of his hand. "We can help each other work off those brownies." Then he grinned. "Or work up an appetite for another round!"

With that, he let himself sink to the bottom and pushed away from the wall, easily gliding underneath her bobbing body. On his way, he couldn't resist tickling the soles of her feet before dashing away.

Damn him and his fast breaststroke. If Daniel was a slower swimmer, as she now hoped he was... she would have made it out of the pool. Now she was stuck between the deep and the shallow end, unable to stand and unable to get away. "No really, sir, I can go... you... you where here first." Are you hearing yourself right now?! she scolded herself as she watched him come closer. Lucy frowned when he suggested they help each other work off those brownies. Surely he wasn't suggesting... A hot flash turned Lucy's cheeks bright red. Yes, her mind was going there. No matter how hard she tried to fight it.

Lucy did her best to stay afloat and kept glancing over her shoulder to see if there was any other way for her to escape. She already knew there wasn't one, but her fight or flight instinct was kicking in stronger than ever. "Another round..." The puzzled expression turned to a half scared one when Daniel disappeared underwater. She stared into the blue after him. Wondering what he was up to. A yelp escaped her lips when he tickled her feet. Lucy kicked her legs in response. She hoped she hadn't kicked him, but if she had, well than that was just his own damn fault... wasn't it. Seeing her chance, Lucy kicked her legs into the water again and started to swim away.

With the water slowing her movements, Daniel was protected from the impact of her kick. Big bubbles of air floated to the surface as he laughed and watched her swim away. You like to be chased? Always up for a challenge, he set off after her.

Daily workouts had their benefits and the slender girl, however aerodynamic she was, was no match for his physical strength. Before she could reach the stairs, the good doctor had caught up with her.

Appearing out of the water from below, he immediately raised two arms and put his hands out on the wall, trapping her body. She was locked between his muscled arms, his toned body and the cool, hard wall.

”And what if I don't want you to go? What would you do then?”

Oh god.. Lucy swam away with all her might, as fast as she possibly could. But sure enough, Daniel was faster and stronger. Which wasn't a surprise really, have you seen him?! A involuntary shudder raced through the slender form as she waded through the water. She managed to reach the shallow end of the pool before the good doctor caught up with her. Lucy was about to turn around and put her first foot on the base of the stairs, when he was there. His strong arm blocked her escape. Lucy turned her face to the other exit, but his other arm was there to block that too. Trapped. With a typical deer in the headlights look, Lucy faced her boss. His body inches away from hers. His gaze intense and his attention focused fully on her.

Lucy's breath was labored, from swimming but more so from her current predicament. Oh shit. Oh shit... She drew in a sharp breath as she listened to his words. He didn't want her to go. That's what he meant. And seeing as he had her trapped, Lucy was pretty sure he meant it. "I... I don't know, sir..." A blush touched her cheeks as Lucy lowered her gaze. Through the water she could see his body. God, what an incredible body... That didn't help matters much. Nor did her eyes traveling even lower... Lucy's eyes darted up and settled on his face. The safest of options. "I could scream..." she said softly with a chuckle. A lot of good that'll do... They stood there in silence for a few seconds. Or minutes. Lucy couldn't be sure. Her heart was racing and if she wasn't in the water, she was sure her palms would be sweaty. After the longest while she softly spoke, breaking the silence. "What do you want, sir..." Lucy knew this particular question would possibly get her into trouble. But it had to be asked. It was the only thing left to do. To ask.

Daniel felt like a true predator, catching his prey in the water. His breathing barely elevated, but he could feel adrenaline pulsating through his vains as he eyed his target.

Sir. Involuntary shudders caused him to blink and he felt his cock twitch just because of that one three letter word. That, and a very innocent voice and big brown eyes that just begged to him. Why had he told her to address him as such, knowing full well the effect it had on him? The rational side of him couldn’t answer that question. But as things were, a rational side to Daniel Smith was no where to be found.

”Scream? Who's going to hear you down here?” He smirked as he slowly moved forward, shrinking the space she had to move and pressing his body closer to her.

There it was again. What do you want, sir. Uncontrollable twitches caused by softly spoken words. It took a lot of willpower to refrain from saying what he really wanted to say. That he wanted her to scream out of pleasure while he pounded his cock inside her leaking pussy. Better not say that yet.

Instead, he chose a more appropriate approach. ”I want you to stay. Enjoy the water. Swim a few laps if you want. When I'm done, I want you to follow me out of the water.”

Without saying another word, Daniel pushed himself away from the wall and set off on towards the other end of the pool. He was usually able to read people pretty well - women more so than men – and was pretty sure Lucy wouldn't let him down. But, you never know. Unaware of what happened behind him, he settled into a leisurely stroke, carrying him through the water as he let the girl decide on her next step.

Lucy released the breath she had been holding in. She smiled a little at his comment. No, surely no one would hear her in she screamed. A rather daunting thought... For a split second Lucy's mind wandered off to a situation where she wasn't there voluntarily and what was possibly - maybe going to happen was something she didn't want. Rather than the truth... which was that this was exactly what she had fantasized about. "You're right..." her voice was barely above a whisper and Lucy inwardly laughed at the way she sounded.

His next move was rewarded with another gasp from the petite brunette. Lucy tried to back away and for the moment forgot she was already standing against the wall. Her head tapped against the wall. Ouch! She brought up her hand to touch her head, and accidentally brushed it across his stomach. A shiver raced through her as her fingers touched him. I can't believe this is happening... Lucy blushed as she brought her eyes up to meet his. "Oh, I..." she was going to apologize but felt it was silly, so she kept her mouth shut.

The girl had completely lost her voice and was silently panting as she listened to his words. Stay. Swim. Then follow. Oh shit... Lucy wanted to say something. Something smart. Something witty. Anything! But he had taken her voice and nothing came out of her mouth when she parted her lips. So she nodded once and watched as he swam away. Frozen in her spot, Lucy swallowed hard as she tried to calm down her racing heart. She stared down into the water and brought her hands to her chest. Calm down... breath. Lucy studied the ripple of the water for a few minutes and she felt herself calm down. Once she was calm enough that her brain started to function again, Lucy raised her eyes to see where he was. Across the pool, taking his time and having a comfortable swim.

For minutes on end Lucy contemplated his words. Wondered what would happen if she followed him. But also wondered what would happen if she didn't... Would he take advantage of me? She eyed the good doctor suspiciously. He didn't seem like the type who would... ...but then he also didn't seem like the type to seduce his nanny... Lucy felt so confused. Raised her eyes to the ceiling as if to call on some higher power. But she found none. So she waited. Waited to see what he would do. And what she would do in return.

He didn’t pay much attention to the girl as he continued swimming for another ten minutes. Every lap he swam passed her, sending waves her way as his body glided through the water. I think I scared her. Each lap his body's anticipation grew as the longing for physical contact with the young nanny became more and more apparent.

When Daniel had reached his self set target, he went straight for the stairs. Putting his hands in a firm grip around the metal bars, he turned his head and winked at Lucy. ”Come on you, I won't bite.” Then he cleared the water and walked to his towel, grinning and finishing that sentence to himself. ”Hard.”

The moment she feared came sooner than Lucy expected. She watched him swim to the stairs and stared as he raised himself out of the water. A slow smile on his lips. Filled with mischief. Oh shit. Now what... Part of Lucy wanted to follow the good doctor out of the pool, just to see what might happen. But the other -larger- part of her was scared. But maybe scared wasn't the right word... Maybe anxious? Or nervous? Lucy wasn't sure if she should follow him. But she wasn't sure if she shouldn't either. It was all very confusing.

For the moment she felt as if her legs had spawned roots and grounded her to the spot. Unable to decide and unable to move. Will he come back to get me if I don't come to him? she wondered. There was only one way to find out...

Reaching the few chairs aligned along the wall, Daniel picked up his towel to dry himself off. The lack of wet footfalls on the stone floor made him glance back curiously. Why isn’t she coming out? His instructions hadn’t been that difficult. Maybe she's hesitant because she's scared of what I'll do to her.

Now that was a distinct possibility, one he couldn’t really blame her for. He'd been very straight forward that afternoon, and again just now. But being straightforward was a good thing, at least in his opinion. I didn’t threaten her, right? No, Lucy shouldn’t have anything to worry about. He wouldn’t hurt her.

A lot, he thought, and smiled at the idea of spanking her luscious ass while her lean body was draped over his knees. But you'll like it, I'll make sure you will.

After this momentary internal monologue, the doctor starts to walk back to the pool. Stepping onto the border behind her, he looked down and admired the view. She really does have a nice body. Feeling familiar tingles already spreading through his own, he knelt down and directed his voice to her.

”Now, I don’t think my request was that difficult, was it?” He hadn't decided how to handle her. Either politeness or strictness were the possibilities. Initially he had leaned more towards the strict order, but now seeing the anxiety in her eyes, he changed his mind. Turning playful, he splashed some water towards her.

”I thought we could have some fun... Don't make me have to come and get you!” He winked and splashed her again, hoping to lighten her mood a bit.

Lucy heard his footsteps approach but didn't dare move. She held her breath and nearly jumped up out of the water when she heard his voice. So close. It felt as if he was standing right behind her. Turning her head only slightly, Lucy realized that he was standing right there. She swallowed hard and feared he might've heard it. Her lips trembled as she listened to his words. "No sir, you're request was crystal clear..." Lucy said softly, her voice barely there. She cleared her throat in an attempt to to sound less nervous. But in doing so, she probably sounded even worse. Fail...

An unladylike shriek escaped her lips when Daniel splashed her. "Hey!" she cried out, covering her face with her hands. Lucy felt her anxiousness slip away ever so slightly. Him being a little playful had somehow broken the ice a little. Come and get me... she grinned to herself. Seeing the light of the situation. A with a sudden surge of bravery she turned and faced him, kicking herself away from the nook. "Come get me...? Why don't you..." A girlish giggled escaped her lips as she swam away from him a little. Daring him to come in again.

Astonishing. The way Lucy had shivered and shrivelled earlier had make her seem so insecure. An easy target, he would have described her as. Yet now, in this new light, she had regained a healthy dose of that sparkle that made her so incredible with his kids. Yes, she was young, but she could also be young. There is a big difference between that.

The challenge she posed him was happy accepted. Flexing his muscles, he let his legs put him up right. With a high curve he flung the towel back in the direction of the chairs, missing them by a few metres. Then he curled his toes around the edge of the pool, raised his arms and with a majestic and predatory jump he sliced the water with his hands, diving all the way to the bottom before resurfacing halfway across the pool.

Daniel shook his head to get the water from his eyes. Quickly scanning around him, he looked for his nanny. She can't have gone far. He remembered this game from back in the day, when his wife and himself would chase after each other in a public pool, way before they could afford their own in the basement of their property. Back then, other people had been clueless attributes in their little game, serving as beacons, hiding spots, decoys or cover.

”Come out come out wherever you are,” he whispered as his eyes peered underneath the water in search of a flowery bikini. ”You can swim, but you can't very well hide in here...”

With a thundering heartbeat the young brunette frantically scanned the pool's clear surface to find a place to hide. Fail... As Lucy swam away from where Daniel was standing, the water wrinkled and splashed around her as the man in question dove in. She glanced over her shoulder, then blow her and around her. Where did he do?! Lucy stayed in her spot and tread water to stay afloat. Her eyes dashed across the pool until she saw where Daniel was about to surface. Sadly for her, the pool didn't have many hiding spots. And she wasn't going to ruin the fun by getting out so quickly. Even thou it does sound appealing...

I'm gonna risk it. Making a split second decision, Lucy swam towards the side of the pool. Hoping he wouldn't spot her. A giggle escaped her lips when Lucy thought Daniel spotted her. The girl swam away as quickly as she could. Hoping to reach the shallow end and be out of the pool, before Daniel got to her.

It was a shame that his kids mainly used the heated outside pool, causing it to be randomly filled with plastic whales and life size crocodiles nine out of ten times. This indoor variety was less child proof and was used almost exclusively for adult laps and swimming lessons.

The ripple of waves was hard to miss and he instantly realised that his nanny had teased him back into the water, but now she the was making a beeline for the shallow end. There she could stand and, he gathered, had most hope for getting away from him. In a playful mood, but nonetheless get away. Because come hell or high water, the two of them had tiptoed around each other for long enough. Tonight was the night it would come to a clash of epic proportions.

With little more effort than a regular work out, Daniel used powerful strokes to glide through the water in pursuit of the girl. She had just reached the rise in the bottom when he reached out and locked his hand around one of her ankles. Raising his head above the waves they’d caused, he yelled triumphantly. ”Gotcha! Where do you think you’re going?”

Lucy had heard him come after her. And a quick glance over her shoulder had confirmed it. He came closing in pretty fast and the girl could only admire his strength and his agility. Safety was within reach. Only a few more....eeeek! Lucy's cry echoed off the walls when she felt Daniel's hand clasp around her ankle. She frantically splashed her hands into the water, trying to get him to lose focus and let her go. Lucy yanked her leg away but the grasp on her ankle stayed firm. There was no escaping him. The girl had turned to face him, moving her arms to stay upright and to keep her balance. Thank God I got to the shallow end... "You're gonna trip me." she told him with a grin. Resignation on her face. "But you've got me."

Lucy made another attempt to get away by splashing water in his face. But the man stayed. Rock solid. His grip never faltering. "So... what will you do with me... now that you have me?"

With her arms floating on the water, her hair clinging to her face and drops trickling down her skin, Lucy in her flowery two piece looked more like a photo model than the conservative nanny she usually portrayed to be. Daniel admired her and watched as her bosom heaved in an attempt to get her breathing and blood flow back to normal.

For now, he had the upper hand. He’d caught her. She was his conquest and she had resigned to her fate, however playful it was. ”What will I do? Good question. I imagine a fair maiden conquered by a valiant knight. Heralds will exclaim my victory and minstrels will sing in pure joy about the stories of a people's hero.”

The doctor wrapped his arms around Lucy’s slender waist and pulled her close. ”Now, for what I’ll do with you... Lets start with this.” Before the girl could react, he brought his face close and pressed his lips against hers.

Lucy could feel his eyes on her skin. Savoring. Admiring. It made her shiver involuntarily. It had been quite some time since a man looked at her like that. And that wasn't even a man... with a frown the girl realized the last guy she was with, was a guy her own age. And such a dork... For a split second Lucy wondered what she'd ever seen in him. But her thoughts where interrupted by the man in front of her. He spoke of knights and maidens, songs of joy and stories of a hero. Lucy giggled. "Why mister Smith, I never pegged you for a romantic." It seems both of them where learning new things about the other this evening. Such as... that body. Her eyes dropped below the water level to admire her boss. When he released her leg and wrapped his arms around her waist, the petite girl gasped a little.

His lips found hers in a tender kiss. Soft. Curious. Exploring. Lucy felt her mind resisting but her body giving into him. She brought her arms up from the water and wrapped them around his neck. Pulling her body against his. At the first touch, she shivered. Through the soft material of her bathing suit, she could feel her nipple instantly respond. A soft moan escaped her lips as she parted them. Inviting him in. Ohmygod...

Feeling her body so close to his, only divided by one thin layer of colourful neoprene, made his lust grow fonder. He could feel his various body parts respond as he pressed himself against her.

He moved his hands down to her ass. The water made everything feel different, but feeling her cute ass through the soft material was a winner. He had thought of smacking it on many a occasion. When she bent over to pick something up, or while she would be casually leaning over the counter, reading a magazine. Especially dressed in a tight pair of jeans, the attraction was there. How I have managed to resist, is beyond me.

Without much trouble, he lifted her feet of the pool floor and nudged her upper legs, getting her to fold them around his hips. The water in this part of the room came up to his belly button, so she was still weightless as she clung onto him.

His hands now free to roam, their first stop was the two strings at her back, tied together in a pretty, but easily openable knot. Collecting the two loose strands that were floating in the water, he pulled them simultaneously, opening up the way to free her breasts and be able to admire them openly for the first time.

With her eyes closed and her body pressed hard against him, Lucy felt his tongue enter her mouth. Exploring and savoring. A moan escaped her lips as she gently massaged his tongue with her own. This was far better than she'd ever imagined it would be. His strong hands on her body where like a dream. She could feel his heart beating with hers. Powerful and strong. Hmm oh my... His hands found her ass and Lucy moaned again. He nudge her legs and she obediently lifted them up and wrapped them around his strong waist. Her fingers played with his hair as they kissed.

Daniel's hands than traveled up her back to the drawstrings of her bikini. Lucy broke their kiss and pulled back to look at him. Part of her felt a need to stop him, to stop their exploring before it went too far. But then she looked down on their bodies. Already so firmly molded together. And she realized that the point of stopping... was long gone. We've passed the point of no return... she thought to herself with a chuckle, quoting her favorite opera. So instead of stopping him, Lucy raised her eyes to meet his and bit her lower lip. She watched breathlessly as his hands pulled the strings and the soft material of her bikini top floated away from her skin. "Let me..." before he could reach for the piece of fabric, Lucy brought her hands to her neck and untied the strings that sat there. With a swift motion the bikini top was gone. Lucy allowed it to float away in the water as she brought her hands to his chest. Her breasts where now exposed to him. Nipples standing erect. Waiting eagerly for his next move.

Daniel was already hell bent on taking every shred of innocence out of their platonic relationship tonight, but as soon as her perfect breasts were in sight, all reservations were gone.

Her breasts were pure. Unspoiled by years nor children, they were firm and perky, beautifully shaped with small areolas and erect nipples. He carefully folded his hands around them, gently massaging the soft flesh with his bare hands, grazing the sensitive buds with his fingers.

"You are just perfect," he muttered as his eyes were glued to her chest. "Just perfect." The usually so composed doctor continued his stroking, thanking the lucky stars for this chance encounter and his kids being sound sleepers.

And my wife being away.

A sigh of pleasure rolled off of Lucy's lips when his hands finally touched her breasts. The girl closed her eyes and allowed her head to fall back. She arched her back, pushing her breasts into his hands. Eager. Willing. "Hmm sir..." she sighed softly while his hands massaged her tender flesh. Tiny shock waves raced through her body. Pooling down in her center. Lucy opened her eyes and looked at him. A smile on her lips. "They are perfect for you, sir... it's all for you." Lucy leaned down and captured his lips with hers. Her legs tightened their hold around him as her tongue pushed against his lips.

The usually so sophisticated doctor rolled the quickly hardening nipples of the naughty nanny between his fingers, appreciating their - and her - response. "Hmm," he moaned softly. "Thank you Lucy. I wonder what I did to make you give yourself to me like this."

Instead of answering his question, she pulled herself even closer to him. Cutting of any further conversation, he welcomed her soft lips on his and as soon as he felt her warm tongue pressing against his mouth, he opened it up and finally allowed her in.

The nanny pushed herself even closer to good doctor. Her heels digging into his lower back. Anything to keep him from moving away. To keep them both in the moment. Daniel parted his lips, allowing Lucy in. Slowly at first, but driven by lust, it only took a few seconds before their slow kissing turned passionate. Lucy tangled her fingers into his hair as the other clawed at his back. Her body was pressed against his. Soft nipples being caressed by the rough hair on his chest. It made Lucy shiver. Such a delicious feeling. Manly and strong. Not boyish and immature.

Lucy could have kissed him until her lips fell off. Wanted to. Needed it to last. But she couldn't ignore the burning desire. She needed him. Wanted him. From the first moment Lucy had set foot in the Smith household, and set her eyes on the man of the house, there had been something there. It had started off as a casual interest. Daniel Smith was a handsome and successful man, Lucy couldn't deny that. The attraction was there. He liked her back, it wasn't just her imagination. But over time it grew stronger. And tonight they where finally acting on it.

"I want to feel you inside of me..." Lucy whispered, her eyes looking into his.

Undeniable lust. She wanted him. For a moment, he wondered again what happened. Usually he was the one persuading girls. This time it was her hitting on him. I like this.

But their thoughts were similar. He wanted her too. The employer wanted to sink into his employee. Feel how young her body really was. How much pleasure she could give the doctor.

But how? Where? If it were up to him, he'd slide aside her bikini bottoms and let Lucy sink herself onto him. It had been a very long time since anything naughty had happened in a pool. A different era. Pre-kids, pre-marriage, pre-thislife.

But did they want the first time to be in a pool? Why not? Good question. His hands moved to her sides and trailed down them, reaching the colourful strings that kept the flowery material attached to her body. Pulling them simultaneously, they separated and he could feel the back part giving way.

With the floating bottoms only held in place by there bodies being pressed together, Daniel's hand gently carressed and squeezed her firm buttocks. He'd made his decision on the spot.

"I want to fuck you. Right here, right now."

His words entered her ears like a stroke of lightening. Oh fuck. It was really happening now. Daniel wanted to have her. Fuck her, as he so eloquently stated. Lucy wanted nothing more. Desire pooled between her legs and when his hands removed the only shred of clothing she had left, Lucy giggled. She held her breath and pushed her body away from his a little. To allow the material to float away from her body. "Now you." Lucy said, trailing her nails down his chest. With her eyes locked on his, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his trunks. Or at least she tried. The petite nanny couldn't move them enough to free him.

"This isn't gonna work..." she muttered as she tugged at the material, but it wouldn't budge. This is so stupid... she thought to herself, lips pursed together. "A little help here?"

Daniel smirked. He enjoyed her fumbling with his shorts. She's nervous. How cute.

"Gladly." Trusting her to keep her hold on him, he moved his arms to his sides and pulled the loose fitting material down his legs, not at all carefully. HIs hard member happily sprang free and the fresh water flowing around it instantly sent tingles through his lower body.

With his arms back around her slender body, he could already feel the warmth from her slender body radiate over to his groin. He brought his mouth close to her ear and whispered.

"Just you and me now sexy.... You ready?"

Lucy grabbed on tight as Daniel released her. But only for a moment. The water around them swished as he removed his boxers in a much quicker fashion than she could've. No clever remarks came from the young nanny' lips. Nor did any spin around in her brain. Lucy kept her eyes locked on his. Waiting. Shivering.

With no clothing left between them, there was nothing stopping them now. Lucy felt her heart thunder against her chest. She held her breath for a moment, a moment that seemed to last forever. Until his words broke through. You ready? Lucy swallowed hard, releasing the breath in a shuddering gust. Slowly she nodded, biting her lip. "Take me." she said, her voice trembling with anticipation and desire. Please, just take me.

Slowly, Daniel let Lucy slip a little. Her body close to him, he could feel the head of his cock press against her outer lips and slowly wedge itself between them.

The warmth that enveloped his cock was amazing, as was the tightness with which her muscles contracted around him as Daniel slowly entered the young woman.

"Finally..." He let out a long sigh while more of him disappeared inside of her. For a long time, he'd wanted to get closer to her, to finally act upon their obvious attraction to each other.

"Waiting was so worth it..."

At the first touch of his cock against her lips, Lucy felt a shock wave travel down her body. Her nipples hardened instantly. She swallowed hard, arching her back and pushing her pelvis towards him. ”Ohmygod...” she muttered when Daniel pushed inside. Her body had ached for him. For his touch. For him to look at her. And now to be filled up so completely by him. The sensation was almost too much. Lucy tightened her legs around his waist, pushing herself down on him just a little more. All she could do was moan. Any words that might have been stringed together, floated in the warm around them. So good...

Lucy had assumed the doctor was well endowed, but when he was finally inside of her all the way. He was even bigger than she could have imagined. ”Ohmygod...” was all she could say. She didn't dare move. Her body needed time to adjust to the sheer size of him. And her mind needed to wrap itself around the fact that it was finally happening. The act she'd thought about for such a long time, fantasized about countless times. He was hers. And she was his. In the only way that mattered.

The water around them made everything more subtle, slower. Even if he'd wanted to, he couldn't just grab hold of her and pound away, because of the effect the swimming pool had on his body.

But he didn't mind. Finally having his nanny to himself, Daniel wanted to savour every moment.

Lucy felt tight around him. Maybe it was the water causing extra pressure or friction, or maybe the young woman was just very tight. Either way, sliding inside her was like putting on a tight fitting glove. Just not around his hand and two sizes too small.

Moans escaped him as he rested with her wrapped around his lean body. Every little movement caused a ripple of pleasure to spread from his groin through his body.

"Damn girl, you feel amazing." He didn't know what else to say. Then again, words were probably not necessary either way.

Lucy giggled. "So do you, sir..." came her sheepish reply. "Maybe we don't talk...." she suggested, pulling his face to hers and pressing her soft lips hard against his. Her tongue probed, begging for access. And her back arched again, pushing herself down. Lucy tilted her pelvis, hoping he'd get the hint and move. To let him know she was ready for more. Oh god, ready for so much more. Her fingers tangled in his hair as he parted his lips. A sigh escaped her and flushed into him. Her ankles where locked together around his waist. Locked in place. Nowhere to go. As if I'd go...

Daniel opened his lips, allowing their tongues to dance again while moaning his approval. No talking suits me just fine.

The slender body squirming against him pressed him for more. Hindered by the water, he subconsciously figured out that having sex in a pool was probably not the best choice of location for a first tryst.

Still, the married man didn't want to disappoint and moved his hips and the rest of his lower body, trying to move in tune with the waves the couple produced.

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