The Silence of the Night

“Are you sure you don't need me to walk you home?” the man asked, holding onto her hand. Isabella smiled, placing a kiss on his cheek. “That's really sweet of you. But I can manage. It's right around the corner.” That was a lie. Because her house wasn't exactly around the corner. It was through the park and halfway across town. But she wasn't about to let some stranger walk her home. God knows what he'll expect to get when he does... The man reluctantly released her hand, but not before kissing it. Isabella giggled, looking from her hand to the man. “You are too sweet.” She kissed him on the lips before pushing away from him. “Goodnight.”

After collecting her coat at the door, Isabella stepped out of the club. A breeze blew past her, forcing her deeper into the coat. Isabella walked away from the club, onto the busy street towards the park. An ambulance drove past her, lights blazing, sirens cutting through the dark night. Another one bites the dust... In her work as a journalist, she had learned to see an ambulance in a different light. Not the vehicle that drove injured or sick people to a place where they got better. But rather a dark vessel that transported dying souls to a place of no return. She had seen it in her work, many times over. But also in her personal life. It was a similar ambulance who had taken her mother and unborn baby brother away on that sunny Friday afternoon. To take care of them, her father had said. But Isabella, eight at the time, soon learned that the ambulance would not make it to the hospital in high spirits. Her mother suffered massive internal bleeding on the way. And her sweet innocent baby brother died with her.

Shaking off spirits of the past, Isabella brushed away a stray tear and crossed the street. Walking underneath the arched entrance of the park. It was quiet at this time of night. Deserted even. Isabella pulled her coat tighter around her body, hugging her arms around herself. Stopping for a moment to consider taking the long way round. She turned back, glancing at the gates. No, it'll take me that much longer to get home... Taking a cab wasn't an option since she was fresh out of money. With a deep breath, Isabella turned and went on her way. She had crossed through the park more often than she could count. Often alone and in the early hours of morning. A hand reached into her pocket, checking to see if her phone was still there. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when she found that it was there. Next to her keys. Her safety net. Isabella smiled to herself as she ventured deeper into the park, sticking to the main path.

After reading three chapters of Shakespeare's Macbeth, accompanied by a tall glass of South African Shiraz, Kieran decided he had had enough of the ancient tale of Scottish descent and made ready for his customary nightly stroll. Not feeling at all tired, he transgressed his usual route and ventured out into the park. Dressed in nothing more than his sweatpants, a black polo shirt a sports jacket and a pair of worn out sneakers, he casually roamed over the paths which he had frequented so often since he moved here.

The sky was clouded and made the park devoid of any light, apart from the council operated lights illuminating the main paths. Stray from those and one would end up in the darkest depths above ground one could find in the great city of Vancouver. Being part of that council himself and pretty high up the ladder decisionwise, he knew the state of this park was very high on the council's priority list. Still, not all of the lights were working, of which he made a mental note to mention to the responsible colleagues in the morning.

On his windy night, no casual visitors were inside the fences to enjoy the scenery. Kieran didn't expect anybody else to be awake and out and about and was surprised to hear the distinct sound of heels treading over gravel in the distance. As the sounded came closes, only one set of footsteps could be heard. No accompanying pair of male footsteps joined the females. His curiosity spiked and he pondered whether he should hide or not. Deciding against secrecy, he stayed on the main path and walked towards the approaching fellow visitor.

Only moments later he was even more surprised to find that the heels were worn by a beautiful young woman. Dressed in shiny silver shoes and apparently, nothing more than a black coat, she looked like she had just returned from a night out. In passing her, he caught a whiff of her perfume and a better look at her pretty face. Impressed by the audacity of the girl to cross through the night on her own, he turned his head and watched the distance between them grow with each passing step.

Lost in thought, Isabella hadn't heard the approaching footsteps. Her mind was with the events of the night. The man she danced with. She liked his cologne. But it was a fragrance she didn't recognize. Something spicy... I won't forget it. Isabella was better at remembering smells then she was sat remembering faces. Her father often joked that she must have been a dog in a previous life. Isabella would always laugh it off, saying it must have been a trait she inherited from her mother. The woman had worked at a perfume shop all her life. With a sigh, Isabella wondered if her mother would've still worked at the same job. Had she been alive. We'll never know...

The moment she past the stranger, Isabella was snapped out of her daze. She hadn't seen him coming near, so his presence startled her. Their eyes crossed for a moment. And Isabella found herself staring into a pair of dark and mysterious eyes. Instinctively reaching deeper into her pocket, pressing her phone into the palm of her hand. As they passed each other, Isabella felt a shudder run across her back. She kept her eyes in front of her and picked up her pace a little. Which was harder than imagined. High heels and gravel don't mix. Passing through the park was a bad idea... Pulling the coat even closer to her body, Isabella focused on her walking. If she ended up tripping and falling down now, at this hour, with the stranger still close enough... it would be bad. Probably.

As she neared the pond, Isabella made a split second decision to turn left towards the smaller side exit instead of walking straight ahead to the main entrance. This is shorter. I think... Going in against her instinct, she glanced over her shoulder to see if the stranger was still there. She didn't spot him immediately. Where did you go? On her left was a maintenance building and on her right was the pond. Not much further now... Her heart was beating faster, her palms sweaty and inside she was scolding herself for not taking the man up on his offer. An escort would have been nice right about now...

Taking a step off the beaten track and into the shadow a group of nearby pine trees offered, Kieran watched the girl pick up her pace and struggle with her heels on the loose stones. Not too clever a move there, pretty one, he thought to himself as he left his hiding spot and followed her. It only took a couple of fast steps to reach the crossroad where she'd taken a left.

A devious grin lit up his face as he realised the mistake she had made. He knew full well why she had chosen that path to get to the side exit, leading onto the main ring road around the park. Unfortunately for her, she was unaware that this specific exit was temporarily closed due to maintenance on the gate's hinges and she would either have to track back to this point, or take the long, and less lit, way around to the main gate at the other side of the park.

"You can run, but you can't hide", he muttered to himself as he took his first step to delightful fun with an unexpected playmate.

Not much further now. Isabella told herself as she made her way across the gravel pathways towards the side exit. She kept glancing over her shoulder to see if she could spot the stranger. Maybe he left. Why would he stick around? They aren't all murders and rapists... Coming around the bend, Isabella's eyes spotted the exit. A sigh of relief coursed through her as she picked up her face. But the gravel proved less sturdy here, so her high heels got stuck and her ankle twisted inward. “Oh fuck.” Her cry pierced the night as Isabella came to a stumbling halt. “Shit.” She crouched down and rubbed her ankle. It felt painful but she would manage. Looking up she realized the the exit was near. Just a little further.

Straightening up, Isabella took deliberate steps towards the exit. But it wasn't until she was almost there, that she noticed something was wrong. Now what? Reaching the gate, her heart dropped. “Oh shit, no no no....” her voice was soft as she read the notice. Closed for maintenance... She reached for the padlock that held the doors together, jiggling it to see if it would give way. But of course it didn't. Running a hand through her hair, Isabella decided this would be a good moment to make a call. She reached into her pocket and withdrew her phone. Looking down on the screen, she pressed the button on the side and waited for the screen to lit up. “Come on...” But it didn't. Shit. Isabella pushed it again and again. But the screen remained inky black. This is the worst time ever to have a dead battery... “Fuck!”

Shoving her phone back into her pocket, Isabella turned around and considered her options. She could continue to walk alongside the wall. It was the long way around. Badly lit. Lots of trees. Her other option was to go back from where she came. Past the pond and the maintenance building, then go straight on towards the main exit. Less trees. More light. Isabella took a deep breath and decided to take the same way back. With a smile she started to walk back. Slow at first, but when she felt her ankle was okay, Isabella picked up her pace to a brisk walk. The night air was cold around her, forcing her deeper into her coat and sending her dark hair flowing in the wind.

His steps were slow and deliberate. Eventually the girl would reach the gate and find out her mistake. If she had decided to come back this way, there was no reason to hasten himself and waste his energy on hurrying up. If he didn't meet her on this path before he reached the outer gate, he knew she would have gone the long way around and crossing through the trees and shrubs around the pond was a lot easier for him than it would be for her. Her head start would be negated in a matter of minutes, well before she'd reach the main gate.

As he reached the maintenance building on his left, even that effort appeared to not have to be made as he heard her steps coming back his way. "Told you", he said to himself as he veered off the path towards the building. It was not too far of the track and had a light right in front of it, so he had a clear view of anyone walking past. A particular someone, in this case. He casually leant again the wall with his back and pulled up one leg, putting his foot flat against the bricks. With his hands stuck inside his pockets, he watched the road with increased interest, calmly waiting for his prey to wander past. He silently wondered in what mental state she would be in. Had she called anyone yet? Did she think he would still be there or that he would've left through the other exit? Would she feel safe? No, pretty girl. You're not safe, not tonight...

Walking back was taking longer than expected. The gravel was particularly loose here and Isabella had to look at her feet to make sure she wouldn't trip again. This is going to take a while. She contemplated taking her shoes off, but decided against it because she really didn't feel like having to walk across gravel on her bare feet. Suck it up and keep walking.

The maintenance building was now on her right and as Isabella was slowly coming closer to it. From the corner of her eye she thought she saw something. Or someone. She tried to keep her heartbeat steady as she kept walking in a straight line. Walking out of the light from the first lamppost, and stepping into the light of the one attached to the building. Isabella had her eyes on the road, but then turned them towards the light. And that's when she spotted him. Oh shit. Isabella recognized him as the stranger from before. He was standing there, looking casual as if he belonged there. But Isabella knew he was waiting for her.

For a moment their eyes locked. “Shit.” Isabella cursed under her breath and panicked. Without thinking she continued to walk away from him. Quicker this time. As quick as her heels would allow. Glancing back, she thought she saw the man move. His eyes stayed on her the whole time. “Oh no!” Isabella faced away from him and began to run.

Kieran couldn't help but snigger at the girl's futile attempt to get away. Putting his shoulders backwards, he pushed himself away from the wall and started walking, not bothering to even remove his hands from his pockets. He followed after her, his sweatpants and trainers offering him comfort and easy walking. No trouble bothered him in keeping up with the dark haired beauty he was aiming for.

He smiled as they neared the center of the park. She hesitated a moment before turning left, towards the main exit on the north side of the big park. He enjoyed the chase. Every time she glanced backwards, he saw a little more apprehension in her eyes. A little more fear. He thrived on it. The way she tried to run in her pretty shoes and the sound they made turned him on, and made him curious to what else she was wearing underneath that coat. If anything, he thought for a moment, before realising that even the sluttiest whores would be wearing something on their way from or to a client. And from the glances I stole at her, she doesn't look like a whore.

Turning left at the crossroad himself, he noticed that the distance between the hasty girl and himself had decreased only a little. As he knew the layout of the park by heart, he knew he wanted to catch up with her about halfway between where they were now and the exit. There was an ideal spot that would suit his plans perfectly. Picking up the pace slightly, his eyes remained on her as he set to closing in on her, slowly but surely.

Isabella ran as fast as she could. In heels. On loose gravel in the dark. Which wasn't very fast. As she glanced over her shoulder at her stalker, she noticed the man was gaining speed on her. Oh fuck he's gonna catch up... She knew she had to do something to lengthen the distance between them. What am I gonna do?! She found no shelter in the bushes on the left, or in the treeline to her right. There was nowhere to go. Her only chance of escape was to get to the exit before he did. And with how things where going now...her chances where slim to none.

So Isabella did the only thing she could think of. She needed to outrun him. And that wasn't going to happen in heels. Isabella stole a glance at him, trying to judge how far away he was and then she stopped. Now! Isabella crouched down as quickly as she could and took off her heels. Grabbing them in her hand, she started to run. Maybe all those hours on the treadmill are finally gonna pay off... The gravel felt horrible underneath her feet. Digging into her heel and getting caught between her toes. But it was working. Glancing around again, Isabella noticed that the distance between them was increasing. Good. It's working.

When Kieran saw the girl bend down, he momentarily wondered what she was doing. Coming closer, he saw her take of her shoes and as she had done so, start to run away from him. Hmm, she's putting an effort into getting away from me, he thought as he noticed the distance between them growing. "That just won't do."

Turning to the right, Kieran disappeared between the trees. Following an invisible path, treaded by only the maintenance workers that were lazy enough not to walk around - and by myself on nights like these - he picked up his pace and went into a slow run. He tried to remain as quiet as possible, but with all the shrubs, leaves and dead twigs on the ground, he most likely sounded like a predator in the woods. And even though that was exactly what he was, he didn't want the girl to know his precise location. He ventured slightly deeper between the trees, using their close proximity to each other as a natural sound barrier.

In the darkness, he followed the path using his extensive knowledge of the park and it's layout. He knew he had disappeared from the girls sight completely, making her more nervous by the second. And by the time he would appear again, it would be to late for her to run anywhere.

When Isabella glanced around to see how far away her stalker was, she found no one. Oh shit. That meant he disappeared into the cover of the trees. Her eyes darted to the trees, trying to see if she could spot any movement between them. But it was dark. And with the wind howling through the trees, any noises she heard could easily be that or birds. Or him. Cold sweat trickled down her back, chilling her to the bone.

Picking up her pace, Isabella came to a fork in the road. One road would lead her directly to the exit and the other would guide her back into the park. But Isabella didn't know which one lead where. Oh god... now what... She didn't dare slow down, out of fear that her attacker was closer than she thought he was. He could pop up out of the darkness at any moment. And that notion scared her more than anything.

Taking the left road, Isabella continued to run along the path. Deciding to run on the grass rather than on gravel. The wet grass came as a relief underneath her feet. She felt them relax a little. The gravel had made them sore and painful. Making it difficult to run. So Isabella was forced to slow down. The path she had chosen would indeed lead her to the exit. And when Isabella saw the lights of the city coming up ahead of her, she smiled. Almost there. She picked up her pace once more as she ran past a tree line and some broken streetlights.

By the time Kieran had reached the spot he had aimed for, he could hear the bass like thuds of thundering footsteps on grassy ground draw near. "Good, you're on time", he silently praised his prey. Soon he could also discern heavy breathing coming from his left and moments later her slender form came into view. Carrying her heels in her hands, her hair starting to tangle up and the anxious look in her face, she was becoming more and more attractive to him.

When he saw her glance backwards, undoubtedly looking to spot him, he saw his chance. It only took him three big steps to positioning himself right on the course the girl had taken. She hadn't seen him leave the cover of darkness, but she would see him as soon as she'd look back ahead. Come to me, little lamb. Come feed the wolf.

A sigh of relief was waiting on her lips, waiting to be expelled when Isabella turned her head towards the exit. Oh no! The man was right there. Standing in front of her. Isabella gasped. Where did he come from?! “No, get away from me!” she cried out. Tried to slow herself down by changing her course. But the grass underneath her feet was slick and it sent her smacking into him. With her arms outstretched she felt herself falling against him. Oh fuck.

Isabella managed to push herself away from the man. Out of his grasp and into the other direction. But then her ankle snapped. Sending her crashing to the ground. “No, no no....” Isabella thew her heels at the man as she tried to crawl away from him on hands and knees. But her hand slipped causing her to fall face first into the wet grass. Isabella screamed at the top of her lunges as she struggled to get up.

The weight of the girl crashing in to him only threw Kieran a little off balance. Recovering quickly, he looked at the strugging girl and couldn't help but feel sorry for her. "Now now, be a little more careful please. You don't want to hurt yourself now, do you?" I want to be the one to hurt you.

Easily evading the two lethal objects that were hurled at his head, he stepped closer to her. First one step, then another, until he was standing right behind her. He kneeled down, placing one knee on her back to keep her in place. "Scream all you like little lamb. No one is going to hear." When she didn't stop screaming, he changed his mind. "On second thought, just cut the annoying squeals. They're giving me a headache."

With his knee pressed into her back, Isabella had nowhere to go. She continued to struggle to get away. Pressing her palms onto the grass, trying to push herself up. “Get off me!” Isabella tried to pull her legs up under her body. But the weight of him on her back combined with the wet grass was making that impossible. “You're hurting me.” Hot tears where streaming down her face. They mixed in with the anger and the fear.

Another scream escaped her throat. And then his harsh command for her to be quiet. “Make me, asshole!” She hissed at him between her teeth. Isabella try to turn to get a look at his face. But with the light behind him, his face was cloaked in shadows. “What do you want from me?!”

Kieran enjoyed the outcries of the girl. She seemed defiant enough, but that was only to hide her own helplessness. "Asshole? That's not a very nice thing to say." He laughed at her futile attempt to get from underneath him. "What do I want from you? That's the question, isn't it?" He pondered whether he should play with the girl. To pretend politeness. Then again, having stalked her through the park, taking a shortcut to beat her to this spot and now pinning her down with his knee... I think the window of opportunity to remain polite has passed.

He stroked through her hair with his fingers, letting them slide through her smooth curls. "What I want of you it to keep your mouth shut." He looked up and around to see if there was anyone who happened to be in the park and had responded to the female screams. As he expected, it remained quiet. "See? No one here. Just you and me. So save your throat for more important things."

A shiver ran down Isabella's body when the man reached out and stroked his fingers through her hair. She instinctively pulled away from him. Don't you fucking touch me.” she hissed at him, slapping his hand away with hers. But that didn't seem to stop him. Once more she tried to push herself up. But his knee only dug into her back more. Causing her to cry out in pain.

Isabella followed his glance and realized he was right. No one in their right mind would venture into the park at this time of night. No one would be coming to save her. Her screams would go unnoticed. How could I have been so stupid. Isabella scolded herself for going to the park by herself. Looking up at her attacker she shook her head. Why are you doing this?”

The fingers in her hair clenched as she tried to slap him. Pulling her head back with a snap, he looked straight into her eyes. "Why, you ask?" He threw his head back and let out a loud laugh. "Because I can. And because you are stupid enough to let me!"

Getting bored with her questions, he grabbed both her slender wrists in his strong hand and removed his knee from her back. Using only the muscles in his legs to stand up, he raised himself up. He remained the firm grip on her long hair, pulling her up by her hair and arms. Once she'd stood up and gained at least some sense of balance and composure, he turned her around and pushed her in front of him towards the trees. Into the shadows and the evil that lurked inside it's mysterious darkness.

Isabella cried out when he pulled her hair. Tears stinging in her eyes. His dark eyes burned into hers. Because I was stupid enough to cross through the park on my own... Isabella closed her eyes, trying to expel the demon. Squeezing them shut, hoping it was all a bad dream. But when she opened them, he was still there.

Suddenly he moved. He grabbed her wrists and removed his knee. And then she was on her feet. Unsteady, swaying. Trying hard not to fall into him. The man twisted her arms behind her back roughly. “You're hurting me!” She struggled a little but that only resulted in the man yanking on her hair. With his body he pushed her to walk. Isabella struggled against him. “No, no no. don't make me go there. Please let me go.” she begged him as she dug her heels into the grass.

Isabella knew that once he got her into the dark of the trees, no one would find her. If anyone where to stumble this way, they wouldn't find her. It was as if she was never there. So she struggled against him. But he was stronger. And with a shove she was walking. He pushed her further into the darkness of the trees. Please... don't do this... Fearing for her life, Isabella was at her wits end. “Don't do this...”

The wining of the girl was amusing as much as annoying. For some reason, Kieran never cared for the pleas of the girls he took. He didn't feel any compassion, nor remorse, when he dragged them somewhere or took them home. This girl was no difference, apart from the location. It's been a long time since I've used the shack.

He broke the first bushes as he give her another push. "Your whining won't help you here, silly girl." Whining wouldn't have helped her in any scenario involving Kieran, whether it would be for a job interview or collecting money for charity. Once he had made up his mind, he would follow through. And I know exactly what I am going to do with you.

It was only a few steps deeper into the darkness that they had to go. He suddenly pulled both arms back, tipping the girl off balance, letting her fall back against him. Keeping her up with his own body, he brought his mouth close to her ear. "I am going to do whatever I like, and nothing you say will make me think otherwise." He pulled his head back and brought it to the other side of her head, sniffing the intricate smell of her perfume, mixed with the distinct odour of sweat released by fear. "It's up to you how you will survive the night. Either enjoy it, or... well, I just suggest you try and enjoy it."

Figuring it best to save her strength, Isabella decided to keep quiet. She tried to get her bearing, staring into the darkness for anything that told her where she was. But it was just that, darkness. A whole lot of nothing. The man seemed to know where he was going thou. His moves where deliberate. Calculated. He's been here before...

Isabella gasped when he pulled on her arms, sending her falling backwards into him. She cringed at the feeling of his hot breath on her skin. Isabella moved her face away. Shivers running down her spine. Never... She would never let him have his way without fighting him. Every step of the way.

Even now she was still defying him. "Fine, suit yourself", he said as he pushed her again, letting go with both his arms. The movement sent her flying forwards, smacking into the front of the shack, temporarily stunning her. He watched her slump against the wall and, now free of his struggling prisoner, he picked a set of keys out of his pocket and selected the correct key. With one hand, he found the lock and slid the key into a remarkably well maintained lock, compared to the state of the hovel it served it's purpose for. He removed the padlock from the door and hung it over a protruding nail to the side, making sure he could find it again on their way out. Later. Much later.

Before the girl could recover from her daze, he wrapped both arms around her waist and lifted her up, throwing her over his shoulder. As if the burden was nothing but a bag of flour, he carried her inside the dark shack. Even the faint light of the moon that had attempted to light their path towards here could not penetrate the wooden construction. Already feeling the girl stir on top of him, he took a few steps towards the centre of the room lay her down on the floor. Moving back to the door to close it and lock it with a few bolts, he then went to a table to the left. Groping the contents until he found what he was looking for, he soon picked a match out of a box, struck it and lit a readily available candle. With the light it was providing, he walked around the square room and lit a candle at each of the four corners.

Focussing his attention back on the girl, he looked at her dark shape on the floor. He noticed a trickle of blood appearing from a cut above her eye. Mental note: get maintenance to check the outside wall for rusty nails. Can't have them damaging my fun. He took a tissue from the table and knelt down next to the girl. "It's okay, you can wake up now. There's light."

His harsh words where accompanied by a rude shove against her back. Isabella cried out, lost her balance and fell forward into a wall. She hit her head hard before falling to her knees. She felt dizzy and disoriented. Oh my head... A hot trickle of blood slowly made its way down from a cut just above her eyes. Isabella groaned as she tried to reach for it. But her arm wouldn't move, she had hurt it when falling down. A crippling pain shot through her wrist up her right arm. Isabella hissed in pain as she tried to regain her focus.

The next moment she was picked up and tossed over his shoulder like a rag doll. Her head was throbbing and she felt herself falling in and out of consciousness. The darkness was welcoming. And for a moment Isabella forgot about her predicament. He gently placed her on the floor, where she slowly started to wake up from her daze.

His voice was soft and almost gently. Isabella opened her eyes to look at him. The room she was in was scarcely lit by candles. Isabella would have found it romantic, had her situation not been so disturbing. He reached for her and she tried to pull away, but the pounding in her head wouldn't allow her to move much. Settle your strength. So she stayed still while he brought the tissue to her face to stop the bleeding.

While cleaning up her face, Kieran looked around the room. Good, everything is still here, he mused as he saw a table in the corner, another one upturned against the other wall and a couple of chains dangling from the ceiling.
"You are probably still a bit dizzy and dazed... Here, let me help you up", he softly spoke to her as he took her hands. Manoeuvring his arms underneath her armpits, he lifted her up and held her upright with one arm. With the other, he took one of her hands, pulled the arm out of her long black coat and brought it to one of the chains, pushing her wrist inside a metal cuff before closing it around her. Then he repeated the exercise with the other wrist. When he was sure both hands wouldn't slip through the cuffs, he let go of her. He hung the coat over a makeshift tool rack next to the bolted door, doubling as a coat hanger for tonight.

Directly underneath the chains was another duo of metal bearings designed to keep her in place. Attached to only a couple of links, they granted the wearer only limited movement with their legs. As he secured her ankles, he looked up along her long, bare legs and admired their complexion.
"Mmm, I love it when a girl knows how to take care of herself." He slowly got up, trailing his fingers along her legs as he did so. Not stopping at the hem of her sparkling green dress but bringing his hands up higher, he lavished the texture of the material underneath his fingertips.

Pulling himself away from her, he took a step back to survey the result of his handiwork. The girl's feet were standing flat on the floor, so she could maintain her own balance. He noticed that the chains were hanging loosely, making her slouch.
"That can't be comfortable", he mumbled as he walked to the wall. Pulling on the chain, the girls arms were raised well above her head, the wrists brought together at the centre, putting her in an upright position. Happy with the result, he secured the chain to a hook in the wall and sat back down on the seat in front of her. There he remained, indulging himself in the sight he had created, waiting for the girl to regain full consciousness.

Isabella allowed him to help her up, and for a moment she thought he had changed his mind. He was letting her go. But when her removed her coat and she felt the cold metal against her skin, Isabella knew she was in even bigger trouble than before. “No, please...” Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper. She had no strength left to fight him. Her head still spinning.

Within moments Isabella was chained up. Her hands above her head and her legs in similar chains. Her head hung against her chest, her vision was blurry and her body ached. Isabella wanted to sleep. At the feeling of his hands on her leg, she tried to raise her head to look at him. But it took too much effort.

The man sat and waited while Isabella slowed regained consciousness. Her eyelids fluttered, as she slowly raised her head to look at him. Isabella tried to move, but the chains prevented this. She groaned and focused her eyes on him. “Who are you?”

He was surprised at the girl's resilience. She is stronger than she looks, he realised.
"Who am I? I will be the one to give you a night that you will never forget." As he said so, he got up from his chair. He walked around the middle of the room, admiring the centerpiece of human art on display. "Very pretty.", he murmered as he made his way around the front. Her green dress reflected the light of the candles and showed off every crease and curve in a mysterious and gloomy way. "Very sexy", he added when he had watched her back, wondering what she was wearing underneath. Her hair had gotten messed up in the escape, hanging tangled up over her shoulders. He almost thought it shame that she'd taken off her heels in an attempt to escape. But she used them to fend me off. That's shows her style. Momentarily considering putting them on again to complete the outfit, he decided against it in the end. This is the way she entered here, let's not change that.

Standing in front of her, he looked at her face intently. He noticed the fire in her brown eyes as he gazed upon them, the defiance that still burned inside her. Then he noticed her lips, slightly ajar, slightly cracked from her exhaustion. Walking to a sink, he filled a glass with water. After putting a straw in it, he walked back over to her and held up the liquid to the girl's mouth. "You should drink something, you look parched."

A night I will never forget... An involuntary shiver ran down her body at his words. The look of him and the way he had been looking at her, promised nothing good. “You can still stop, you know... let me go...” Isabella tried, searching his eyes for any trace of humanity. But those mysterious eyes that stared back at her showed Isabella nothing but darkness. The darkness inside him scared her.

Isabella followed his movements around the room. Glancing over her shoulder when he walked around her. His muttered praises would normally be flattering. Now it made her feel disgusting and cheap. Like some whore he picked up. When he came to stand in front of her the thought of spitting him in the face crossed her mind. But then his voice showed kindness again. Turning around and walking away from her. Isabella stood on her toes to try and see what he was doing. She could hear water running and a glass being filled.

When he returned he was holding a clear glass of water with a straw. He offered it to her. And Isabella eyed it suspiciously. She wondered if it was safe. Looking from the glass to him and back, she felt her fear be replaced by thirst. Isabella leaned in and wrapped her lips around the straw. She drank as much as her stomach would allow before releasing the straw and looking up at the man. “Thank you.”

He looked at her intently as she drank her share of the water. "Stop? Sweet, naive girl. I'm not going to stop. I am going to continue until I have fulfilled my desires." For the moment, Kieran had only a rough idea what his desires were. He wanted to strip her naked, to admire her body in full show. He was still debating whether he actually wanted to hurt this woman physically or only emotionally. That he wanted to hurt her was more than clear. Fuelled by the violent chapters of Shakespear's masterpiece and even more ignited by the sheer stupidity of the girl's actions, he needed an outlet for his own agression. And she was his outlet.

The shed they were shacked up in was, in all fairness, nothing compared to the riches of his own home. But then again, the privacy of the park at night had it's own unique benefits. No nosey neighbours for a start, he thought as he looked around. In here he still had enough tools to make tonight worth it's while. Apart from chains and rope, he had a collection of toys (store bought and home made ones alike) as well as a choice of knives and other tools to cause pain.

For now, he was anxious to see her for who she really was. To see the fair beauty in her full nude. To drink in the sights of her firm body. The dress she was wearing was, however pretty, an annoyance and needed to be dealt with. Not wanting to ruin it - she needed to be able to go home maintaining some form of modesty after all - he opened up the little zip on her shoulder and opened the zip along her spine. Letting the sparkling material fall over her right shoulder, he helped the green fabric slide past her body and onto the floor. A bit of dirt won't hurt.

Once more he took up his position on the stool in front of her. Finally he was able to see her body, now only covered by the black laced panties around her waist, providing a shelter for her modesty. Her firm, young breasts were like two beautiful hills with her nipples serving as beacons in the dark night, as erect as they were. He hummed in a pleasing manner, letting his gaze wander over every inch of her body from her head to her toes. "Very sexy indeed, my dear. You and I are going to have a lot of fun..."

Isabella lowered her gaze, refusing to meet his eye. He wasn't going to release her. Not anytime soon. Maybe never? Isabella sighed but then realized something. When daybreak came there would be people in the park. I could scream. They could hear me! But not if he gagged her... or worse... Will he kill me when he's done with me?! The thought of her life ending in this horrible place made Isabella gasp. “I don't want to die...”

The man moved behind her and Isabella gasped again when she felt his hands on her. “No, please don't...” Isabella tried to move away, struggling against her restraints. But she only ended up hurting herself in the process. Disappointment evident on her face as she lowered her head and silently endured him stripping off her dress. The cold air brushed against her skin. Sending goosebumps down her body and causing her nipples to stand erect. She hated her body for responding in such a way. He's going to think I'm enjoying myself.

When he was finished with undressing her, he sat back down. Admiring her from a distance. Isabella brought up her gaze to meet his eyes. Seeing the lust that played in them. "You're disgusting."

"Disgusting? On the contrary! I'm a lover of the finer things in life. I have a refined taste..." He let his eyes rest on her perky breasts and the beautifully crafted pair of panties for a moment as if to prove a point. "You... You are definitely a fine thing in life. And by the time you will rejoin the population of this vibrant city, I will have loved enjoyed you thoroughly."

For now, only looking had lost it's charm. Standing up, he walked over to the work bench at the side of the shack and looked at the extended collection of available tools and toys. Picking up a long, sturdy but flexible item, he turned back towards her and stepped closer.

"Now, all this chit chat has been fun. But, we are here because you have been a very stupid girl and need to face reality. You can't walk through a deserted park alone at night. Not when you're as pretty as you are, dressed like that..." He let the black leather of the riding crop slide through his hand as he neared her. Extending his arm, he touched her delicate skin with the flat tip. Starting at her nipple, he drew a trail over her breast, across her side to her back.

"You could see me as a teacher", he spoke to her in a stern voice. "I care for the people in this city. It has become my city, and my goal is to make it liveable. But with stupid people like you rummaging the streets and parks..." He let his voice trail off as the leather drew nearer to her buttocks. "You need to be taught a lesson. And that starts now!!" He had raised his voice louder and louder, shouting out the last word. It almost drowned out the sound of the cane's leather landing on the chained up girl's firm ass in a quick and stinging smack.

A lover of finer things... Isabella looked at him, her eyes filled with disgust. "Is that what I am to you? A thing? A thing you can use until you've had your fill and then discard it without a second thought?" She janked on the chains that held her left wrist. "Do you get pleasure from chaining me up like an animal? You are not a lover... you are a monster." His words sunk in slowly. He sounds like he's done this before... Darting her eyes across the shack. Now that her eyes had gotten used to the dark she could see just how well he came prepared.

Isabella was about to ask him how many girls he had brought here. When the man rose. Fear crossed her face when she thought he was coming over to her. But when he walked straight past her to a table, she allowed herself to breath. His footstep drew near her again, and she listened to him speak. "I'm not stupid! I made a mistake... that doesn't mean I should be punished for it!" It wasn't the first time Isabella had crossed through the park late at night. She had made this mistake more often than she could count. But this time he found me...

When he came to stand in front of her, Isabella could see what he was holding. Her eyes grew wide with fear. A whip? What the hell?! Before she could voice her thoughts or tell him to stop, the man almost gently caressed the leather across her chest. She sucked in a breath and held it as he trailed it down her breast.

"Care?!" she spat his word back at him, "You don't care about anything!" Isabella raised her voice when he did. "You only care about...." The loud slap and the harsh sting of leather against her ass cut off her voice. Isabella cried out, her eyes shooting fire. "I'm going to fucking kill you!"

Kill me? Kieran frowned at the spontaneous outburst of anger that the girl produced. Her defiance fuelled his own anger. He had to remain calm, to retain some of his self control to continue his set out role as the teacher. But rebellious students had to be punished. I learned that the hard way.

Once more he landed the flat end of the crop on her ass. "Kill me?" Keeping his hands busy made controlling his voice easier, so he let the leather make contact with her skin a third time. "Don't be ridiculous." Even though Kieran wasn't a strong guy and not invincible by a long shot, he knew this girl wouldn't kill him. Not herself anyway. If he wouldn't be able to break her down tonight, she might find someone to kill him for her. We'll get to that when the need arises. I like a good challenge.

His felt his anger subside sufficiently to reply to her allegations. "You are wrong about me. I do care, about a lot of things actually." He walked around her, slowly, drawing the crop along her skin in a wave-like pattern, slowly raising it with each wave until he reached her left breast as he stood in front of her.
"But tonight... Tonight, let's pretend I don't. That I don't care about anything, just me. Let's pretend you are a disobedient student in detention and I happen to be your designated teacher. Think of all the fun we can have..." He let his voice trail of as he drew gentle circles around her nipple with the flat end of the crop.

Isabella cried out when the leather snapped against her ass. Tears stung in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She refused to let him see her weak. Isabella kept her eyes on his, her mouth in a tight line. Listening to his words, it's not that ridiculous... Anger bubbled inside Isabella when the riding crop came down against her ass again. She hissed in pain but didn't cry out this time.

She shook her head when he said he did care. But for tonight he'd make an exception. He would pretend he didn't care. So you'll feel no remorse for torturing me... Isabella stared at the wall behind him, ignoring him and his words. Disobedient student... and you are the teacher. What a joke... A shudder coursed through her body as the man trailed circles around her nipples. Her breath was labored and her skin was tingling.

Her silent reply to his treatment made his previously tucked away anger resurface. "You insolent brat. Don't think you can defy me!" With a swoosh he threw the crop across the shack where it bounced off the wall and landed on the floor with a soft thud. Reaching up with his arms, he unhooked the clasp where the cuffs that held her hands were attached to the chain dangling from the ceiling. He knew that, with her body having been outstretched for as long as she had been, the two ligaments were virtually useless for a few minutes. And even if she regained enough control over them to use them successfully, there wasn't anywhere she could go.

Still holding her arms above her head, he made half a turn around her and opened his hands, letting her arms fall downward past her body. Pushing his foot inside the hollow of her legs, he brought the defiant girl to her knees. Quickly kneeling down to unhook the two shackles at her feet, he opened them one by one.

After making sure both feet were released, he got up and walked to where her hands had fallen on the floor. Where the two cuffs met with the chain there was ample of room to place one of his larger hands. The riled up man grabbed the metal rings and started to move towards the table against the wall of the cabin.
"You are going to lie down there," he spat at her. "Either you come willingly or you don't, I don't care. But one way or the other, you will get on that table."

Isabella stared at the man when he called her a brat. She remained quiet when he threw the tool he had used on her, across the room. She turned her head a little to see where it had landed. Anger issues much? His next actions caught her off guard. Wow... Isabella had not expected him to release her. And for a moment she plotted her escape. But as soon as the shackles released her wrist and she attempted to move them, a dull pain rushed through them. A groan escaped her lips when the man grabbed her wrists and held them up over her head. She struggled against them, trying to pull her hands out of his grasp. Without success.

When he released her arms and kicked her to the ground, Isabella could barely manage to catch herself on her hands before sinking through them and kissing the floor. "Shit..." she muttered softly. The man crouched down and grabbed the shackles that still remained around her wrists. He pulled her up and started to drag her across the room. He ordered her onto the table, which Isabella resisted. "No!" she straightened her back and pushed against him, hoping to catch him off balance. She gathered all her strength and braced herself for what was to come.

Even in her weakened state, she still struggled against him. She is a feisty one, he thought as he momentarily thought about whether he had made a mistake in snatching her off the path. Nevermind about that, he reprimanded himself. Nothing I can do about it now, so just fucking deal with it.

He had to yank the chain to pull her off balance, breaking her struggle by sheer force. "For fuck sake!" He raised his free hand and slapped her in the face with the back of it. Taking another two steps he reached the head of the table, dragging the body behind him, scraping it over the floor. "Keep on defying me as much as you want. The more you anger me, the more I will take it out on you."

The table he pulled her too was a little bit lower than a regular table. On one end, a metal pole was attached which stuck up in the air. Hoisting her up by her arms, he pulled her chain high enough to let one of the circlets slide over the pole and pushed it down as far as it could. A padlock through a hole in the metal secured it, so that she wouldn't be able to raise her hands high enough to escape. Not that she can go anywhere. Then he slid his two arms underneath her at the waist and knees and lifted her up on the table on her stomach, pulling her down at her feet so that her arms were outstretched before securing her feet at the leather ties attached to the table legs, spreading her legs over the edge of the table.

The anger was still raging inside as he looked at her. All tied up with nowhere to go, she could now not do anything to stop him from releasing his lust. There was no subtlety in his treatment. No more admiring of her body, no more stroking softly over her feminine beauty. Something had snapped inside him and he was going to take it out on the trashy brunette. His hand went between her legs, roughly squeezing her flesh before spreading her hidden treasures lips and sliding a finger between them.
"Stop pretending you want to be anywhere but here," he growled at her. "Your body is telling me a completely different story."

The sting of his hand against her face made Isabella cry out. She closed her eyes and for a moment stopped struggling. It's no use... When he dragged her to the table she didn't fight him. Isabella tried her best to keep herself from falling to the floor. Standing before the table, Isabella felt her weight shift as he pushed her onto it. The surface felt cold against her skin, causing her to shiver. A hiss escaped her lips when he secured her to the table. Her muscles burned as he pulled her down towards the edge of the table. Tears stung in her eyes when she felt him tie her legs to the table. There really was no escaping him now. If there was ever a chance to get away, it was long gone now. She was at his disposal.

The hand between her legs made Isabella cry out. He was rough and it hurt. "Please.... that hurts." A shudder ran through her body as his fingers spread her lips and an unwanted finger slipped between them. Isabella pressed her face to the table and closed her eyes. His words made her muscles tighten. "My body may be responding. But that doesn't mean I want to be here. You fucking animal." The fact that her body was responding to him made Isabella feel sick to her stomach. The last thing she wanted was to give this animal that satisfaction. But it was out of her control.

An animal, she called him? There might be a truth to that. Animalistic traits weren't all bad, were they? Using a range of different outlets, one could let out pent up passion, frustration and lust. That they could potentially resemble something animals would do, who'd care?

He brought his face close to her ass, inhaling the smell her body was giving off. Being nearly able to taste it's abundance in the air surrounding her, he loved the combination of sweat, female fluids and pheromones surrounding her body. "Mmm you smell good," he spoke in a low voice. "If I were an animal, I'd definitely make sure I would mate with you." Then he opened his mouth and traced his tongue over her left cheek, before gently grazing her skin with his teeth and ultimately biting down fiercely, grabbing and sucking a good mouthful of her flesh into his mouth.

The sensation of his hot breath against her ass made Isabella shudder. Goosebumps spread across her body as she struggled against her restraints in a vain attempt to get away from him. No matter how hard she pressed them together, a soft moan managed to escape her lips.

Hearing him say he would mate with her, made her shiver again. The thought alone was enough to make her gag. When his teeth grazed her skin and then clamped down, Isabella cried out. Bucking against the table with all the force she could muster. Only scraping her stomach in the process. She hissed in pain as tears sprung into her eyes.

Her soft flesh tasted delicious as he went round in circles around her cheeks, biting and nibbling as he went along. He savoured these moments, knowing full well that they were stolen from a free spirited girl and that, once his needs were fulfilled, he would have to let them slip away into a faded memory while he made sure he would never run into her again. That was a matter of the future and they were in the here and now, he though while his hands caressed the inside of her legs, moving up to where they both met and where heat radiated in waves from the brunettes body.

Barely visible in the scant light the candles produced, he could see her ass was turning rather red and even his teeth marks could be seen in the tender behind. It was actually a pretty nice sight, the girl stripped naked, bound and tied down, illuminated by the flickers and soft glows of candles. If they had both been her voluntarily, it could have been classified as romantic. As it were, the girl wasn't here by her own volition, so the romance was far to be found.

His fingers had found the wet entrance to her body. His index finger went inside to his first knuckle easily, so he slid it up further until he was completely inside. He turned and twisted it a bit and found her vulva to be wet enough for more. He pulled his hand away, put his index and middle finger together and pushed them both inside simultaneously. Slowly pushing onwards until they were both completely inside, he let the girl get used to the feeling before moving them up and down, in and out, fucking her with his fingers. First gentle and slow, but soon he would pick up the pace and fuck her hard and rough.

Isabella groaned in agony as the flesh of her ass was abused over and over. "Please stop..." her voice was barely a whisper, knowing any attempt to try and change the man's mind where futile. But she didn't want to stop trying. There had to be some shred of humanity left in him. "If you let me go now... I'll keep my mouth shut. I promise...please..."

The man continued his assault. Now moving his hands up her legs. Isabella hated to admit that her body was responding to him. His rough hands made her shiver. His mouth on the exposed flesh of her ass had turned her on. And in return, her pussy was slowly starting to drool. The sexed crazy part of her wanted to be touched. But her mind continued to scream for him to stop. When his fingers found her entrance and slid inside, Isabella cried out. She moved her body to get away from him, but in response he added another finger and began to fuck her roughly.

"Mmm you have a delicious pussy," he complimented the girl. "I love it when a body completely goes against the mind. Has its own way of saying fuck you." Because however much her mouth was protesting against her being held captive, his fingers were welcomed with open legs, and a sheath that was getting more moist by the second. With his free hand he grabbed a bundle of her hair and pulled her head back, looking into her eyes as he pushed his fingers deep inside, curling them slightly to increase the pressure from the inside. "Such a good slut," he growled in her ear. "Listen to your body, she's got the right idea."

He released her hair and let her head drop down as he pulled his fingers out. He brought them to his nose and inhaled her smell, before putting them in his mouth and tasting them. "Very nice indeed." Cleaning them on his shirt, he moved on to pull down his trousers. "Now, playtime is over, bitch."

The last time a man had complimented her body, the setting had been totally different. Just this evening, the man who had offered to walk her home... how Isabella wished she'd taken him up on his offer. She closed her eyes and sighed. Stupid girl... so stupid. Whatever that man earlier had in mind couldn't possibly have been worse what she was enduring now.

When the man pulled her head up by her hair, Isabella hissed in pain. Her eyes met his and shot dagger. If only looks could kill... A moan escaped her tight lips when the man curled his fingers. She hated herself for responding to him. But she couldn't stop her body from welcoming him. Tears stung in her eyes when she watched him. When he released her hair, her head fell onto the table. Making her dizzy for a moment.

His angry voice told her playtime was over. He was going to take her now. Maybe that means it's nearly over... Isabella choked back tears and braced herself for what was to come. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek against the cold surface of the table. "Just get it over with..."

Standing behind her, he collected some of her juices from her spread lips and rubbed it over the tip of his cock. "Such a shame to use anything else than good old Mother Nature's own produce, right?" It was a rethorical question, not needing an answer. He didn't expect her to answer anyway, seeing as he took a step forward towards the table, brought himself closer and placed his tip between her lips. "Open wide baby. Oh wait, your already spread out!" His snigger resounded off the four walls as he pushed himself balls deep inside her in one swift motion. "Oh fuck me, you're nice and tight."

Hearing him come back and then feeling his fingers run through her inner lips made Isabella groan. Isabella heard him muse about mother nature's produce, thinking it was a stupid thing to say. A hiss escaped her lips when she felt him place the tip of his cock against her entrance. Isabella tugged at the restraints around her wrists, kicking her feet against the tables legs in an attempt to get away. She rolled her eyes at his snide remark. "It's not like I'm going anywhere, jerk..."

A cry escaped Isabella's lips when he entered her. Her flesh burned as his cock was brutally forced deep inside. The juices that had coated her entrance where only superficial. Deeper inside her pussy, the skin was dry. Giving off plenty of friction and resistance. There was no time to adjust to the size of him, for he began to move almost right away. "Oh god..." Her inner walls screamed as they frantically tried to adjust. Isabella clawed at her restraints as tears sprung into her eyes.

"Oh fuck," he groaned while he got used to the tightness of her body wrapping itself around him, getting used itself to him penetrating its core. He didn't need long to adjust, swiftly beginning to move his hips back and forth in a rocking motion.

"Damn girl, I told you you should have put your mind to it more," he growled as he noticed her discomfort caused by the lack of moisturising juiced deeper inside her sheath. It wasn't like it was going to stop him from getting what he wanted. He kept his pace steady, slowly but surely feeling the movement easing up.

"Never..." the girl hissed through her teeth. "I won't give you the pleasure..." She would rather suffer than have him think she was liking it. Isabella choked back tears as the man increased his pace. The sound of his grunting made her hate him even more.

A humiliated sigh escaped Isabella's lips when she felt her body starting to respond to him. Her walls where slowly getting slicker, making his movements less rigid and painful. She hated herself for giving him that pleasure. But part of her was thankful for it. His assault was painful enough as it was.

He noticed a slight change in demeanour in the girl he had so ruthlessly caught and tied down. Her resentment and anger were, at least for a little bit, replaced by something else. Resignation, maybe? He couldn't tell exactly, but the way her body was now responding to him made him think it was finally coming round.

"There's a good girl. Let me enjoy that slick little cunt of yours." Putting the proverbial money where his mouth was at, he pulled back out, only leaving the tip of his cock beset by her lips. Taking a deep breath, he pounded himself in to her, his balls slapping hard against her exposed clit. Once more he slowly withdrew, only to repeat the assault time after time, each push closer to the previous one, giving her less time to recover. Within moment, he was going all out, slamming his body against hers, moaning and groaning loudly. "Oh fuck yeah, this is good. You're such a fucking slut!"

A gasp escaped Isabella's lips when the man pulled out of her completely. Only to slam back into her with such force it knocked the wind out of her. She cried in pain as the man repeated the motion. Over and over. Slamming his hard cock back into her with a little more force every thrust.

With her forehead pressed against the cold table, Isabella cried out with every thrust. "Ahhh... " His balls slapped against her clit with such force that it created friction and a build up of tension there. No no, oh god no... Isabella recognized the feeling. As much as she hated it, and as much as she wished for it not to happen. She knew an orgasm was slowly starting to build. It wouldn't take too long before the man would notice.

I'm getting thirsty. Slowing down slightly to take action on that sudden realisation, he started to notice the lack of struggling from the girl before him. Even more, he could feel the velvetty walls around him tense up, creating a fictional representation of his cock being milked. What the fuck? It took him only a moment to realise what was happening to her. Then he burst out in a fit of laughter.

"Haha! You're cumming!? On my cock!?" His voice was loud and filled with joy. "Your body is betraying you, you pathetic whore!" He could scarcely believe it yet, but the tugging around him was unmistakeable. "Just hold on, you don't get to just yet." He took a step back, pulling out of her, and took the few steps towards the sink where he filled a glass of water for himself and downed it in one go. He refilled it, walked back to the table and brought it to the girl's face, offering her the refreshment through a straw. "That must come as quite a surprise to you," he chuckled. "Here, drink something. Or do you want something stronger? I've got vodka too if you prefer."

His laughter filled her ears and made the girl sob. He was right. Her body was betraying her. Never before had Isabella felt such loathing towards herself. A whore, he called her. Pathetic even. He's right... She wished for the ground to open up and swallow her hole. Or for lightning to hit and strike her dead on the spot. Anything to stop the humiliation.

Isabella sighed in relief when she felt the man step away from her. Her body feeling empty as his cock slipped out. She heard him walk to the sink and turn on the tap. The sound of running water caught her attention. She swallowed hard and noticed her throat was dry as dirt.

When he returned to her side, he held a glass of water in his hand. Isabella raised her head and looked in his direction. Parting her lips to receive the straw. Closing her lips around it she drank as much water as her stomach could handle. Drinking too much, she started to cough and sputter as water came back up through her nose. Vodka? To dull my senses... "Yes... please..."

That was the first polite word to come out of her mouth all evening, at least as far as he could remember. Before, she was begging for him to let her go. She wanted out, to get away. Now it was something he could actually give her. He straightened up and took two steps, bringing him passed her butt. Still coloured red from his earlier assault, it looked like it could use some cooling. "Then we don't need this any more," he said, hinting at the glass of cold water in his hand, right before he splashed it's remaining contents over her ass.

He laughed again as he walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of Polar Ice Vodka, pouring a decent serving into the glass. "Cumming on my cock, who would have thought," he murmured to himself. Replacing the straw, he went back to girl with her bewildered look, her hair tousled, streaks of tears shining across her face in the candle light. I've got you. You're mine now.

A yelp escaped the girls mouth as the cold water splashed over her ass. The tender flesh of her cheeks welcomed the cold, it was almost soothing. A shudder coursed through her as the drops slid down her ass and trickled down her legs. Isabella lay motionless on the table, watching him move around the shed to refill the glass.

When he brought it back to her face, the strong smell of vodka made her shiver. Was this what she wanted? She eyed the glass and the colorful straw that sat in it. Waiting. Isabella opened her mouth and waited for the man to move the glass closer so she could drink. The first drops of liquid spilled onto her tongue, making her cough a little. But she refused to let go of the straw. Isabella was determined to drink as much as she could handle. I don't want to feel any more... The liquor washed down her throat, leaving a burning sensation behind. It settled in her stomach where a fuzzy warm feeling slowly replaced the cold fear and dread that resided there. Isabella released the straw and licked the remaining drops off her lips. She closed her eyes and felt the effect of the vodka already happening. Good.

Standing near her head, with his cock still hard and dangling out of his trousers, Kieran considered opening up the girl's mouth and have her lick him clean. His body twitched at the thought alone. Had she not been so fierce, I would have done it. Not that he was scared of her, far from it. He had her right where he wanted her. I just don't want to walk around with teeth marks for God knows how long.

He drained the last of the vodka from the glass and set it back on the counter. "There we go, all refreshed and ready for round two. Are we good? Yes?" He had walked back to the table and stood behind her. "Mmm, let's see if that tight cunt of yours is still willing." Without any delay, he pushed himself back inside of her, the slick juices making it all the easier.

The smell and sight of his cock right next to her face was enough for Isabella to have a pretty strong gag reflex. She was afraid of what he'd do, while he stood there. Please don't... It was as if he'd invaded her mind and stole her thoughts, because the next move he made was away from her. Good. A sigh of relief escaped her lips, but dread soon took hold on her as she heard the man speak.

Round TWO?! Had she thought it would be over? No, not really. The man was obviously not done with her. His words and actions had told her enough. But Isabella had hoped for a little more time to recover. But she got none. With a grunt the man was inside her once more. Thrusting deeply into her wet pussy. A cry escaped Isabella's lips as she gritted her teeth and braced her legs. His assault was relentless and painful. Even thou she was pretty wet, his movements where harsh and his penetration deep. Isabella groaned in pain with every thrust.

The upside of bending a woman over a table at the right height, is that you can set the pace perfectly. It's all you. The only thing the receiving party can do is to lay down, relax and enjoy. At least, in most cases. With Kieran behind you, you should really relax and enjoy. If not, it's going to be a lot less entertaining.

That was something the brunette was now experiencing. Having slightly longer legs than her, his hips were a little more elevated than hers, which made his point of entry ideal for deep penetration. And with him being of a good size, he was sure she could feel him pound into her pretty good. "Ooohh fuck yeah, nice and deep. You like it like this?" He pushed himself to go harder and deeper, pulling back his hips and thrusting them forwards with great force, grabbing her hips and digging his fingers in her flesh to gain balance. He could feel the bones through her skin as he increased the pressure of both his hands and his assault on her vagina. "Orrggggg... damn... oh yes..." Unrecognisable sounds streamed from his mouth as easily as terms of enjoyment, almost being drowned out by the repeated smacking of his body into hers.

Isabella cried out, clawing at the table. Using almost all of the energy she had left to struggle. Isabella felt as if he was going to rip her apart if he continued. His digits dug painfully into her hips. Almost digging deep enough to break the skin and draw blood. "Noo... please stop." the girl wailed as her body was being shoved into the table over and over again. "Please..."

The sound of his flesh connecting with hers make a sickening sound. And Isabella felt bile rise up from her throat. She coughed it away. In between groans of pains and crying out, the girl was starting to run out of breath. Her heart was beating so loudly in her ears, she feared it might break her eardrums.

She tried to think of happy places, like her mother had taught her when she was younger. Whenever something bad was about to happen, her mother would sit her down and tell her to go to a happy place. To close her mind to intruding forces. But no matter how hard the girl tried, she was unable to lock this man out. His assault on her body came with such force that it shook and convulsed underneath him.

All she could do was wait. Wait until he'd had his fill. Or until he killed her... whichever came first.

After a few more moments he made his final thrust and took a step back, leaving her empty. He slapped her ass with his hand, causing a loud smack to echo through the shack. "Time for something else, gorgeous. Let's up the game a little..."

He knelt down in between her legs and started to untie the ropes that bound her feet to the table. Leaving it wrapped around her ankles, he removed it from the wood instead. He raised himself from the floor, straightening out her legs as he went up. "There, get some feeling back into those." Straight like a plank, he wrapped one arm around her knees and slid the other underneath the small of her back. In a swift motion, he raised her off the table slightly before turning her over and laying her back on her table, her legs dangling of the edge.

He looked at her body, scantly illuminated by the light of the few candles. It was relatively unscathed, apart from some red marks from where he had shoved her across the table while pounding into her. He looked around as if he was looking for something, but changed his mind. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood tonight and I think you're too pretty to leave any marks." He had a collection of tools in this shed that could turn this night from scary and degrading into downright demonic and horrendous. Mostly made from heavy iron, he had clamps, restraints for any orifice or limb and tools of torture available for him to abuse her with. But not tonight. Tonight, we have fun.

When she felt the man slip out of her, Isabella shudder with relief. Her body felt painful and empty after his assault. She closed her eyes and released the breath she had been holding in. Swallowing hard, she felt her throat was dry once again. The alcohol had weakened her senses, but not as much as she hoped. Now she could only hope he was done with her. "Please... no more..." her voice was weak as she begged him.

But her begging fell on deaf ears. The man crouched down to untie the ropes, and if there had been any strength left in her legs, Isabella would have kicked him. But having been tied up in the same position for a long time had made her muscles weak and she was unable to move even an inch. She groaned in pain when the man straightened her legs. "Ahh noo please stop. It hurts..." As the blood started to flow, it felt as if a thousand pins and needles where being stuck into her legs. Isabella cried out in agony.

The man flipped her around, laying her back on the cold surface of the table. With her wrists twisted like that, the girl groaned again. "My wrists... they hurt..." The wood felt slick underneath her body. It made Isabella feel sick. As her eyes blinked rapidly, adjusting to the light, they finally settled on the man. It had been an eternity since she last saw his face. I'll never forget this face... He told her she was lucky to find him in a good mood. I don't feel lucky... anything but.

He allowed her to recover for a few moments, waiting for her blood to continue its regular course through her body. He poured himself some vodka in his glass and downed it in one gulp, enjoying the burning sensation it caused on its way down towards his liver. "Aah, that's better," he said as he replaced the glass in the sink. He walked back to the table - and his victim - and enjoyed the eyes that stared at him. Dark, angry and cold.

"Now then, let's get this party on the road." He grabbed her ankles and wrapped them together in one of his large hands. He raised it in the air as he walked towards her head, taking her body with him. "Up up!" When he reached the head end of the table, he tied the two loose strands of rope dangling from her feet together around the metal pole which her arms were attached to, underneath the chain that held them in place.

He took a step back and once more regarded his handiwork. The brunette was essentially bent double, laying flat on her back, her legs pulled back. Bent at her hips, her feet dangling above her head, being pulled down by the ties that bound them around the chains that already held her arms. Walking over to the other end, he had a perfect view of her spread out private parts, completely his to do with as he pleased.

Just when she thought he was going to give her a break, he grabbed her ankles and started to pull them up. "Ahhh nooo..." Isabella cried in pain. Her body being bent like this felt horrible. Her legs where stretched and her feet where above her head. "No no no please don't do this... not like this...." But he only grinned at her when he tied her ankles to the pole that held her hands.

When he released her ankles, Isabella cried out again. The strain on her hips was painful. The girl tried to wiggle around a bit to adjust to this new position. Her legs shivered as the blood flow once again decreased. Will it ever stop?! Her eyes focused back on the man, fear clearly visible in them, as she waited for what he would do next.

Her lips were moist, the light reflecting on minuscule droplets adorning the skin around the entrance where he had previously entered her beautiful body. "You look very tasty." The compliment most probably fell on unwanting ears, but he couldn't deny the attraction he felt. I should really do this, right?

He bent over and brought his face close to the hollow back of her knee, gently caressing her skin with his lips. Then he bent down further, tracing his lips down with him, moving towards the inside of her leg as he went down. Slowly he got closer to where her legs met, where her most private parts were usually so well hidden and protected. But not tonight. Tonight they make a special appearance for me.

As he neared the place where he wanted to go, wanted to be, he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Putting a little distance between her and him, he extended his tongue as far as it would go and flicked it over her clit, before brining his face close to her and sucking her clit and the surrounding flesh in his mouth in one sharp move.

At the first touch of his lips on the inside of her knee, Isabella felt her skin tingle. His touch was almost gentle, which made it feel even more wrong. Everything was so wrong about the current setting. Isabella had cursed herself for being so stupid. But the longer she was with him, the longer he abused her. The more she started to feel that it was her fault. That she had asked to be treated this way. She felt like that little girl again, in the commune, with the older men's eyes always on her. Nothing ever happened, thanks to her father, but Isabella imagined it would have been something like this.

His lips traveled down her leg to her exposed pussy. There was no moving away from him. He had her trapped and all she could do was let him have his way. The tongue that flicked over her clit drew a loud moan from the girl's lips. Even thou her situation was dark and depressing, her body was responding. And she couldn't help it. Isabella was determined to fight him any way she could. But she was helpless. When he covered her pussy with his mouth, she moaned again. Her body betraying her once more.

The body in front of him was responding very well to his touch. Even if it hadn't, he probably would have continued. It wad something he wanted to do, so he did it. Sucking and licking between her legs, he felt her body tremble. He could easily slide two fingers inside her pussy and when his tongue licked from bottom to top he could taste the sweet juices she was making for him.

With his fingers deep inside her, he curled them up, pressing against her inside. He kept sucking her clit, flicking his tongue across it sideways with rapid movements. He knew there was no way she could resist her body's natural response when he played with her like this. He moaned into her pussy as he continued his playing. "Mmm are you gonna cum for me now?"

His fingers inside her digging in deep and pounding her without mercy. His mouth covering every inch of her flesh. Tasting. Teasing. Biting down. It was all too much for the brunette to handle. There was no way she wasn't going to cum if he continued his assault. But when his words came, the ones she dreaded to hear. Isabella opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. "I don't want to..." her voice was soft as she spoke, "...but I don't know how to stop it..." She clenched her teeth together and arched her back a little as she felt her orgasm rising. Isabella pulled hard against her restraints. It hurt. Her legs. Her wrists. She hoped the pain would slow the orgasm from forming. But a little voice inside her head told her it was no use...

He could feel her body tense up. How she still had the strength to raise her back like that was beyond him, but she managed to do it anyway. He didn't mind at all, it only offered him a better angle to penetrate her even deeper. "You don't want to... Why wouldn't you?" The girl had almost cum while he fucked her earlier, surely she would want to cum now? He pulled back his fingers and pushed them inside, fast and hard. Repeating the motion he finger fucked her, bringing her mind's resistance to a all time low and her body take over.

The trembles became more intense, her body responding increasingly to his fingers and tongue. With his lips wrapped around her hard little clit, he alternated between sucking it in and out of his mouth and licking it with the flat of his tongue. When he noticed she was getting more on edge, nearing the point of no return, he released his mouth and pulled out his fingers.

"Okay, I'll make it easier for you," he said as he stood up and gently rubbed the moisture of her pussy along her lips and down between her cheeks. He spat some saliva on the tip of his fingers and rubbed it over his cock. He slid it in between her velvet lips, collecting some more of her slick juices before pushing himself inside her very wet pussy.

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