Running into you

Crossing the large hall of Victoria Station always made Sidney feel small. Insignificant even. So many people, rushing around him to destinations unknown. Staff, mostly coloured to a certain degree, wearing fluorescent yellow jackets, lazily meandering their way through the crowds, picking up carelessly dropped sandwich wrappers or partly smoked cigarette buds.

The student made his way from the one of the entrances on the bus side to the automated ticket booths. He had been smart, smarter than the hundreds, maybe thousands of people daily needing to join the queues to buy their tickets real time. He was a student and needed to save money. Getting a one way ticket for five pounds, rather than the regular twentyseven and a half, suited him perfectly fine.

With the freshly printed yellow and orange ticket secured in his wallet, The student set off to find his platform. He'd made the trip a few times before and knew it was usually either platform 14 or 16. Straight on from where he had entered, passed Ixxy's Bagels and a non-descript take away Chinese who did a surprisingly good Chicken Chow Mein, underneath the stairs, through the pillars. A train stood ready, its doors open invitingly. Sidney checked his watch. 12:42. Eight minutes left.

A ladies voice boomed over the airwaves, something about the Dartford train being delayed. He checked his watch again as he minded the mental gap inside the train. 12:45. Five minutes to find a quiet seat on this afternoon service, take out his laptop and settle in for the fiftysix minute journey to Brighton.  

The blond woman gazed out the window, lost in her own thoughts. She watched strange faces float by. Not a single one looked even a little familiar to her. This was a comfort. It was exactly the way she wanted it.

Ever since Erica had made the difficult decision to leave Kaleb and move halfway across the world, she had lived in fear of looking up into a familiar face. Because it would mean he had found her. The pair hadn't parted ways on good terms. There was a marriage proposal, a ring and several promises. But when Erica found out that Kaleb hadn't kept up his end of those promises, the girl had made a rash decision.

So there she was. Sitting in an almost empty carriage of the 12:45 train to Brighton. A day at the beach was just what a new friend of Erica had suggested. To clear her head and to seek out a famous chocolate shop.

From the corner of her eye, Erica caught sight of a figure approaching. The young man with a messenger type bag. He took the empty seat across from her, took out his laptop and placed it on his lap. As she fixed her eyes on the young man, Erica shifted in her seat and sat up a little. It took her all of two seconds to recognize the face. “Hey Sidney.” she said with a smile.

He didn't want to take his eyes of the screen. Wanted to pretend he wasn't Sidney. A people person was not how anyone would describe the young man and it wasn't in his plans to become one.

But that voice. 

Sidney raked his brain in search of a name with the voice. He hadn't socialised a lot since crossing the great divide and applying for a postgraduate position at the Kingston University. The Games Development course was something he'd had his eyes on for a long time and Kingston was within easy reach of Brighton, the creative hub of Southern England. 

She, for the soft voice was most definitely a womans, wasn't one of his fellow students. Didn't live in his appartment building, since the majority of tenants there were older men and women. But her voice sounded so familiar. 

Five seconds passed. Then ten. His brain failed him and the student could not not lift his head to at least say hello. 

He just stared. Drowned in the bright blue eyes, got lost in the wavy blond hair and stumbled over her striking beauty. This could not be happening. It wasn't real, he had somehow managed to fall asleep.

He glanced down at his lap and noticed the notebook was still there, which made him realise that he really needed to wake up. The piece of electronic equipment tumbling off his lap wasn't something he could use.

But he wasn't sleeping. The train was still stationary and the time said 12:48. This was reality, she was real. His eyelids fluttered a few times, as if blinking would steady his nerves. Either remove the mirage of a past life, or confirm her presence in this one. 

Finally, Sidney found his voice again, albeit confused and full of questions.

"Hi... Erica? What... how... why..." 



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