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"Arrr you scurvy landlubbers! Get your arses into gear!" The low rumble of the captains voice rumbled over the deck of the ship, towering over the sea of noise that surrounded the moving ship. "We be lucky if we reach port by nightfall. Rum and wenches for you if we do maties!" He was in a particularly good mood today. It might have had anything to do with the news they'd received this morning. Another ship had been wrecked and it was due in front of them. They would be closing in on the remains soon.

Sure enough, by noon they were behind a small sloop. It's sole occupant a fair maiden, dressed like a nobleman's daughter but with the mouth of a jail rat, judging by the cursing and swearing that drifted past their ears. "She will be adorning my cabin this night," he had muttered under his breath as he steered his ship to follow her. A few deckhands had whistled at her and made rude remarks, taunting the lady once she came within earshot. The captain had made short work of that with his voice. "That beauty is mine and mine alone!" It hadn't stopped the glaring and staring and an occasional cheer when she had to pull her dress up or down, but the grunt of it had died down.

Nearing sundown, the captain had given command of his ship to his sailing master and had made his way over to the front deck, surveying their surroundings before finally letting his eyes settle on the little sloop they had been chasing for the better part of the day. His pirates silently and anxiously awaited their captains next move, knowing full well the reputation he had. Putting his hands around his mouth as a makeshift loud hailer, he called down. "Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?!" A roar of laughter erupted from the previously called landlubbers and they all looked down over the railing to wait for the damsel's reply.

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