Please Forgive Me

Amelia @ Mason

He wasn't exactly sure what he had done that had gotten him into his current predicament. But Avery knew one thing, he was in trouble. Big trouble. Sitting on his knees outside of the playroom wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and his collar. His Mistress had ordered him there. A simple text had told him to come home and when Avery did, and the note on his nightstand had been perfectly clear. Cold and distant, Avery recalled as he waited. Whatever he had done, whatever it was Amelia had found out about him... it was bad. So bad that she felt he deserved to be punished for it.

It had been quite a while since Amelia last ordered him to the playroom in this way. Avery remembered it quite well. It was when Amelia had caught him smoking. Something she detested more than anything. Avery, a mere teenager at the time, had thought he was being smart about it. Carefully hiding the pack of cigarettes away and making sure to shower and change before every meeting. But she'd found out anyway. And she had punished him for it. Avery all but winced as he remembered the evening.

On his knees he sat, head bent low and his hands palms down on his upper legs. Avery wasn't sure how long he had been waiting or how much longer Amelia would make him wait. It didn't matter. She would make him wait as long as she saw fit, and there was nothing he could do about it.

She had been seething when she got the call. Even more furious when it ended up to be true. This could not go unpunished, and he knew it as well as she did. It's been too long.

His head was cast down as she approached him in the hallway leading to the far end of the mansion. The room which had been dubbed the play room, and had been used for mostly that in it's existence, was located away from visitor's prying eyes. Amelia was a honest woman, respected and admired, and no one needed to be aware of her occasional urges to lash out.

She had already showered and changed after a long day at work. Wearing one of her dark and tight classic corset, a pair of fishnet stockings to accentuate her toned thighs and some ridiculously expensive knee high leather boots with five inch heels, she walked over to him. He knew better than to look up at her, she knew it. Sitting still, a perfect model for a sculpturer if she ever had an inclination to have one made of him. She would even have considered it, had it not been for the incredibly foul mood she was in right now.

Standing still next to him, she opened the lock on the door and pushed it open. Bending down from the waist, she latched a leash on the collar and on an impulse, blew a breath of cold air in his face.

After she straightened out, she started off inside the room and pulled on the leash. "Follow," the harsh mistress spat at her obedient slave.

At the sound of footsteps approaching, Avery sat up a little straighter. Making sure his eyes never left the ground, he waited for his Mistress to come closer. The sound of her boots on the hardwood floors made him grow hard. To Avery that was quite possibly the sexiest sound. Apart from maybe high heels on those same floors. That sound was a bit more delicate than this. Sexier. Thou Avery had no doubt that Amelia was wearing something insanely sexy right now. He didn't dare look. He knew his place.

He heard her unlock the door and heard her move towards him. The harsh click of the leash being attached to his collar made him shiver. Avery did his best not to shiver noticeably, thou he doubted Amelia would noticed. The breath of cold air caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise. When she spat her order at him, any hope of forgiveness drained away. Amelia was angry. Forgive me... Avery followed his Mistress into the playroom on hands and knees. Like a dog. But it made him feel like even less of a dog. Unworthy. Ashamed. He crawled until she stopped. Then rested his hands on his legs again, sitting up perfectly straight. Eyes cast down. Waiting for her next command.

Amelia didn't look behind her when she walked. She instinctively knew he would follow, putting on a perfect show of how to be a slave. Why does he have to be so flipping perfect?! She fully well knew the answer to that question, but didn't want to give herself the sense of satisfaction that it would provide.

She stopped in the center of the large square room. There wasn't much that would pass as decoration in the traditional sense of the word. Everything in the quarters could - and would - be used to play, tease, give pain and please on the receiving subject. And Avery, he would take it well. Like I taught him.

She turned around and faced him. She was half hoping he'd be looking up at her. Of course he isn't. He's not stupid. Then again, he had caused them both to be in this situation, so there had been a spark of insanity which has inspired the moment of absolute stupidity in him.

Thinking about it again, made her blood boil. Without thinking twice, she pulled back her hand and struck it across his cheek. The loud slap echoed off the bare walls. She didn't like anger, she didn't like rage, and most of all, she didn't like acting upon it.

Then why does it feel so good to hurt him now?

Avery waited patiently for his punishment. For her next command. He had stopped running things through his mind in a frantic search for the answer. Avery knew she would tell him eventually. Amelia would want to know everything about the encounter. It's happened before... While he crawled into the playroom, a massive flashback had hit Avery. There had been a lady, a few years ago, Avery had fallen in lust with her. And they had spent the night together. The next morning Avery felt ashamed and afraid. He didn't dare tell his Mistress about the encounter with the woman. For fear of her reaction, he pretended it never happened. But then Amelia found out. How? Avery had no idea. But she had. And her wrath was fierce. How could I have been so stupid? Twice...

The moment the back of her hand connected with his cheek, Avery bit his lip. The slap had surprised him and he didn't want to make a sound. Wouldn't make a sound. He would take whatever punishment she seemed fit. With grace and above all, with silence. "Thank you Mistress. I apologize for failing you." He took a risk by speaking, but Avery wanted Amelia to know he was sorry.

Another slap hit, his other cheek this time. "Shut up!" Her voice was high, barely recognisable as her own. She felt herself get out of control, a feeling that was seldom experienced. Amelia Davis was always in control. Just not now.

She let go of the leash and walked over to a cupboard against the wall, taking deep breaths with every step. I need to stay calm. There were enough tools here to do some serious damage to a young man's body, and there was only a fine line between pain for pleasure and pain for pain. It wasn't heard often, but every now and then an article would pop up in the newspaper about a BDSM session gone wrong, with permanent damage or even death as the result. Let's not take it that far.

Opening the cupboard, she looked at it's contents. She would probably tie him up, even though she knew he wouldn't run away. But seeing her plaything without room to move gave her an incredible sense of power. Later. Because first, she wanted to have a go at his back. He needed to feel her wrath. And he will.

Her arm reached out for the flogger. It had twenty leather straps attached to a smooth wooden handle, shaped like a cock. It had been a gift from someone - she couldn't remember who - and even though it wasn't exactly her taste, it did feel nice in her hand. Letting it roll through her hands, she walked back to her slave.

As she took up her position in front of him, she looked down. He was still sitting upright, which came across as offensive in this particular situation. "Kiss my feet, slave." Her voice was harsh, more controlled than before. If it had been a temperature, they would have been ice cold. "Lick the leather of my boots."

The sting of her hand silenced him. He wouldn't make that mistake again. Avery lowered his head and waited while Amelia walked away from him. He knew where she was going. But wasn't sure about what she'd do. There would be pain, no doubt. The amount would be determined by his Mistress. And thou she wasn't usually cruel, Avery had a feeling that today she might be making an exception.

The sound of the cupboard opening and closing send a shiver down Avery's spine. He remembered what she kept in there. Floggers and paddles, a variety of riding crop and even a spiked collar. Thankfully she had decided to let him wear his normal collar, for now anyway. That could change, but it all depended on how well he accepted her pain. As he sat there, Avery tried to keep his mind as clear and empty as possible. Past situations where not going to help him now. He needed to get in the zone of her punishment. That was the only way he was going to be able to take what she needed him to.

The unmistakable sound of a flogger filled the room, making Avery sit up a little straighter. When she spoke, her voice was different. Filled with authority and anger. Her command was simple. Avery placed his hands on the floor and leaned forward. Slowly he brought his face to the smooth leather of her right boot and kissed the toe. He licked his way up the outer side, probing the folds with the tip of his tongue before giving his full attention to the inside of her boot. There was something incredibly erotic about licking her boot and Avery couldn't help himself. Inside his tight jeans his erection throbbed.

The sight of her slave grovel in front of her made her feel tall. Taller than her six inch heels could accomplish. She was in charge, she called the shots, she was the mistress to this unworthy human being. And he would know it. By the end of the night, things would be put right and he'd be remembered of his place.

The straps grazed lightly across his naked back, barely touching the skin. She trailed them up his spine, circling them over his broad shoulders, down passed his hips and to the edge of his jeans before trailing it up again for a repeat. It was foreplay and she knew that it heightened his anticipation. Made him anxious for the impact that was sure to come. But a good mistress never lashed out immediately, nor did she follow a pattern. Her subject could anticipate and prepare, which is something that wasn't allowed to happen. Every hit should be a surprise to enhance the overall effect of her actions.

The first hit came after she left the shoulder. A small flick of her wrist let the leather straps fly around the ornamental cock in a small curve, landing across his back with a soft slapping sound. She wasn’t going to go all out straight away, but increase her force gradually. It was a softer, more friendly approach, but it did make for longer sessions. And I am going to enjoy you tonight, she thought as she hit him again, twice in rapid succession, both stronger than the last.

As Avery shifted his attention to the other boot, he felt the straps of the flogger touch his back. Its touch was delicate and soft, like a lovers caress. Avery kept his back perfectly still, although the urge to arch his back into the straps was there. He bit back the moan that grew in the back of his throat, and instead focused on the task at hand. Her boot. It's soft leather. The curves. The way it was molded around her calf. Avery could appreciate a nice pair of boots on a sexy pair of legs. And his Mistress possessed both. If he was lucky, he'd be allowed to take the boots off at a later time. But for now... Avery's train of thought was abruptly derailed by the first hit of the leather straps on his back.

The slap caught him by surprise. The boy had been so busy with her boot that the sensation of the leather straps had gone almost unnoticed. It was by no means a hard slap, just unexpected. For a second he stopped what he was doing, waiting for the next hit. But when it didn't come, Avery quickly continued. He trailed his mouth to the back of her leg, kissing the calf and pushing his lips against the place where leather met skin.

When the leather straps connected with his skin a second and third time, Avery arched his back a little. She was putting her wrist into it, and Avery knew she'd soon be leaving red marks on his back.

A reddish glow was gradually starting to spread underneath her touch. "How lovely," she muttered as she watched the colours change right before her eyes.

The mistress hummed in pleasure as she witnessed the young man worship her boots. "You're such a good boy, aren't you?" She bent forward slightly and let the tips of her fingers trail over his back, following the welts she'd created. "So obedient..." Her voice trailed off while she watched the leather starting to shine as his tongue touched it. "I love a clean pair of boots, don't you?"

With her free hand Amelia followed the curve of the boy's neck and tousled his hair in an almost lovingly fashion, before grabbing it and tilting his head back. Her smile was sweet and her eyes had actually turned soft for a moment.

"Come to the bed with me, boy" she asked him. The older woman released and turned her back on him, showing off the curves of her body and her shapely long legs as she purposefully strode the few steps to her bed. There she turned around again, sat down and crossed one leg over the other.

"Come here boy," she said in a slightly higher pitched voice as she patted her leg. "But you know the rule. No walking."

It wasn't so much the words she spoke, but more the tone of her voice, that had Avery on edge. At this point it could go either way. His Mistress could continue using the flogger on his back, increasing her strength and thus inflicting more pain. Or she could stop. And as much as Avery wanted her to hurt him, to work off her anger, he also knew that even if she did stop... it didn't mean she was done with him. Don't get excited yet...or relaxed.

At her praise Avery smiled against the leather of her boot. Yes, such a good boy. A good little slave, offering his body to his Mistress. Taking the punishment as she dished it out. "Yes Mistress." he replied, when she mentioned liking her boots cleaned. He didn't dare raise his head yet. Keeping perfectly still. But when her fingers caressed the back of his neck, Avery couldn't help but move into her touch. His punishment was swift. His Mistress grabbed his hair and yanked his head up. Green eyes met darker ones. His Mistress was smiling. She seemed pleased. Avery kept his expression straight, only allowing his eyes to smile.

'Come to bed', the words he had been waiting to hear. His Mistress got up and walked over to the bed. Avery rolled his shoulders back, feeling them ache from being in the same position for so long. His arched his back and stretched his neck. He watched her boots as they walked away, followed them to the bed where she sat.

Her voice was different now. Softer. Higher. The harshness of before had all but vanished. She called to him as she would call a pup. A pet. Because in this instance, that was all he was. A plaything. No walking. Of course. "Yes Mistress." Avery replied. Then he leaned on his hands and slowly began to crawl towards the bed.

Seeing him crawl like the lowly dog he was, made her giggle. "Just look at yourself... worthless excuses for a man, but how well you fit this role! I should have you eat from a little bowl on the kitchen floor!"

The harsh Mistress would not shy away from a little degrading every now and then, but was adverse to keeping her playthings in a certain role for an extended period of time. They were, after all, human beings. And while she knew that she would be considered a mild owner for her thoughts on the matter, Amelia also knew that by combining pain and pleasure, her boytoys were so much more obedient than any fear-induced slave.

When Avery had finally reached the bed, Amelia lifted both her long legs and let them rest on his broad shoulders while she lay back on the soft sheets herself.

"Ah, that is very comfortable. Whipping you into shape does cost me a lot of energy, you know?" She pushed herself up and rested her upper body on her elbows, able to look into his eyes while she pressed her legs together, clamping around his clean shaven face.

"It's needed though, don't you agree? You seem to have forgotten a few very important lessons, puppy of mine."

It only took him a few minutes to crawl to the bed. As the room wasn't overly large, but large enough to make Avery feel the shame. He knew fully well that it was intentional. His Mistress never did anything without a reason. He'd shamed her by behaving in the manner that he had. Even thou the real reason was still a mystery. But Avery knew she'd tell him eventually. Her words only added to the way he was feeling. Ashamed. Worthless. Less than human. You're right. he thought to himself, every word ringing true.

No sooner had he reached the bed. did his Mistress place her long legs across his back. Avery kept his head low as the weight of her legs pushed the leather clasps into his muscles. The sensation was uncomfortable, thou it didn't really matter if it was. "I'm sorry Mistress." he replied, raising his eyes to look at her. In that moment she propped herself up and looked straight into his. With her legs holding his head in place, Avery could only look at her. "Yes Mistress." his gaze was unwavering. Dark eyes meeting each other half way. Do with you as you wish, I deserve it...

Oh how she longed to pull him closer. To push his face between her legs, have him lap up her slick juices which were by now generously coating the insides of her panties.

Then again, she didn't have to wait. Tonight was about obedience as much as punishment. The latter had already been dealt with - at least to a certain extent - which left the former.

Coming to a decision, Amelia tensed the muscles in her strong legs and pulled them up, almost lifting Avery's head in the process. When he was close enough for her arms to reach, she dropped herself down on the soft mattress, grabbed the tousled hair between her nimble fingers and pulled him in, pushing his face right between her legs where only the thin sliver of her thong's silky smooth material separated the boy from the woman.

His eyes searched hers for a moment before she made her move. Strong legs pulling him closer, he could only obey and move with them. He crawled even closer to the bed, now resting his elbows on the edge of the bed. Her intentions where clear. Avery's heart drummed hard in his chest. Inhaling through his nose he could smell her excitement. Delicious and sweet. How he had longed for her to do this. To pull him close, to draw him in. To force his hand... or in this case, his face.

"Yes Mistress..." Avery muttered as he brought this hands up and stroked the inside of her thighs. Once more did his eyes finds hers, their lust clearly mirrored from one to the other. He didn't dare smile, but on the inside he was. His nose was only inches away from her dripping sex. And Avery could see where it had darkened the thin material of her thong. He inhaled again and softly blew against the wet material. His hands gently massaged her legs, slowly drawing closer to her center.

As swift as a cat, Amelia swatted away the searching hands.

"No, you don't get to do that."

For now, there was only room for his mouth. There was no way the classy woman would allow her pleasure to be hurried or quickened by the guy who knew exactly what she needed to push her over the proverbial edge.

"Mouth only puppy. Show mommy what you can do with that.."

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