Merry Christmas, Santa

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It was a yearly thing for him. With his mother being the charity loving woman she was, her passion for looking after the poor, the elderly or other people in need of aid had rubbed off on her son. And with him so clearly devoted to the woman who had birthed and raised him, he could never deny her the pleasure of helping her in her endeavours to make the world a better place. And so, every year, he hoisted himself in the world's most famous costume and went to the local shopping mall for a day of bell ringing and kids smiling.

Surrounded by a joyful duo of green clad temp workers he made his way through the wide avenues between the shops, laughing, high fiving and making promises as he went along. Some kids smiled and some laughed outright, while others still seemed a bit hesitant to approach the big man. He tried to comfort those little ones as much as he could, because he should be a figure of trust and high spirits, not fear or apprehension. And for the most part, his cuddly presence and fluffy beard did the trick surprisingly well.

Reaching the centre of the mall, his mother had assembled a small army of children that were passionately singing songs about a specific type of tree. In the centre of the group a elevated stage was raised and upon it, a large golden coloured dais was placed. Ringing his bell, he carefully stepped his way through the throng of little people onto the platform and stood in front of the decorated chair, legs spread and hands in his sides in a powerful pose. He looked over the sea of happy faces and smiled. Thanks mom, I love you for making me do this. Taking a deep breath, he put on his loudest and deepest voice, before he bellowed his welcome.

"Ho ho hooooo. Merry Christmas!!"

To say Abby loved Christmas, would be a gross understatement. The girl adored Christmas. Was completely and utterly in love with the holiday season. If society would allow her, she'd be playing Christmas songs all year round. But sadly, it was frowned upon. A little. And because Abby had a strong desire to fit in, she obeyed the rules set by society. She would only listen to holiday songs in those few weeks. And during the year, whenever she had the urge, she would download some Christmas songs onto her I-pod and listen to them in the comfort of her bedroom.

But now it was actually here. The season to be jolly. The most wonderful time of the year. And even thou the news said it wouldn't be a white Christmas, Abby was determined to make it the best one yet. During the course of the last few months she'd fallen in love. She hadn't expected it to happen. But it had... her affection had grown from a crush, to a steady interest to a 'head-over-heels' type of infatuation. And to celebrate that love, and because she simply loved to shop, Abby was at the mall with a friend to pick out a little something special for her lover. A sexy Christmas surprise.

The shopping mall was decorated to perfection. Fake snow. Christmas trees decked out to their fullest. Tinsel everywhere and thousand sparkly lights decorated the normally so boring open spaces. Abby couldn't wipe the grin off her face even if she had wanted to. Her heart was filled with love and joy. And all this Christmas cheer was only making her warmer inside.

After stopping for a special holiday drink at Starbucks, the friends made their way into the grand hall. Children's laughter and cheering greeted the pair. A loud friendly voice called out that oh-so familiar phrase. "Santa's here." Abby said cheerfully, turning to Meghan. The girls made their way to the edge of the stage where the jolly man stood. Abby looked around at all those happy faces and sighed. This is what Christmas was all about. Joy. Cheer. Happy faces. And Santa Claus.

However much he had been dreading today had become irrelevant. As soon as he bellowed out the seasonal greeting and the kids started cheering, all negative emotions vanished and were replaced by only joy. So much happiness! It had an infectious effect on everyone but the closest relative to Scrooge himself and passed the circle he could see adults smiling as widely as their offspring.

He sat down on his appointed throne and started to tell a story. It had been written for him, but he performed told it so convincingly that it looked like it was his own experience.

"And so, I climbed back on my sleigh, waved one more time at Peter and spurred on my trusted steeds." He moved his arms, imitating the movement of pulling on reigns.
"We sped off, and just in time too! Because at the horizon, I could already see the sun rising."

He let his voice trail off as he watched the children, who had all been hanging on to his every word. A silence fell as it took them a while to process the story had ended, before they al started clapping and cheering.

After singing another song together, one by one the kids came forward - if they dared - and sat on Santa's lap for a moment. Talking about the presents they wanted, or the story he had told, he tried to spend an equal amount of time on all the kids. This part would last for hours, since new kids would continuously arrive as others left. He surveyed the masses, letting his eyes wander over the assembled people. That's when he spotted her. Even though he kept moving his head, the white eyebrows hid his eyes, which he kept fixed on her as he called out.

"Now, I know there is at least one Abby here today! Who would that be?"

The girls had been listening intently to the story Santa told. It was magical and spoke of love and joy. And Abby couldn't help but brush a stray tear away from her cheek. Meghan looked at her friend and smiled. "You are such a sap." Abby pretended to be shocked, covered her face with her hand and laughed. "Meghan! I can't believe you'd say that..." A cheerful giggle escaped her lips.

Santa was finished with his story and the first few songs had been sung. His helpers had opened up the gates to his winter wonderland. And had begun to guide little children towards old Saint Nick. "Wanna go have a seat? Grab some lunch..." Meghan suggested, when behind her Santa began to speak.

At the mention of her name, Abby's eyes grew wide and she looked at Meghan. "Not you Abs, surely there's more Abby's out there..." Abby turned to Santa, trying to catch his eye. Then her eyes scanned the crowd for girls named Abby. There where a few. Mostly small kids. "Yeah, you're right... let's go." The girls turned away from Father Christmas and headed towards a lunchroom. Trying to weave their way through the crowd. But it was hard. The mall was packed. And anyone who's ever tried to swim upstream knows it's hard...

Seeing about six little Abby’s get up from the floor made him smile. Popular name. A few of them had already been to his chair, he recognised the little green bow on one, the bright pink leggings on another and the cute baby blue hat on a third. The other three were at the back, new arrivals, and he waved at them. But at the same time he saw the real Abby turn around and walk away. He got up and walked closer to the kids, towards the edge of the stage.

”Hello girls, how nice of you to join me today!” The three remaining Abby's giggled at their specific mention. The fourth one still had her back turned towards him.

He put the back of his hand as if he was going to whisper a secret, but he didn't lower his voice much. ”Would you believe there is another one in here? She's a little scared I think, that's why she's walking away...” All the kids started looking around them. Was there a girl, walking away? Who would that be? Was she really scared of Santa?

After a few moments of confusion, he put his hands on his stomach in the traditional Santa pose and bellowed the well known greeting again. But this time, he made sure she would know who it was for.

”Ho ho hooo! Meeerry Christmas miss Abigale Richardson!”

And now I wait. This should be fun.

Behind them the crowd cheered, making Abby glance over her shoulder. A hand full of little girls where crowding the stage. Seems I'm not the only Abby here. A smile graced her lips as she turned and continued on her way. Meghan was a few steps ahead of her, trying to get through. "This crowd is crazy..." her friend muttered, making Abby giggle in response. "Did you expect it to be any other way?" Meghan turned, making a funny face at Abby.

On the stage behind them, Santa was continuing in his little chat with the girls. Vaguely Abby heard him mention another Abby. But that didn't catch her attention. It wasn't until the Big Man began his cheery ho ho ho... Did he just...?! Abby stopped dead in her tracks. Frozen to her spot. Did he just call my name?! In front of her, Meghan turned. A quizzical expression on her face. "Did he just..." Meghan began. "I think so..." Abby replied.

Silence had fallen over the mall. Which was pretty odd, considering how crowded it was. Everyone was looking at the person next to them. Trying to find this mysterious girl Santa had spoken about. Meanwhile Abby felt her face turn beet red. What to do... what to do?! Part of her wanted to disappear into the ground. A nice big sink hole could take her away. But then it was Santa! He had called out to her. Can't escape from that...

Taking a deep breath, Abby started to slowly make her way towards the white picket fence that separate Santa from the crowd. She smiled shyly at Santa's helper, who looked at her with a kind smile. "Abigale Richardson?" Abby nodded. "The one and only..." The woman opened the gate and let her in. "Thank you." Abby climbed the few steps to the stage, stopping a few steps away from Santa Clause. A blush was on Abby's cheeks. She really didn't want to be up there. But who was she to refuse an invite from the Man himself?! "Hey Santa..."

outfit with a coat, probably black.

He watched her approach nervously with an amused smile hidden behind his white, fluffy beard. While he waited for the four girls to shimmy through the crowd, he continued his interaction with the kids and had them sing a very happy rendition of the serenade to his trusted steed Rudolph.

When the four were arrayed at the stage, he looked at each of them and nodded joyfully. "Come, come, let me sit down!" When he sat and got comfortable in his chair, he called them to him. "Don't be scared, I give mighty good hugs. Who wants to go first?"

The three smallest girls raised their arms instantly. It made him laugh. "Very good!" Not wanting to disappoint any of them, he quickly devised a way to call them to him one by one. "You all look so colourful today. Let's go with the rainbow on this one, okay girls?" The three looked at each other and you could just see them picturing a rainbow in their head.

"Right, the first color in a rainbow is always... red!" Again they looked. First down at themselves, then at each other, trying to spot something red. "Seems I am the only one wearing red!" Another cheerful laugh. "Right, next up is orange, followed by yellow." The most left Abby nearly jumped at the mention of yellow, as she was wearing yellow tights underneath her jeans skirt. She went to him, they shared a hug and a quick story and she jumped off his lap, disappearing back into the crowd. The other two small girls followed at blue and violet and they as well rejoined the masses on the floor.

"Well hello Abby. How nice of you to join me today. Why don't you come and sit on my lap for a minute too?" When she still seemed a bit hesitant, he looked at her with mock worry. "You aren't truly scared of a jolly old man like myself, are you?"

Abby stood on the side and observed the scene unfold in front of her. This Santa was very good with the kids. He had a friendly demeanor, which Abby guessed was in the job description... and he was funny. Making the little girls laugh and feel completely at ease. He's good at his job. Abby shifted from one foot to the other, trying to appear relaxed and calm while she was secretly a little nervous. Why am I here? I'm too old for this... Abby glanced over at Santa, who looked in her direction at that very same moment. The girl blushed, keeping their eyes locked for a second or two before looking away. If she had only looked a little longer, she might have recognized him...

Just as Abby was wishing for another sink hole to magically appear, Santa had finished with the little girls and was now turning to her. ", of course not..." she heard herself stutter when Santa asked if she was scared of him. The crowd was clearly enjoying themselves more than she was, because Abby could hear laughter. She shot a nervous glance into the crowd to try and spot Meghan. Her friend was leaning back against a far wall, gave her a small wave and a thumbs up. Yeah, great... Abby turned her focus back to Santa. He had suggested she come sit on his lap and as Abby slowly made her way towards him, she took a moment to consider the creep factor in all this. Some random guy in a Santa outfit had asked her to sit on his lap. And she was going to do it?!

Abby came to an abrupt halt and eyed Santa suspiciously. Her back was now turned towards the crowd, so only Santa could see her. She tilted her head to the side and studied him for a moment. There was something oddly familiar about those sparkling eyes. But the more Abby stared, the more lost she felt. "I know you..." she said softly. Then Abby strolled towards Santa and sat down in his lap, wrapping an arm around his neck. Giving him her sweetest smile. "You called for me, Santa..."

It was quite a change from the fifteen kilogram five year olds to the slightly heavier twenty four year old and he had to shift in his seat slightly to accompany the increased weight. Not that he minded. He had not seen the girl yesterday and had missed her. Bloody lunatic. Falling head over heals.

But he couldn't help himself. The way she wrapped her slender arms around his neck, her toned legs showing off so nicely in her short jeans skirt and accentuated by the black velvet of her knee high boots. How I love boots. You are an angel. For a moment he just watched her, revelling in her proximity.

"Of course you know me," he finally said. "I've been coming to your apartment, remember?" To the crowd, if they would be paying attention, it would be nothing strange. Santa visits every house, right? But this Santa made sure to point out the apartment, where any regular one would have said house.

"Yes I did, and you know why?" The puzzled expression on the brunettes face was enough of an answer to not have to wait for a verbal denial. "Because I happen to know a lot about you, my dear Abby." Yes, a lot more than any other Santa does, he inwardly added.

"One of the things I know about you, is that you love pretty things, like any other girl I suppose. Also that you like to paint very colourful canvasses." It had been a while since they had shared a rather eventful night in a friendly art gallery and the result of that was proudly displayed at the entrance of his newly opened hotel.

"And something else you love doing - and are really good at it too, is singing!" He watched her eyes as they still looked at him, quizzically, hesitantly. "Would you like to sing a song for a happy ageing man and a few hundred joyful kids? I'm sure they'll help you out if you don't know the lyrics?"

His words where taking their sweet time sinking in. And Abby couldn't possible be more confused by them. Apartment... colorful canvas... When the words left his lips, Abby's eyes darted towards his. Her mouth fell open a little as her brain scrambled to keep up. "Canvas..." OhMyGod! Abby quickly clamped her mouth shut, successfully swallowing the 'oh fuck' that was about to tumble out. The brunette blinked rapidly, her hands nervously fidgeting with the white fluff of Santa's coat. One name blinked inside her head, with big flashy neon letters. MASON! Then her eyes focused on his and it was undeniable. But how? Why? You didn't tell me...

Santa had continued his little talk, more to the audience than to her. Then he paused, turning to her. "I ehm... what?..." Santa -Mason- smiled, and Abby was dazzled all over again. "Sing? Ehm... yeah, I guess... I could sing... something." Abby's fingers casually stroked Santa's cheek before she rose from his lap. Taking a few steps away. Distance was good, she decided. Until she had all her ducks in a row, and her calm back. A million questions still buzzed around in her mind like angry bees or excited butterflies. "What would you like to hear, Santa?"

Master Mason

Her change in demeanour signalled something as he felt her body tense up upon her lap. When she next looked at him and her caught her eyes, he knew for sure. The glimpse of apprehension that was there before had disappeared completely and had now been replaced by a healthy dose of recognition. When she touched him, he wanted to grab her hand and kiss it, yet in front of an audience – mostly innocent children – that would probably not be such a good idea. Favouritism in a Santa was never an applauded trait.

What would Santa like to hear? How about your moans as I run my tongue between your lips? The devious thought was rewarded with a mental scolding. Again with the inappropriateness.

A number of thoughts crossed his mind and he smirked as a few sounded more interesting as others. ”How about... I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus?” Mason locked his eyes on the entertainers. ”Or Santa Baby?” Then he had a light bulb moment and smiled broadly, his fake beard elevating with his rosy cheeks.

”Oh wait, I know just the one." He looked to the crowd and spotted a lot of parents accompanying their kids to the spectacle. "You see, adults deserve something special too with Christmas. I think Mrs. Carey captured that perfectly in one of her songs." Then he turned his head back to Abby and smiled once more. "Abigale, you know this one. All I want for Christmas, is you!”

With a smile as bright as that of a child on Christmas morning, the young entertainer nodded at her Santa. "Of course Santa, I know that one..." Abby brushed a strand of hair away from her face before turning to the crowd of children and their parents. "Why don't you join me for this one? I'm sure Santa would love to hear everyone sing?" A cheerful response came immediately. I knew they would. With a subtle wink at Santa, and an over the shoulder glance to the elves. Abby took a few deep breaths. She waited for the 'ok' signal from a head elf, before she stepped forwards and began to sing.

"I don't want a lot for Christmas...There is just one thing I need. I don't care about the presents. Underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own... More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true oh. All I want for Christmas is you...." Abby loved the way her voice carried over the audience. She loved singing this song and loved it even more when it was only her voice for the first few lines. Abby loved singing a-capella, it was probably one of her favorite ways to sing. Later on, the tape would pick up and there would be music. The audience would help her sing, no doubt. But that first bit was hers.

Every once and a while, Abby glanced back towards Mason. Santa was sitting happily in his chair, smiling and looking generally pleased with himself. Sneaky bugger... Abby thought, as she wondered how he'd gotten this past her. There had been talk of maybe doing something together that day. Shopping or a trip to the theater. But no, Mason had cancelled last minute and Abby was left having to reschedule with a friend. Now I know why... With a smile she shook her head, can't believe I fell for that... But it was alright. Having witnessed him as Santa Claus had made it alright. He was good at it. The children loved him. And so, Abby sighed, did she.

With great joy, Mason watched as the spontaneous entertainer got the crowd singing the song with her. His heart filled with pride as he listened to her clear and sultry voice. That's my Abby. Of course she wasn't his. Or maybe she was. The line was very thin at times as their relationship rode the waves of passion between lust and love.

It had felt bad, cancelling their plans last minute. The usually perfectly well planned calender had failed him today, only showing him his error when his mother had texted him a good luck message early in the morning. Yet at the same time, a plan had started to form in his head. Mason had blamed his mother for his sudden cancellation, but offered to drive Abby and a friend to the mall, pay for their lunch and then Mason would take his girl out for dinner and a show that night. The young singer had hesitantly agreed, and so it happened.

Now the plan had succeeded. He had surprised her, and she was singing in front of a crowd, something he knew she loved. I love it when a plan comes together. As he was watching her, walk the stage in her high boots and short skirt, he wanted the plan to continue. To take her back inside his cave and ravish her. He smirked at the idea. Mr. Claus, you're such a dirty old man, he scolded himself.

So, he behaved himself. As the song was about to finish, the dangerously overweight man raised from his dais and waddled over to the woman at the stage. When he'd reached her and she sang her last line, he rested his arm around her shoulders. "Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, wasn't that amazing? You can all sing so well! I'm really impressed!" The kids laughed and cheered at the compliments. "Can I have an applause for yourselves, and for this very brave Abby here?" While the crowd enthusiastically clapped their hands together, Mason pulled Abby in his arms for a hug. Bringing his mouth to her ear, he whispered to her. "I'm proud of your, sweet lady." Then he kissed her cheek and released her.

With his hands, he motioned for the spectators to quiet down. He placed his hands on his tummy and shook it. "Well kids, this belly does need a little bit of food. You don't get this shape by exercising and not eating, so please don't do as I do." He raised his hand and waved at the kids. "All of you: behave and be nice to your family. Give lots of hugs and cuddles, everyone likes that. And I'll see you real soon!"

He turned around and with a last wink at his girlfriend, Santa Claus walked towards his cave. It would take some effort, and a lot of help from some elves, to become himself again. Mason Stone had a date to attend to tonight.

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