Making Decisions

This really is my favourite suit. A pair of bright eyes regarded it in the mirror. The shade of blue was dark and contrasted strongly with his pale blue eyes and the white shirt he was wearing. Strong hands made the last adjustments to a silk silver tie, before the fingers closed up both the buttons on the jacket. Another look from top to bottom confirmed he was ready. He didn't know for what it was he was ready for, but he was undoubtedly ready.

The past week had gone by like any other. Busy at work, fun going out, relaxed at home. Meetings, classes, dinners, nothing out of the ordinary. Another week had passed by uneventful and now it was Saturday again.

The previous Saturday he had met his match. She had come in the form of a young girl who possessed a talent for singing love songs. She had stolen the show at a big wedding and had later stolen a completely different kind of show in his bedroom. She had been a collection of contrasts. A flirt and a tease but hunkering to be touched, insecure but strong, wanting to leave and to stay, wanting to be loved and to be had...

Because she had asked for it, he had given her a choice. A choice that could mean nothing or everything. A choice that could change her near future, but could just as easily put her on a path for the next two years. He could almost hear her decision on as she said she needed to think. He could hear her body shout out her choice as they had showered together. Her mouth had kept it a secret nonetheless.

Three times she had tried to contact him the past week. Once she had called. Someone had told her that he wasn't in his office and that he hadn't picked up his mobile either. She had left a message requesting him to call back. Then she had come to the restaurant, to be told again he hadn't been around. Just yesterday morning she had sent him a personal message via the restaurants website. Her message had been polite, but it had an anxious undertone and a request to call her back.

He had been in his office as the phone had rang. He had been in the building as she had walked in. He did keep track of the messages posted on the website. Yet he hadn't replied in any way. Instead he had sent a personal messenger to her yesterday morning, carrying a hand written note on yellowish paper that more resembled parchment, rolled up and tied close with maroon coloured ribbon. The messenger had delivered the note to her personally without saying a word and had handed her an unmarked box, before turning around and moving away quickly.

She would have been surprised to have seen rose petals flutter to the floor as she unrolled the note. She would have been surprised to see the meticulous handwriting on the paper. Obviously masculine, but graceful and strong, written by a steady hand with a purpose. She might have even been surprised by it's contents, but somehow he doubted that.

"Dear miss Richardson,

Please be ready to depart at 8PM this Saturday. 


In the box she had found a dress in her size. Shoes in her size. even underwear in her size and matching jewelry. He figured she would be surprised about that, slightly at least. The implications had surely not been lost on her, as she would have instantly realised that those were the clothes she would be wearing. He was sure she would have looked beautiful in anything she would have pulled out of her own cupboards, but he owed her a new dress at least.

Yes, he was ready, the man had thought as he pulled the door to his apartment shut behind him. Lets hear what you have to say for yourself, miss Richardson. I am ready, Mason Stone thought as he got into his car, turned the key and pulled up fast.

Friday morning. A week had gone by. A whole friggin' week! Okay, 6 days. Almost a week... but still! Without as much as a peep from Mason Stone. Abby was starting to feel she'd made the wrong decision in going there, investing her time in him and spending the night. Because if he cared... he would've called me back. Or responded to my email. Or got in touch one way or the other... The sex had been phenomenal, so it wasn't a total waste of time. Throughout the week Abby had tried to get in touch. But all her attempts to get in touch with Mason had been fruitless. The man didn't return any calls, obviously didn't check his emails and his staff... well they were all on his side. Maybe they didn't like the sight of me? Abby stood in front of her full length mirror, looking at herself. Trying to find the flaw. The reason why he had so effectively ignored her. “Well, it's your loss Mister Stone.” she spat at her reflection, anger bubbling inside of her. “Your loss...not mine.”

Abby stalked out of her bedroom and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Scrambled eggs on toast. Some juice and some fruit. The perfect breakfast for someone who was going somewhere with her life... Which isn't me... She fell backwards onto her comfy couch and pulled a pillow onto her head. For a minute or two she screamed into it as loudly as she could. Getting all of her frustrations out. ”There. Much better.” Abby said to herself, sat up and tossed the pillow into a chair. She was just about to head back to the kitchen to make that breakfast, when the doorbell rang. ”I'm not expecting anyone...”

At the door was a messenger. ”Miss Abigale Richardson?” the man asked. Abby nodded, ”This is for you. Have a nice day.” A box and a scroll where handed to her. 'Thank you.” Abby called after the man, who had turned on his heel and disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Well, that's odd... She closed the door and strolled over to the couch. Dropping the box on the table and untying the red ribbon first. As she unrolled the piece of paper, red rose petals fell to the floor. ”What's this...” she wondered out loud as she looked down at the petals. Her eyes focused back on the piece of paper as her she read the neatly written lines on the page. “Please be ready to depart at 8pm this Saturday...” It only took Abby about a second to put two and two together. The rose petals. The mysterious note and the box. Even before she'd seen the letter M. at the bottom of the page. ”Mason...” She squealed in delight, already having forgotten all of the negative thoughts and feelings she had been directing at the man. Like snow on a sunny day. Banished from her mind.

Abby dropped the note on the table and sat down on the couch. She opened the box and folded back the white paper. ”Oh. My. God.” She reached into the box and pulled out a beautiful red dress. Abby stood up and held it in front of her, pressing her hand to her stomach. The dress was short. It ended well above knee and was beautifully tailored. ”Wow... this is just...” She sat back down, holding the dress with one hand as the other searched through the box. A pair of matching black cross strap platform heels emerged. ”Oh geesh...” She admired them before setting them aside. Underneath the dress was another box. Abby opened the box and found some beautiful black lingerie inside. Mason is really going all the way with this...

Right at the bottom of the box was a small jewelry box. ”No he didn't...” But he had. Inside the box was a beautiful necklace and a matching ring. ”Oh my god. Oh my god....” Abby cheered. Shaking her head in amazement. ”This calls for a day at the salon....” Abby reached for the phone and headed for her bedroom. Tomorrow is going to be soooo much fun.

* * * * *

Saturday evening. Abby was ready. More than ready even. She'd spend most of her Friday at the salon. Getting everything done. Nails. Hair. Waxing. Damn, that hurts! And with everything that Mason had bought her, she looked like a vision. She was now sitting on the couch, waiting nervously for his call. It was 7:50pm. And Abby decided to head downstairs, she wanted to be ready when he rang. At the door she stopped. Come to think of it... I don't want him to think I'm desperate or something... She turned on her heel to head back into the living room. 7:57pm. ”What happened with time flying?!” she wondered out loud. 7:58pm. Butterflies raged a war inside of her body. She stared at the clock, willing it go faster. 7:59pm. And then finally it was 8:00pm. Her door bell rang. Mason. Abby grabbed her purse and headed for the door. She pressed the button to let him in as she headed for the elevator. She knew he would be waiting for her downstairs.

Abby saw him standing there, leaning casually against the car as she walked into the lobby of her apartment building. Oh wow, handsome man... Abby subconsciously licked her lips as she strolled through the lobby towards the door.

Her outfit...
Dress, shoes, hair, lingerie.

From his vantage point outside, Mason had a clear view of the elevator through the double doors of the apartment building Abby called home. Even though he knew what he'd sent her, he was smitten by her appearance as the elevator doors opened. She looked incredibly beautiful and he was actually proud of himself that she was wearing the complete outfit. Well, at least I assume it's the complete outfit..., Mason thought. Her step was surprisingly confident, considering the height of the heels she was wearing.

He pushed himself away from his car and walked to the door, reaching it before Abby and opening it for her. With a bow he guided her through the door. "Good evening madam. Can I just say, you look exquisite tonight." And she did. He could see that she had taken enormous effort into making herself look this good, noticing instantly that her hair and nails were meticulously done. She wasn't wearing a lot of make-up as far as he could see, instead having chosen for a light pink lip balm to draw attention to her lips and maybe some mascara - or had her eyelashes been so voluminous last time too? He couldn't remember. He caught himself staring at her lips when she walked past him. He longed to kiss them again, as succulent and warm as they had been last time.

He released the door and it fell back in its frame with a soft click. Abby had taken a few steps ahead of him and looked back. She made a swirl to let him see the full extent of his present, which was money well spent. Even though money wasn't really an issue for Mason, he still took good care of his finances and had to justify every expense to himself. With this one, he had absolutely no issue justifying it. Even if her decision would be to not choose for Mason in any way, he still had ripped her dress and felt obliged to replace it. He considered that debt paid in full.

He led her to the passengers seat of his bright red Lyonheart. He drove multiple cars for multiple occasions, but tonight he had chosen the sports car for numerous reasons. Not that he needed to impress Abby, doubting she would be anyway. She just didn't seem the type of girl that would be impressed by an expensive car. But the colour matched the colour of her dress exactly, which he thought was a nice touch. As they had to travel over the highway for a bit, 150 miles per hour would get them there quicker than a city car. This car was part of his British heritage. He had had it imported especially, as the cars were not sold on the regular market. And it was just a nice ride with very comfortable seats.

Closing the door for her after she'd sat down, he walked around the car and sat down in the drivers seat. The engine roared in anticipation as he turned the key and pressed the gas pedal a few times to wake it up. Putting his hand on the clutch, he looked to his left and found Abby was looking around. "Are you ready, miss Richardson?"

Masons Car, but then in red

Abby smiled when Mason opened the door for her, and a blush spread across her cheeks when he told her she looked exquisite. ”Thank you, sir. Might I say that you've got excellent taste.” she said. In every field it seems... Her heart started to race as her nose caught a whiff of his cologne. She closed her eyes for a moment and filled her lunges with the scent of him. I didn't realize how much I've missed him, until now...

When he came back towards her, Abby turned on her heels to show herself off. She loved the way his eyes seemed to devour her. Undressing her on the spot. How she wished he would. How she wished he would turn her around and march back to her apartment. We could skip dinner altogether and go straight for desert. Abby subconsciously bit her lip as her eyes locked onto his. She could sense that similar thoughts were crossing Mason's mind. How I wish you would...

Being the true gentleman as he was, Mason opened the car door and helped Abby step into the car. She was a beauty. Bright red, in what appeared to be the same color as her dress. Coincidence? Or planned...? Abby doubted Mason left anything to chance, let alone the color of a car. She figured that, if he had control over it. He'd surely work it to his advantage. ”Thank you.” As he closed the door behind her, Abby took a moment to look at him. He was looking so handsome and sexy in his dark blue suit. The silver tie was a nice touch as were the stunning cufflinks. Very classy. Very Mason.

”This is a very sexy car, Mason. I like it.” Abby said as she ran her hand over the side door panels. ”The color is exquisite.” When he asked if she was ready Abby nodded. Instead of answering, she placed her hand over his hand and leaned over the clutch. Her lips found his and pressed against them softly. She playfully bit into his lower lip, before releasing it and pulling back. ”I am.”

Mason drove through town at a leisurely pace. He was itching to get to the restaurant they were headed, but speeding tickets were not his favourite type of mail to receive. Their destination was a fair few miles outside main stream Vancouver, and once they cleared the commercial district he took the highway #1 north bound. He put his foot down and had them racing past houses and trees alike, with the mountains a steady fixture on the background of their view.

Twenty minutes they sped along before Mason let his foot slip off the gas and had them slow down to a more acceptable pace. He took exit 2 from the BC-99 N and reluctantly kept to the speed limit as they winded their way over Eagleridge and Marine Drive. After a short drive he pulled up in the parking lot of a golf course.

Larson Station Restaurant was situated at the Gleneagles golf course. It had been closed to the public for a while now, due to some greedy manager who put thought his mistresses were more important than his work. The council had decided to sack him and start looking for a replacement. Mason had actually considered applying for the position, but with Sophie due to leave and him not having a replacement for her in time, he had decided against it. For now, anyway.

The location was amazing, at the outskirts of a large golf course and very close to Whytecliff Park, both giving ample opportunities for long strolls, good talks and romantic evenings. The building itself was maintained by the council, whom also made sure that there was staff available for already booked functions. As he knew the chef, he had known that there was a 75th wedding anniversary being celebrated at the restaurant tonight and he had arranged for a private table for two to be added to the guest list.

He led Abby to the door and was greeted by a big, bulky man, both in length as well as circumference. Wearing a typical chefs attire, the stained white formed a stark contrast with the dark brown skin. In a thick African accent he welcomed them both. "Abby, may I introduce you to Bongani Kruger, or Boni for short. He is one of the best chefs I know and he refuses to come and work for me. So I have to bring us here to enjoy his masterful skills until I can persuade him." He gave Boni a slap on his shoulder as he added "Or maybe I just have to buy this place too, aye?" They both laughed as he led Abby and Mason to an empty room with one set table, overlooking the beautiful scenery this area of Canada had to offer.

Abby enjoyed watching the landscape rush by as Mason steered them out of the city and onto the highway. When she was sure he wasn't watching, Abby turned her head a little to look at Mason. She studied his features, observed him when he appeared to be oblivious of her wandering eyes. I wonder what's hiding behind those mysterious eyes... A desire stirred in the pit of her stomach. She longed to caress his face, tangle her fingers in his hair and press her lips to his with passion and enthusiasm. But she knew she's have to wait. For I don't know how long.

Right before he slowed the car down, Mason caught Abby's gaze. She kept her eyes on him as her hands fidgeted with her purse. ”Busted...” He focused back on the road and took the exit. ”So we're nearly here then...” Abby figured, glancing out the window.

Mason stopped the car and got out, rushing to Abby's side to open the door and help her out. ”Thank you.” Abby took a moment to absorb her surroundings. ”This place looks amazing. I love the location... so much open space. Very nice.”

They went inside and where greeted by a man the size of a brown bear. Normally Abby would be instantly intimidated. But with Mason at her side, she could concur the world. ”It's nice to meet you Mister Kruger.” Abby said, shaking the man's hand. ”You must love working here. This place is amazing...”

The inside of the restaurant was as nicely dressed up as the outside was. ”You've outdone yourself Mason.” Abby said as they sat down at the table. The view through the window was incredible. Abby gazed at it dreamily for a moment. Then let her eyes drift over the restaurant's interior before settling on her handsome company. ”Thank you for tonight. For your presents, you've been very generous. And this place. It's perfect.”

"You are most welcome, Abby. I did owe you a dress, and what is a dress without any accessories right?" He looked at her and smiled. "And it looks so much better on you than it would ever do on me." Again his attention got drawn to her lips. How I long to kiss those gorgeous lips. To feel them caress my body. But, that will have to wait. Dinner first.

A waiter appeared at their table to take their order. He ordered a sparkling water for himself and let Abby decide her own drink. "The chef knows what we'll be having tonight. Thank you Peter." He said as the waiter turned around to the kitchen.

When he left, Mason started the conversation with some small talk. He had made a trip to her college a couple of days ago to speak to one of Abby's teachers, just to get some information on her as a person and as a singer. That trip had yielded him no news what so ever, as he had never made it past the dance instructor down the second hall.

He was genuinely interested in Abby as a person, so he asked about her passions and her interests, about school and jobs, friends and family. In the meantime, Peter had supplied them with drinks and refills and had served their first course, which they had enjoyed without breaking their conversation.

Losing track of time, they were interrupted by the waiter clearing his throat. The square white plates he was holding were beautifully arranged with honey glazed duck breast and pickled root vegetables, dressed with a grapefruit and ginger sauce. He asked the waiter which drink he would recommend to accompany the dish and was pleased to find out he knew his combinations well when he returned with a bottle of Rioja, a full bodied dark red wine which savoury taste paired well with the wild flavour of the duck. "Well, that looks incredibly delicious. Tuck in and enjoy!"

In between bites, Mason realised that he had asked a lot of questions but had not really given Abby any chance to give the conversation her own twist. "Is there anything that you want to tell me? Or ask of me?"

Abby loved answering the Mason's asked her. They told her that he was genuinely interested in who she was. And proved once more that, to him, she was more than a piece of fuckable meat. He wanted to find out everything he could about her. Unlike some of the assholes I've dated... Mason is different. She looked at him from across the table. Her eyes drinking in the sight of him. So much different...

”...I guess I always knew I wanted to be a singer. My mom tells stories about me being three or four years old, performing for her and daddy in the living room. With a hair brush for a microphone and being wrapped in one of my mothers pretty dresses. There's picture. It was very cute.” she told him, as she went on to describe her childhood. It was a happy one. Abby grew up with an older brother who enlisted in the army when she was 15 or 16 years old. She worshiped him and he adored her. Her father held a good job which allowed her mother to stay home with her children. ”I wanted for nothing. But I learned that work hard. People respect you when you work hard. And in the end it almost always pays off. Nothing comes easy.” Abby said, ”My parents raised me with high standards and good values. I was told to respect my elders and that when you treat someone with respect, it comes back to you. And so far so good...” Well, sort of...

For a moment Abby's mind flashed back to that night when she ran into Kaleb. She hadn't know his name at the time, but she figured it out eventually. Abby had finished a very good performance at a bar but made the stupid mistake of crossing through the park on her way home. A man had pinned her down and raped her. It was horrible. Don't think about it. Forget. Please make me forget. She reached for her glass and downed it in one long drink. She shook it off and glanced up at Mason, hoping he hadn't noticed her change in demeanor. ”I have a hand full of good friends. One of whom actually told me a bit about your line of work...” Thanks Mia. A waiter came and refilled her glass. A lovely red wine that smelled wonderfully and made Abby feel warm and giddy. It made Abby relax and that's just what she needed.

The same waiter returned with their plates. ”Oh wow, that smells amazing. Thank you.” she gave the waiter a sweet smile before looking at Mason. ”Enjoy.” She cut into the duck and tasted it. ”Oh wow... this is really good.” She picked up her glass and took another sip.

Abby chewed on a piece of duck when Mason asked if there was anything she wanted to know about him. How about... everything?! ”I do actually. I wonder... but I'm not sure it it's an appropriate topic to discuss over dinner.” But then she figured at some point during this evening, Mason was going to ask her if she had thought some more about the choice he had given her. And since her curiosity was directly tied to that choice. She decided everything was appropriate. ”What was it like... for you, I mean... to be in my position? Because I assume it started similar to how things are starting for me now...”

"That's not inappropriate at all." Well, yes it was. But then again, given the circumstances, it wasn't really. Mason pondered his reply and then decided to tell the truth.

"My start was very much different. My dad was very... strict I should say. Not in an abusive kind of way, at least, not towards me. He commanded respect, from everyone. He would praise me when I had been good, but punish me when I hadn't." He elaborated in a host of examples where his father had rewarded him or bought him presents when he had helped out his mother around the house. Later he had taken him to things like the cinema or concerts when he had achieved good results at school, sports or any other kind of competition. He also told about occasions where he had disappointed his father, on which he was reprimanded in different ways. In his younger years this consisted of the taking away of liberties, later he would be grounded or not receive pocket money. Only once his father had been physical in his punishment. "I deserved that one. I was playing football in our yard and had accidentally kicked the ball against my dads car. It wasn't a hard shot, but it still made a dent in his car. He told me to stop playing football and go to my room. I think I was eleven back then and being the hot headed boy in puberty, I defied him. Worse, I kicked the ball again. On purpose and a bit harder. He didn't really react the way I anticipated, merely telling me again to go to my room. Then I got the ball, put it down and shot it at him like Wayne Rooney would take a penalty. I missed his head by an inch, but hit him in the shoulder. I have never seen him so angry and I've never been so scared in my life."

His mother was completely different. "She was always so gentle. Praising and correcting me in her own way. She was full of love, always wanting to hug or kiss, hold hands and later hook her arm in mine as we were going somewhere. She still does actually." His mother was very pretty and he always felt privileged to escort her somewhere. Even at over fifty, her striking appearance still managed to turn heads wherever they went. The both of them would go out on occasion, visiting ballrooms in the area for a night of dancing. More than once they were mistaken for lovers, which Mason thought was an honour. "The way she'd tuck me in at night, or stroke me during a hug... I felt loved. There's something special in a way a mature woman can do that, how she can make me feel. When I was seventeen, I fell in love with a married woman. She was forty three, a successful business woman and my mentor at a work experience place I was working. She treated me with respect, but was also strict. She reminded me of my dad in a lot of ways."

Elena... She had been his first woman. She had introduced him to love, to sex, and to getting what he wanted. He could not deny her anything she wished for. If he did, he would be punished. She would ignore him or give him menial tasks to do. The longer he worked for her, the more 'severe' her punishments would become. Sending him home early without pay, pointing out mistakes in front of his colleagues, not sleeping with him but telling him how hard she had let her husband fuck her instead. He felt the last one was always the most degrading she could get. After the work placement had finished they had hooked up once more, but it just wasn't the same. They had just been a mature woman and a young boy fucking around. It felt dirty, as opposed to empowering or satisfying.

"What I thought was love, ended up to be a way for her to control me, and for me to recreate the feeling my mother gave me, but then on a more intimate level. It had nothing to do with love, but just with getting what we both wanted. After her, I have never had a girlfriend in the traditional sense of the word. Love just... It had cheated on me, so to speak. It got replaced by something else. Lust, control, obedience... "

Their plates had been empty for a while, but they were so intent on each other that the waiter had not dared to interrupt. He had now sensed a lull in the conversation and silently cleared the plates. "Please tell Boni that was magnificent, Peter. Could you bring the lovely lady here a refill on her wine? And I'll have another sparkling water please. Oh, and don't bring out the desserts just yet, I think we could use a little breather."

Abby listened intently as Mason shared his story. He was right. It was quite different from her own. “It sounds like you had a happy and healthy childhood.” she concluded. “It's good to be loved like that. It builds character and provides a loving start. My mother was similar to yours. Very loving.” Abby sipped her wine and smiled when the waiter came to refill her glass.

When Mason went on to talk about the older woman, Abby felt anger bubbling up inside of him. The idea of someone treating him like that, make her feel jealous and angry. “I'm so sorry to hear that. What a horrible person!” Abby felt outraged, “She ruined your perception of love.” He told her love had cheated on him. She cheated on you. Love had nothing to do with it.” Abby felt her heart break for the younger Mason. Without thinking, she pushed back her seat and got up. Rushing towards him and wrapping her arms around his neck. “I feel so bad for you...” She nuzzled his neck for a moment before kissing his cheek.

The arrival of the waiter forced Abby back into her seat. “No more wine for me, thank you.” Abby said, smiling to the waiter. “Can we go outside? Get some air...” She felt she couldn't breath, needing to clear her head. And wanted to get him out of there.

The feeling of Abby on his lap, pulled Mason out if his storytelling mode. He thought back once more to the boy he was back then, pondering the journey he had travelled since then. "I turned out okay, didn't I?, he said when she walked back to her seat.

"I think I could use a breath of fresh air too", he admitted. They got up from their chairs and he offered his arm as they walked towards the double doors at the far end of their dining hall. Mason opened one of them for Abby to walk through and positioned a chair so the door couldn't fall shut before stepping out into the open himself. He took a few deep breaths. "Don't you just love the outdoors? Come on beautiful, let's go for a stroll."

Mason knew this area well. He came here on a regular basis, although the company was rarely as good - or good looking - as is was tonight. Mostly business lunches or family gatherings and an occasional council meeting. After those had finished, he would always go out on his own and walk over the greens and into the surrounding forests. Tonight would be different. Not only would it be the first time he would be sharing a walk with a woman here, he also couldn't venture off the beaten track. Trotting around between trees and bushes in 5 inch heels didn't seem like a good idea to Mason. Although, having to carry her did sound appealing...

They stuck to the gravel while they went their way over the golf course. It was deserted as they strolled along and all they could see was the rise and fall of the grassy hills. Sandy paths meandered their way through the green sea. "I didn't see her as horrible to be honest. She saw an opportunity and used it. When she didn't need me any more for her pleasure, she ditched me. It's very business minded, but she also applied her business strategy to her personal life. I learned a lot from her and a few of the things I apply to my own business now." Mason tried to see things from Abby's perspective and he could imagine that she would see this as a strange or offending way of doing business. It was how he rolled into it and it had stuck with him. "That's probably why I handle my staff the way I do. I don't treat them all the same way by the way. Everybody is different and has a unique personality. But all of them are offered a two-year contract and know what their tasks and responsibilities are. I have not yet fired anyone before the two years are over, and I tend to keep it that way."

Abby smiled softly and stroked his face, “Yes. You turned out quite nicely.” I still can't help feeling bad for him. No one should treat another person like that... it's not right. She felt sorry for the younger Mason but felt anger towards the older woman who had taken advantage of him and treated him so poorly. Ever if he did consent... and even if he liked it... it's not right.

She took his arm and leaned into him a little as they walked through the restaurant. It was good to be outside. Abby closed her eyes for a moment, taking in the sounds and filling her lunges with clean forest air. “This place is amazing. Thank you again for taking me here.” she said, genuinely thankful for this lovely night out.

They wandered around the ground, Mason talked and Abby listened. “To me it sounds like she was the older woman who should have known better. Who took advantage of a vulnerable man like yourself. She molded him into whatever she wanted, then used him and tossed him aside when she got bored.” For a moment she stopped, looking at him and titling her head to the side. Would it be like that for us? Will you toss me aside when you get bored with me? Abby bit her lip to keep the question from coming out. She had a pretty good idea of what he wanted, or at least.. she thought she did. I need to know what he's got in mind for me...

“So tell me more about this choice of mine...” Abby turned around so that she was standing in front of him. “Because... I want to say yes.” But I don't know what I'm getting myself into...

"Your choices..." It had been a long time since he had such a pleasant evening away from the office that he had nearly forgotten about the reason he had whisked her away to this remote haven. "There are basically two options. I will try to explain them both to you to the best of my abilities, but I fear the second option might be better explained in the privacy of my home." He had no doubt about Abby coming back to his place after dinner. Based on her trying to contact him several times the past week, spending the better part of two days in salons and beauty treatment, making sure she looked ready to be devoured and the mind blowing orgasms that they had shared last week, there was no way she was going to go home.

"The first options is fairly simple. I've seen you perform, you are good. You have a very nice personality, a beautiful voice and extensive repertoire. The crowd was very pleased with you, and so was I. I could hire you on numerous occasions, mostly weekends. The pay is good and you are not tied to me nor my restaurant, so you are free to decline a gig. You can collect your earnings at the end of the night from my floor manager and leave, or come up to my office and receive your payment there." He didn't need to explain the implications of her coming up to his office at the end of the night, as he was sure she would guess them. Then again, this was not important, as he was sure that the first option was just there to provide a choice. Her mind was set on what was to come next. She was too curious not to.

"Now, the second option is a more permanent tie. You will enter my service for exactly two years. You will be trained in any part of the hospitality business that you would like to learn, while also being able to explore your entertainers career too. I will offer you any training or guidance you will require or request. Your wage will be decent and you will share in the tips that guests give." At this stage, Mason knew his offer was a good one. Not many business would offer such a position with offers for studies, a good wage and a share of the tip. The rest of the offer was the truly unique part.

"I have explained to you the way I run my business. I demand respect and obedience, to the point of defying regular social values. I will respect you and your body as long as you adhere to me. I will play with and please you when I feel like it and you will not be able to deny me. I will also have you play with me and please me when I feel like it. With good behaviour, you can earn treats or ask favours." While he was explaining this to Abby, he looked her straight in her eyes to deduce whether she would require more explanation. He had guessed her to be an inquisitive girl and so far, she had not disappointed him. But she also liked to take risks, otherwise she had not come out here with him, looking like she did.

As they walked a little further, something suddenly dawned on him. She knows Mia. The girls were friends and, knowing Mia, she would have invited Abby to her home for some girly nights. Abby has seen the pictures. I wonder whether she realises that I took some of them? I bet the little minx introduced this woman here to some ropes, that's why she came to me. Mason made a mental note to thank Mia for providing him with such a beautiful new apprentice. For now, he was going to keep that information to himself. "Now, you have seen some of the artwork in my office and we've discussed my tastes last time, so you might expect that I'm not the go to guy for straight forward sex. I will introduce you to a whole new world of lust and passion. I will let you experience the most intense orgasms you can not even begin to imagine and I will surprise you at random times with preposterous orders or requests. I will push against the limits of your imagination and cross boundaries like they never existed."

By the way Abby's breathing got heavy, Mason could tell she was interested in what he was telling her. Not just interested, it was turning her on. This is going very well so far. He was pleased at the course tonight was taking and stopped talking for a while to give Abby's mind time to get to grips with what he had elaborated.

Abby listened as Mason explained the first option. That sounds good....I'd always have his place to fall back on if I was out of work for a while... “I loved singing at the wedding. The people where really nice. And yes, afterward you paid me handsomely. The atmosphere at the restaurant is amazing. The staff are all professionals, and now I know why...” ...because you all trained them one by one. The payment she had received at the end of the night had been enough to cover rent for at least two months. Mason, and the father of the bride, had rewarded her plenty. A few gigs like that a month and she could stop searching for a day job. So that sounded nice. Safe. No strings attached. But Abby wanted strings... lots of them. Mia had shown her that. Hmm Mia, thank you... she thought with a sexy grin.

But then there was the other option. The one she really wanted. Not so safe. But with a secure income and an additional education, should she decide she wanted that. The twinkle in Mason's eyes was undeniable, as he explained her second option. Abby hung at his every word. You'll play with me when you feel like it... and I won't be able to deny you? How can that be wrong? She shivered at the idea of being at his disposal, all the time. Expected to please him whenever he felt like it, without refusal.

She raised an eyebrow as he said 'preposterous orders or requests'. “Preposterous requests? Like what...?” She had no idea what to make of that. Abby was good at crossing boundaries and pushing limits. So that should be fun. “Do we discuss what I am willing to do...or not do?” Because there were definitely some things she wouldn't do. That seriously creeped her out. Surely Mason would take that into account...?

"What you are not willing to do will be taken into account. At first. By the end of the two years, there should be nothing that you wouldn't be willing to do any more. You will be able to please any man without scruples. Unless it is something that I cannot teach you in a way that you are willing to do it. More so, you will love doing it, because I taught you. It will give you a sense of pride, as you will have beaten your old self. You will look back at yourself two years prior and think: what a prude I was back then, and you will laugh at yourself." There had been many examples of women who had not wanted to do something. In the end, he never failed to get them to do it anyway. Thinking back at his last meeting with Sophie, he found the perfect example.

"Take Sophie, for example. When she entered my service, she wasn't as sexually minded as she is now. At our first meeting, she confessed she had never had a cock in her mouth for more then a couple of seconds. Licking it or sucking the head she was okay with, but as soon as the pre cum would appear, she'd pull back and refuse to get her mouth near it." That had been true. She was adamant that Mason would never get his blow job from her and that, for that reason alone, she couldn't enter his service.

"I taught her to start enjoying sucking a man's cock. Mine, to be exact, but it will serve her well with any guy. It took me a while, but in the end she would beg me to cum into her mouth. She still wasn't fond of the taste, but she felt so powerful just by being able to keep me into her mouth while I would be blowing my load, it made up for everything." And that was the truth too. She had once described it as that her mouth had been transformed from an exit for smart remarks to an entry for hard cocks, and she loved it.

They had continued strolling along and had reached the far end of the course, signalled by some benches and pick nick tables. "As for the preposterous requests..." Mason sat down at one of the tables with is back leaning against the table. His hands moved towards his crotch, calmly opening his belt and flies. He reached inside his boxers and pulled out his hardening cock. "Preposterous like I want you to come sit down on my lap right now."

So he really thought he could make her do all the things that freaked her out? Or the stuff that made her gag just by thinking about it? Oh Mason, you're in for a surprise... or a challenge. One, I'm sure, he'll gracefully accept... Abby smiled to herself a little, no -- she wasn't going to give in that easily. There were certain things she just wouldn't do. I guess that means punishment... which I'll happily accept.

When Mason told her more about Sophie, Abby's eyes widened in surprise. “Really? I never would have thought...” her voice trailed off as she recalled the sophisticated woman that was Sophie. That's quite surprising to hear... wow. Okay. With all that being said... I can't promise I'll obey your orders... Abby made an icky face when Mason said Sophie's happily allow him to cum in her mouth. “Eeww, that's one of mine. Never. Too gross.”

Mason stopped and sat down at one of the pick nick tables. You want WHAT?! Here?! Her mouth fell open in surprise when he began to open up his pants. His request was simple and by the looks of his cock, he was ready for her. “Right now?” Abby glanced around to see if anyone was watching. But they appeared to be alone. For a second or two she thought about it. This is it. Take it or leave it. Without a word she placed her clutch on the pick nick table behind him. “If that is what you want, sir...” A seductive grin played at her lips as she lifted up her skirt. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her undies and pulled them down her legs. Leaning on his shoulder for support, Abby took off her panties and laid them on the bench next to him.

For a moment she simply stared at him. Her eyes filled with lust and her body full of desire. Abby turned her back to him, pulling her hair away from her shoulder so she could see him. Then she leaned back, placed her hands on his leg and lowered herself onto his lap. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed his cock. It was nice and hard now, just the way she liked it. “Are you ready for me, sir?” With a sexy smile on her lips and her eyes locked on his, Abby lowered her body and shuddered in delight as his hard cock entered. "You are." She moaned and pushed herself down as far as she could. Perfection.

Mason placed his hands flat on her thighs as she started to sit down on his lap. "Of course I'm ready. I'm sitting here waiting for you t..." His next words stuck in his mouth as he felt Abby's velvet inside wrap itself around him. Like a glove. What a perfect fit. He felt his body warm up as the full length of the shaft disappeared inside her. He wasn't surprised by how wet she had already gotten, he had expected nothing less.

Somehow Mason needed to stay relatively cool, even if it was just to keep up appearances after the conversation they had been having for the past couple of hours. "See, Abby? There we are, out in the open. You have taken off your panties and are now sitting on my lap like a good girl, with my hard cock buried inside you. Do you feel the fresh air breezing past your naked thighs? Have you ever experienced this before?" The confident teacher was pretty sure that his disciple would answer in the negative. It took all his strength to keep his composure as she started to rock her hips, grinding it in his lap and swirling it around.

From his position, he had an excellent view of his new addition to his collection of girls. Her dress riding up, the high heeled shoes in the grass, her brown hair falling over her shoulders and her eyes half closed from delight while looking back at him. This here, this moment in time, it sealed the deal. She might have some more questions for him later, but he was sure they would be insignificant details in the grand scheme of things. Sitting down now was her way of telling him she wanted more. More than just an irregular performance at his restaurant with a fuck to boot. She wanted to be trained, wanted to find purpose and gain respect. Mostly, she wanted to submit, to be controlled and dominated. And he sensed something else too. She wants more. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something else she is longing for. He pondered his realisation as he placed his hands underneath her ass and lifted her off him. Not coming to a conclusive answer, he resided. I will find out what it is, miss Richardson. I will promise you that. And if I can help it, I will fulfil your longing.

"That’s enough for now, Abby." He tucked his manhood back into his trousers and picked the grey panties of the bench. He let the soft material slide through his fingers before bending down and opening them up, offering Abby an easy way to slip back into them. "There you go madam. We can't have you walk around with only half of a beautiful lingerie set decorating your body now, can we?" Then he got up and waited for Abby to straighten herself out. Realising that by now they'd spend the better part of this day together and had just had a fleeting moment of intimacy, another thought came to mind. Well, we can't have that either, he thought as he cupped the gorgeous brunettes face with both hands and covered her lips with his.

Abby arched her back and threw her head back, eyes closed. Enjoying the feeling. The gentle breeze that played with her hair. Caressed her legs, giving her goosebumps. She rocked her body back and forth, loving the feeling of his cock inside of her. Hearing his words, Abby opened her eyes and glanced around. ”No never, this is my first time outdoors.” She knew he liked hearing that. Being her first in yet another thing. “I love it. It's exhilarating. And it feels so naughty. The idea of getting caught is a thrill.”

A moan escaped her lips as she dug her heels into the grass and picked up the pace a little. This moment right now is perfect. If this is his idea of preposterous... then it won't be so... “Hey!” Mason's hands grabbed her butt and lifted her up and off his cock. Abby immediately felt empty and abandoned. “Why...”

She watched Mason take her panties and crouching down at her feet. This more like it... Abby parted her lips in anticipation, hoping for more. But instead, Mason held out her panties so that she could step back into them. Hmm not what I expected... She leaned a hand on her shoulder and followed his lead. Abby had only just finished straightening herself out, when Mason drew her in and kissed her lips. She moaned into his mouth and slipped her arms around his neck. Her body molded against his, feeling his hard cock pressing against her through their clothing. I love these lips... When he drew back, he left her breathless. “You are such a good kisser...” Abby took a deep breath in an attempt to get her heartbeat and breathing under control. She wondered was next as her hand caressed the side of his face. “Maybe we could go back inside and have some dessert?” Oh I know... can I be dessert?

"Let's do that." He offered her his arm and they strolled back to the restaurant. He looked to his right and noticed that even with the ridiculously high heels, he was still slightly taller than her. Along the way they where mostly silent, apart from the occasional "That looks like a nice picnic spot" or "Look, a squirrel!" They found the door was still jammed as they got back and walked back to their table. Mason helped Abby back in her seat and then sat down himself.

"Well, that was a nice walk. Thank you for joining me. What would you like to do after dessert? Have you got plans tonight, do I need to drop you off somewhere?" The question was rhetorical. He knew that her plans were probably the same as his. Home. His home, to be precise. He wasn't sure how he would proceed once they would walk through the door. So many possibilities...

After a few minutes, Peter appeared with their desserts. Even though it looked exquisite and delicious as the previous courses, it didn't hold the same charm. He wanted to spice it up somehow and was debating inwardly on how to get Abby to play her part. Because if he had lost his appetite, he was sure she would have had as well. He had sensed that the short interlude outside wasn't nearly enough for her and was curious as to how she would handle that disappointment. Maybe the public display they had just had, had wetted her appetite for some more daring escapades.

He flashed her an innocent smile. "Are you enjoying afters, Abby?"

The moment Abby sat back in her chair, she reached for her water glasses and drank it down in one long drink. “Being outside has made me thirsty.” And horny. Because dear God in heaven, that was hot! “You're very welcome, Mason. We should get out more often.”

Mason asked if she had any plans after dessert. Abby smiled and shook her head. “No plans. I am all yours.” The look on her face should tell him enough. Their little outside adventure had left Abby longing for more. Her skin craved to be touched. Her heartbeat raced at the thought of being alone with him.

The waiter came back with their desserts. “Thank you.” Abby stared at her plate and picked up a tiny spoon. She glanced at Mason, smiled shyly and scooped up a little ice cream. With her eyes on his face, focused on his lip, she brought the spoon to her mouth and ate the ice cream off. It really was a shame. Such a beautiful dessert and Abby couldn't even identify the flavors that toyed with her taste pallets. All she could think of was him. The tone of Mason's voice told her he was up to something. “This is... nice. But I've had better...” Please offer me something better...

The way she emphasized all yours made Mason smile. "Then I will take you home with me. You will stay the night." The look on her face was priceless. Hot and bothered, seductive. She didn't need to seduce him at all, he already had plans for her, far beyond the combination of sweet vanilla ice cream with a tangy raspberry sauce they were forcing down first. Just don't expect too much sleep...

After Peter came to take away the half eaten desserts, he offered them a round of coffee or tea after, which Mason gracefully declined. "Places to go, people to see", he said as he gave Abby a cheeky wink. This was his game. The flirting, the upper class dining and the fast cars. Naughty strolls through quiet public places. Taking a beautiful woman home with him to play... And play we will!

On the way out he popped his head in the kitchen. The chef was busy dishing up vegetables enough to feed an army and barely noticed Mason entering his domain. "No guests in the kitchen please!" He shouted. "I'm a chef, not a bloody magician! It'll come out when it's ready!" Amused by the bulky mans outbreak, he opened the door completely and leaned against the door post. "Now now Mister Kruger, that is no way to talk to your future employer now, is it?" Upon seeing Mason, Boni dropped the cast iron spoon, which landed back in the pan with a big clang. In two big strides he reached the door and took Masons hand. "Your offers are still not sound enough Mason, and you know it! Buy this place and you'll get me for free." "I know Boni, but not yet. Soon. Dinner was lovely as usual, very nice surprises there." Again they shook hands and as the chef returned to his dishes, Mason offered his arm to Abby and escorted her back to his car.

Reaching the car, he didn't open the door for her like he had done on the way there. Instead, he swirled her around, wrapped his left arm around her shoulders for leverage and grabbed the back of her head with his hand, pushing her face against his and planting his lips on hers. His right hand disappeared under her dress, snaking two fingers inside the soft and moist panties. Finding no resistance, he slid them straight up her waiting wet pussy as his tongue entered her willing mouth.

Abby had to stop herself from cheerfully clapping her hands, when Mason told her she's stay with him all night. All night... hmm... I can only imagine the things we can do.... She finished her dessert as quickly as she could, without spilling anything on her dress. God help me if he finds a stain on another dress... She chuckled at her thoughts and smiled at the waiter who took the plates away.

After a quick visit to the kitchen, they were on their way out. Finally! We're getting out of here! Abby reached for Mason's hand as they rushed down the corridor to the exit. By the time they got to the car, all of Abby's senses were on edge. Her body shivers in anticipation of what was to come once they got home. But Mason stopped dead in his tracks. He didn't open the door as she was expecting him to do. Instead she was spun around, grabbed and with force he covered her mouth with his lips. “Hmmm....” Her hands went up to his neck, pushing her body closer to his.

A moan escaped her lips when she felt Mason's hand sneak underneath her dress. Her heartbeat increased when said hand snuck into her panties. Oh god... Abby gasped in surprise when she felt his fingers enter her. She moaned into his mouth and held onto him for support. We're gonna get caught!! “Mason.” Abby pulled her face away from his, locking her eyes on his. “We can't do this. Not here...” Her eyes pleaded with his as he fucked her with his fingers. “Oh god, stop...hmm... not here...” Her voice was barely above a whisper. She wanted to push away from him. But his strong hand kept her in place.

"Of course we can do this, even here." His mouth zoned in on her neck and started kissing the exposed skin. He had to admit, the dress was pretty. He was a big fan of dresses which either had a shred of decency about them, like this one, or a strapless dress. He didn't like spaghetti straps, they looked cheap most of the time. Strapless dresses needed to be long. Tonight's dress was supposed to be short and until now it had served it's purpose very well. Let's see what else we can do with it.

It was getting dark and they were parked at the far end of the parking lot. The party inside the building was still in full swing and the chance of anyone stumbling upon the horny couple after a romantic dinner was remote. Still, what he was planning was rather daring, especially since the average age of the party people was well over sixty and at that age you don't party all night long. That didn't stop him, it actually made it all the more appealing. Yes my dear, we can most certainly do this here. This, and more.

His lips started a slow and steady descent, trailing along the lines of the fabric and heading for the ending point of the V. Sucking in the rise of Abby's breast, he considered taking her right here. He could easily turn her around, spread her legs and penetrate her. I bet that would shock her real good. Instead, he continued his descent past the V, trailing his lips over the smooth fabric. Two hands had lifted up the hem of her dress and revealed her panties, which he deftly pulled aside. Before Abby actually realised what was going on, Mason grabbed both her hands and pushed them against the car. Kneeling down, he buried his face between her legs and enveloped her clit into his mouth in one suck. With his tongue he licked from as far as it could reach back to the front, tasting her juices. A mixture of old and new, as the excitement from the picnic table had almost quieted down and was replaced with new feelings of lust, excitement and, he imagined, a little fear.

Abby's eyes grew wide with shock. She did not see this coming. Sure, he had mentioned preposterous ideas earlier. But this? Here? Surely he's joking... hmm oh fuck, it doesn't feel like he is... “Mason, no...please...ohgod...” Her body was betraying her, her knees grew weaker and she had to hold onto him with all her power. It was wrong, he shouldn't... but at the same time, it felt so right. Lust coursed through her body without restraint. Abby wanted him. Wanted this. Her body did. Her mind was screaming bloody murder.

When his fingers finally slipped away from her pussy, Abby released a sigh of relief. “Thank you, I...” she began, her words cut off by Mason's lips trailing down her body. Kissing and sucking on her skin as they went. “Mason...” Instead of stopping, he was going lower. His hands made quick work of her undies, pulling them aside. “Mason! No.” Her voice was shrill, piercing the quiet night. She clawed at his hands, tried to push his face away. Stop him from going further. But he was stronger. His hands clamped around hers like cuffs, pinning them against the car. “Mason...” No more than a whimper escaped her mouth. Abby gasped when his mouth covered her clit. Oh god... Her eyes flew open and she threw her head back, releasing a loud moan. “Oh fuck...” Ever since their last meeting, Abby had wondered what it would feel like to have Mason's tongue playing with her. She longed for it. But not like this. Not here.

With her hands pinned down, Abby had nowhere to go. She tried to push his face away with her hips, but all that accomplished was give Mason better access to her dripping wet pussy. Behind her, she could hear the laughter and music coming from the restaurant. Oh dear God, keep them inside... don't let them see...

Power. Control. Lust. Three things Mason had plenty of at the moment. The force with which Abby pushed herself against his face was more than he had given her credit for. I guess being cornered brings out her strong side. He was torn between only a little teasing now and rushing home to continue, or make her cum right here and now. He considered both options and concluded that, with last weeks night and his teasing back then in mind, she deserved more than a raunchy bout of public sex to get acquainted with his tongue. And he wanted more too. They weren't teenagers after all.

So he let go of her clit, licked her once more and then got up again. He pulled her panties back and her dress down while a grin spread over his face. "I'm sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable. I was just dying to find out what you taste like." Savouring her taste in his mouth, he looked at her mouth and wondered if she would return the favour if he asked. Some other time maybe. Not now.

"Are you ready to go home with me? Or do you need a minute to catch your breath?" Mason opened up the car door for her, waiting to sit down. Again he glanced at her luscious lips, so tempting to kiss and so delicious on his body. Then he let his gaze wander over her body. Those legs... Damn, I'm such a sucker for high heels.

Abby struggled against his hands, her fight or flight instinct in full alert. She didn't want this. Not here. Not like this. “Mason... please let me... oh god...” Another moan escaped her lips as she felt his tongue slip between her wet folds once more, before he withdrew himself and stood up.

Mason released her hands, and Abby instantly drew them up to rub them. She looked him square in the eyes. Unsure if she was angry with him or just upset for what he did to her. I guess this is what it's gonna be like... any regrets? Her eyes searched his face, her lips silent. Her breathing still heavy. She fought to get it under control. Hearing him apologize made her feeling of anger fade away quickly. And then when he said he'd been dying to find out what she tasted like... well, how could she be mad about that? “I forgive you... but your methods are... unorthodox...”

“Yes. Let's go.” She brushed her hand over his as she got into the car. Abby looked up at him as she closed the door and walked around to the other side. “I want to get out of here. Badly. When they pulled out of the lot and drove away, Abby leaned towards him a little and placed her hand on his leg. “You should let me play with you when we get home...” Her hand wandered to the inside of his leg, gently rubbing her fingers over the bulge in his pants. “I can tell that you want to...”

Unorthodox. That's one way to put it. His hands tingled as Abby's touched his. He closed the door gently, having another glance at her long legs when her dress rode up as she sat down. Sitting down in the drivers seat, he looked at his companion for tonight and made a mock bow. "Your wish is my command." No, not at all. It just sounded nice.

As soon as they hit the highway, he picked up speed, looked to his right and smiled. "You will get to play with me, don't you worry. So... Home, is it? When are you moving in? Do you want me to drive past your place first to pick up some stuff?" As he sniggered and looked back at the road, a slender hand stroked the inside of his thigh. It reminded him of how naughty public displays of sexuality actually were, especially on remote highways at over a hundred miles an hour. In any other situation she would be sucking my cock right now. But he wanted more. He wanted to show Abby what she had gotten herself in to. Plenty of opportunities for this another time. He floored the car and sped past the little traffic that was out at this time of night.

It didn't take long to reach Mason's home. He parked the car in his garage in between two others and let Abby out. Leading her to his door, he felt proud. My house, my home. And now, my prey for the night. The door swung open wide as Mason bowed in front of Abby. "Please enter my humble home."

Abby blushed at her slip up. Play when we get home, she had said. “Well, I ehm... no... what? Do you want me to?” His reaction took her by surprise. Does he want me to move in with him? Am I supposed to? Abby was utterly confused. “Is that part of the agreement?”

Her fingers continued to caress the bulge. Scraping her nails along the inside of his leg. “I probably shouldn't distract you like this. I should really wait until we get home...” The tone of her voice was teasing, Abby threatened to pull her hand back. Before reaching down further and grabbing his cock through his pants. “Are we there yet?”

They raced along the high way away from the restaurant and towards Mason's home. When they got their, Mason slowed down and pulled into the lot. “Wow, you have a nice house.” Abby was looking at the window, admiring her surroundings. I could get used to living here... if he wanted me to. Would I be able to have friends over? Mason opened the car door, and Abby touched his hand when she got out. “Thank you.” A girlish giggle escaped her lips as he bowed and welcomed her to his humble home. “That's so very nice of you.” Abby took Mason's hand and walked with him into the house. “Wow...” She didn't know what to look at first, everything was so beautiful. “Did you decorate everything yourself?”

Mason enjoyed Abby struggling to recover from her inconsiderate slip. She looks so cute blushing. There was no way he would let her move in with him though, he was too fond of his privacy for that. There was a guest room where she could store some of her personal things or spare clothes, if the need would arise. And that would probably become the case fairly soon if last week was anything to go by. "Don't worry Abby, I don't want you to move in. It's not part of the contract. " Mason flinched as she grabbed his package, feeling it trapped between his body, the soft material of his boxers and the pressure her hand put on it.

"Yes, I did actually. I hired some people to help me with the technical stuff, but the design is all mine. Do you like it?" His interior was sleek and stylish with an open plan kitchen and living room, creating one big area on the ground floor. He headed straight for the kitchen as Abby walked around the ground floor. "Have a seat, pretend you're at home. Can I interest you in a drink?"

My home

Hearing Mason say he didn't want her to move in made Abby frown to herself. He doesn't want that... why not? I can be a very nice house guest...hmm... They walked into the living room and Mason told her to pretend she was at home. “Does that mean I get to take my shoes off and walk barefoot?” Her feet where killing her after everything she had put them through. The shoes are gorgeous, but I should have taken some more time to break them in...

“You don't happen to have the wine they served at the restaurant, do you?” Abby knew if she started to mix up her drinks, she'd end up with wine stains all over everything. And we don’t want that... She wandered over to the couch, dropped her purse on the table and sat down. Placing one leg over the other, she glanced around the spacious room. “I absolutely love what you've done here. The open spaces. The strong lines and the white and blacks. It's really nice.” Bet it's easy to clean too... pff, how domestic of you.

The heels ticking on the laminate flooring made him almost deny her the pleasure of taking them off. Almost, as torturing pretty young girls was just not his style. Not that he had any experience with heels himself, but he could imagine that her feet would be rather painful by now. "Of course you can, there's a shoe rack in the hallway." Because shoes laying around the living room, that was a no go.

He pulled out two wine glasses and set them on the counter. Disappearing into a cellar door, he popped back up a few minutes later holding two bottles of wine. "You'll be surprised to know that I do." As a matter of fact, he happened to be the only importer of this wine here in Canada, as it originated from a small private vineyard in Spain where he had met the owners. His thoughts went back momentarily to the negotiations a few months back. The male owner had not wanted to limit his exports to Canada to just Mason, thinking that if the Canadians got to know his wines he could expand his market. The man's wife did see some reason, but needed a little persuasion. It only took one passionate night under the Spanish stars to change her mind...

He opened the bottle and set it to breath for a little. He took of his jacket and put it on a hanger in the hallway, before taking of his shoes and storing them back in their spot on the she rack. He poured them both a glass of the wine and moved over to the sofa. For the first time, he saw Abby relaxing. Her legs crossed gave the impression of a girl certain of her cause, as well as giving the onlooker an amazing view of her upper legs and thighs. What a beautiful view. He was glad that he had taken her to his house, as her demeanour now was different from last weeks or even half an hour ago. She started to feel more comfortable around him, having seen the place he called home.

He sat down next to her, handing her one of the glasses. He put one hand on her leg as he raised his glass with the other. "Cheers!"

Abby rose from the couch to take off her heels and set them down in the rack in the hall. Just as Mason had suggested. With a chuckle she noticed all of his shoes. He sure does have a lot of shoes.... for a guy. She managed to find a space for her own heels, before walking back to the couch. “Hmm... this feels nice.” Abby stood there for a moment, loving the feeling of the cold floor on her painful feet. Perhaps I can ask Mason for a foot massage... hmm...maybe.

“Oh really, that's good. Because if I start drinking different wines... hmm, trust me. Not pretty.” Abby scrunched her nose before sitting down on the couch. Crossing one leg over the other. This couch is very comfy. She traced her hands over the fabric for a moment. Looking up when Mason approached with two wine glasses. “Thank you.” At the touch of his hand, Abby felt a shiver travel through her body. So much wanting. And lust. “Cheers.” She took a sip of her wine before setting her glass down on the side table.

Abby waited until Mason had taken a sip from his own glass, before taking it out of his hand and setting it down next to his. “I'm sorry... but I just have to...” With that Abby leaned in and placed her soft lips on his.

It makes a change to be kissed, when you're used to initiating them yourself. Having his glass taken away from him took him by surprise, as did Abby leaning in and lightly placing her lips on his. His mind was debating whether he was supposed to like the path this woman had set them on, while his body gave him the answer without any doubt. His lips parted and their tongues collided midway, circling around each other. Gentle at first, like a lovers' first time, but picking up speed and passion as they went.

Passionately kissing while sitting is horrible. It starts out okay, but after a while, muscles start to protest and limbs go numb. The way Abby was sitting, Mason had no opportunity to push her back and lean over her. With his left hand he cupped Abby's beautiful face, feeling her cheeks warming up underneath his touch. His right arm locked around her waist as he let himself fall backwards, pulling the slim body with him. As soon as his back was flat on the sofa, he outstretched his legs and placed them in between hers.

His mind was still not sure how this nights progression coincided with his usual pattern. Now she's straddling me, instead of me straddling her. This is getting more odd by the minute. Then again, this way he had two hands free to roam her body. Fuck habits, time for something new. He set his hands free, tracing fingers down her spine over the dress. He played with the zip but refrained from opening it, instead opting for a longer journey south. Over her ass they went, overjoyed by the lovely curves they felt. Wanting to feel more, they went even further until they reached the hem of her dress and hit upon bare skin, then travelling back up her legs. By the time they reached their destination, two mouths were enmeshed in a heavy make out session and passion and lust were triumphant. To celebrate this night, two hands gently stroked a perfect butt before grabbing it tight.

Oh god yes, those lips...hmm... Abby was lost in the moment, her hands roaming Mason's body. Groping and grabbing. Scratching her nails over his legs. Her fingers fumbling with the button's of his shirt. She wanted him. Right then and there. Abby wasn't sure if Mason would allow it. Well, seeing as he's allowed it to go on till this far... She placed one hand against his chest as the other began to unbutton his shirt.

“Woah...” Abby broke their kiss for a second when Mason moved his body and fell backwards onto the couch. Pulling her on top of him. Oooh! I like! Her hands rested on the couch now, her breasts pressed against Mason's chest. Their mouths locked together in passion. Tongues dancing. Oh god... those hands... Mason's hands found their way to Abby's butt. Caressing and squeezing. “I want you.” Abby moaned, breaking their kiss to catch her breath. “Will you please fuck me?” She bit her lip and chuckled. For a moment surprised by her own words. Abby nipped at Mason's mouth. Sucking on his bottom lip for a moment before letting go. She placed both of her hands on his chest and pushed herself up.

A slow smile played at her lips as Abby stared into Mason's eyes. What she saw in there, surely matched her own. A potent mix of lust and desire. Passion and longing. I've got an idea... Abby placed a quick kiss on his lips before lifting herself off of him and standing up. She took a few steps away from the couch, her back towards him. Slowly she reached for her shoulder, pushing the soft red fabric off before glancing at Mason over her shoulder. Then Abby reached for the other shoulder. She pretended to be dancing, swaying her hips lightly. Trying to make it as seductive as possible. When she pushed at the shoulder strap of her dress, the soft material flowed down and fell to the floor. In a puddle at her feet. Abby carefully stepped out of the dress and turned to face him. Showing off her gorgeous body. Now only dressed in her lingerie and jewelry. Abby stood before him, a wicked smile on her lips. “What do you want to do to me now...?” Her eyes locked on his, daring him to come over.

Surprised by the sudden lift of weight of him, he curiously looked at Abby as she walked away from him. His breathing still heavy from making out, her plans quickly registered on him. After a bit of pillow shifting, he reached for a remote and turned some music on. As the soft sounds of Ed Sheeran's Tenerife Sea started to play, he propped himself up against a pillow, folded his arms behind his head and admired Abby's body swaying softly. His eyes looked hungrily as the straps fell over her shoulder. Her body slowly appearing from underneath the red dress made his mouth water.

Part of him wanted to jump up and ravish her on the spot with complete disregard for any kind of standards of feelings whatsoever, like an animal devouring his prey. But another part of him wanted to savour her, caress her, admire her. Make love to her. That was a phrase he hadn't used in a long while. Granted, he wasn't some sadistic dominant intent on getting his way by force and force alone. He just got his way, end of discussion. But he used his own body, his mind and his ability to control certain flows of thoughts to get the subject to want to submit to him. But here, this... girl... she was different. She was willingly giving herself to him, showing him his new conquest in all her glory.

She is beautiful. His eyes roamed her body from head to toe. A few loose strands of hair had gotten out of shape from being pulled onto the sofa, but for the rest she looked as impeccable as she had done at the start of the evening. Her lips were curved in a seductive smile, her chest was visibly rising and her hips were slowly moving along to the music. Her cute bare feet on the cool floor gave her an innocent appearance, as opposed to the sex appeal her heels had given her. This is even better. Very cute. Damn sexy too.

"I want you to dance." He got up from his vantage point and took three steps to reach her. Gently he took her right hand in his left and placed his right arm around her. He held her body close to his as they swayed on the rhythm of the music. Bringing his face close to hers, he inhaled her scent deeply before resting his head on hers. Without her heels on, Mason was a bit taller than Abby. That's no problem once we're laying down though, he thought with a smile. "Do you know how to dance, Abby? Like, properly? Or am I too old fashioned?"

A giggle bubbled up in Abby's throat as she danced. The music, the wine and the company where all going to her head. Her hands went into her hair, pulling out the bobby-pins that held it up. Her soft dark curls fell down her back in waves. Abby ran her hands through it before turning around to face Mason. The look on his face told her enough. He can't keep his eyes off of me.

Then he was on his feet, coming towards her. “Dance?” Being this close to him, made Abby's heart race. Her mouth searched for his, finding it and quickly kissing those amazing lips. Before Mason straightened his back. Her eyes followed the movements of his hands. Left to right, with a smile on her face. “Ball room dancing? I know a few steps...” Abby straightened her back and waited for him to guide her. Maybe those dancing classes in high school will finally pay off...

Her body felt just right in his arms. When she straightened her back, Mason admired her posture against his own body and swayed along to last few tones of Ed. It faded out slowly and was replaced by the warm voice of Michael Bublé starting to sing about birds in the sky. "I love this song. It's so... James Bond, don't you think? And we all know what he is like with his girls..." He took a few steps and led Abby through the living room, holding her body close to his as he stepped in between her legs to turn and swivel.

For four minutes they drifted through the living room. Abby wasn't a great dancer, but she held her own and clung to his body, following his lead. That made their dance fluent and Mason enjoyed having a change of partner. At the end of the song he let his left hand slip out of hers, bent over and picked her up like a princess. Their lips met as he brought his face close to hers and they shared a passionate kiss. "Thank you Abby, that felt really good", he said as he walked towards the stairs. "Now it is time for something else."

Abby rested her head against Mason's chest as they danced through the living room. Michael Bublé was one of her favorites. Such a handsome man, and that voice... It's like velvet... “I've met him, Michael... he's an amazing man. Such a sweetheart...” Abby said, a smile playing at her lips. At one of his concerts in Vancouver last year, Abby had the pleasure of meeting Michael backstage. She'd gotten tickets through a friend who knew his manager. Or something... “Have you ever seen him live? He has such a presence...”

A soft cry escaped her lips when Mason lifted Abby up off the ground. She wrapped her arms around his neck and playfully kissed him. “I've been waiting for this all night...” Abby's excitement grew as Mason carried her down the hall and up the stairs. “Don't drop me.”

Mason made a mental note to remember this conversation. She was apparently a great fan of him and he would make sure that she had a chance to meet him again. Together preferably, as he enjoyed his music too. It would be a nice treat for her when she had earned it. When, not if, as he was sure that she would earn a lot of privileges. "I have seen him live, yes. When I was over in London a couple of years ago, his tour brought him there at the same time. I took my mother to the concert, as she adores him too." Back then he didn't have the means to get backstage tickets, but now it was a different story.

"Waiting for what, exactly?" He thought he had a pretty good idea, but he wanted to make sure they were on the same page here. He took some time to ascending the stairs, whispering in her ears as they went. "I won't drop you. You are too precious." With each step, he looked at her as she looked at the artwork on the wall. Similar to the images in the staircase leading up to his office, these were taking it up a notch. Quite literally actually, he chuckled as he realised the reference to the ties and knots that were abundant.

Abby looked deeply into Mason's eyes as they climbed the stairs. “I want you to tie me up. Show me how it's done. And give me pleasure....” Her voice was low and seductive and filled with lust and desire. The idea of being tied up by him excited Abby more than she could possible describe. She wanted him to. Badly. Ever since Mia showed me a few tricks... and I figured out what Mason is like... “I know you want to. I give you permission to do what you like...” Abby realized that by saying this, she basically give Mason a cart blanch to do whatever he felt like. “I do ask you treat me kindly... I trust you, Mason.” Her life was quite literally in his hands. I know he'll treat me right... Her first time being tied up was with a woman. And Abby couldn't wait to see what a man would do. She couldn't wait to see what Mason would do...

If Mason was even little surprised by Abby's sudden outburst of honesty, he managed to hide it perfectly well. Another two steps up the stairs brought the couple to the landing, at which he walked straight on into his bedroom. He wasn't going to bother with a shower or the jacuzzi in the bathroom, that could wait until the morning. He had an en-suite to his bedroom, should the need for freshening up arise.

Abby was placed in the centre of his bed carefully. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her... yet. I wonder how much she can handle. How far did she go with Mia? He needed to find that out, to see how curious that this girl really was. "Well Abby, you and I seem to be going to enjoy each other tonight." He stood at the edge of the bed for a few moments, looking at the beauty laying on top of his covers. The black satin sheets wrinkled underneath her touch as she moved to get comfortable. Mason admired her curves. The last time he had seen her naked had been in a different setting and the urge to succumb to both their lusts was greater then. Tonight, it was about taking time and giving pleasure.

Still completely dressed apart from his socks and shoes, he lapsed into silence as he walked around the room to a door leading to a walk in cupboard. Stepping through, he closed the door behind him and flicked a switch, bathing the room in a soft orange glow. Not that I need light in here, I know this place like the back of my hand. He grabbed an empty box. It was sturdy, cloaked in velvet black. He filled it with a few items of interest, things that he was sure that Abby would appreciate. Pleased with the contents, he closed the box with the matching lid, turned off the lights and stepped back into the bedroom.

"Now, you said you trust me?" Thinking back at last weeks conversation, he couldn't help but smile. "Then you have come a long way since a couple of days ago. I will not disappoint you however, nor make you regret it." He put the box at the edge of the bed, placed in such a way that he could open the lid without Abby seeing its contents. Not that this would be an issue for long, seeing as the first thing to leave the box was a blindfold. He crawled onto the bed and straddled Abby's body. He leaned over and kissed her tenderly. Then he brought his mouth close to her ear. "You aren't afraid of the dark, are you? " As the whispered words left his mouth, he gently lifted up her head by placing both hands alongside it and slid the soft blindfold over her eyes.

Abby held on tight as Mason carried her into the bedroom. “Ooh this is nice...” She didn't where to look, everything was so beautiful and elegant. It's all very Mason... The artwork on the walls reminded her of his office. He's got a very interesting taste...

When Mason placed her on the bed, Abby immediately caressed the sheets with her hands. The soft fabric felt amazing underneath her fingertips. “I was hoping you would say that...” Was her reply to his comment about enjoying each other all night. Excitement coursed through her as she watched Mason walk away from the bed. Where's he going...? Her eyes roamed the room as her mind scattered. Mason vanished into a closet only to return a few minutes later with a box. Oooh. Toybox?! Abby remembered that Mia had a similar kind of box. A box filled with lovely surprises... She licked her lips in anticipation. Propping herself up on her elbows as she listened to Mason. “I do. I trust you.”

Abby reached up to touch Mason's body as he crawled on top of her. His weight pushed her into the bed. His lips found hers in a tender kiss. Then he whispered in her ear. His breath giving her goosebumps. “Afraid of the dark...” What's that about... Her questions where answered when he pulled out blindfolds and covered her eyes with them. “No. I'm not...” Abby reached for the blindfolds and adjusted them. Her eyes where now fully covered. And she couldn’t see a thing. “This is both a bit scary and incredibly sexy...” I am now fully at his disposal... More goosebumps raced over her skin as Abby lay on the bed and waited.

Mason sat back as Abby adjusted the blindfold. She's getting into it real quick... It was now time to find out a bit more about this girl and her experience. He climbed of her and picked a feathery item out of the box. He wanted to start slow, make this evening last as long as he could. "You are right, Abby. It is very sexy. It pleases me immensely to see you like this." He walked over to her left side. "It is not scary, however. You trust me and I promised you I will not break that trust. I will be gentle, as tonight will all be about pleasure."

With slow, gentle strokes, he caressed her skin. He made sure not to stick to one area for too long. "Do you want me to tell you as I am doing things? You can't see, but part of the sensuality behind being blindfolded is the surprise. But, if you prefer, I can explain to you?" As he moved the feather over her body, he watched it create a trail of goose bumps on the skin he touched. He watched her muscles contract as he fluttered over them, making her arms and legs spasm. Her hands clung to the sheets, scrunching up the silky material as she wriggled underneath his touch. I should really tie her up. He decided against it for now, instead moving the feather up towards her neck. He used it to stroke her rosy cheeks and her neck, followed by trailing the contours of her bra. "Well, this just won't do." He put the feather down and took her hand. "Abby, would you be so kind to stand up for me? Don't worry, I've got you. " He guided her from the bed. "I am going to let go of your hands now and take a few steps back. You have plenty of space around you so you won't bump into anything."

"Now, please strip."

At the first touch of the feather on her skin, Abby shrieked. She wasn't normally ticklish but the anticipation and the excitement needed some form oh release. Abby covered her mouth, a laugh bubbling behind her hand. “Oh sorry.” She relaxed and rested her arm back on the bed.

Her body arched up off the bed as Mason continued his sweet caresses with the feather. Abby heard his question, but it took her a few seconds to process it. Did she want to know? No ... “No, don't tell me... I only want to feel.” She moaned softly as the feather made its way across her skin. Delicately. Teasingly. Almost too much to handle. But so delicious.

Abby placed her hand in Mason's, stroking her fingers along his arm before she locked them with his. “Of course.” It was strange. Moving around while being blindfolded. So this is what cousin Amy feels like... such a weird thing.. Once her feet where planted firmly on the ground, Abby felt safe enough to let go of Mason's hand. Strip he says?... strip?! “What?” Abby reached out her hand, searching for his. Searching for anything to hold on to. But her hands found nothing. Abby turned towards the sound of his voice.

“Strip... right... okay.” Abby reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. With a soft click the material came loose, she slid the straps off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She felt exposed and vulnerable. But sexy too. Even thou she was positive she looked silly. Standing there... almost naked. Abby brought her hands on to her neck and started to slide them down her body. Caressing the skin of her neck. Feeling her heart beat fast underneath her fingertips. Then she cupped her breasts, enjoying the feeling of her own soft skin in her hands. Then she traveled them down to her stomach. Across her hips to the waistband of her sexy panties. Without stopping she hooked her fingers in and slowly pulled them down. She allowed them to fall to the floor before carefully stepping out of them.

Mason took another step back to lean against the wall and pulled one leg up. His bare foot resting against the grainy texture of the wall and his arms crossed in front of his chest, he looked amused as Abby got to grips with her temporary blindness. When she got herself together, he nodded in content. "You're doing great, Abby. You look very sexy." The room was silent but for the sound of their breathing and a sudden click of the clasp. She sensually slipped the garment off her shoulders and fondled her breasts. Mason admired her confidence as she slid her hands down and pulled of the skimpy thong too. Normally he wasn't the guy for this kind of underwear, he preferred the delicacy of lace covering both front and back. But, he made an exception for Abby. No regrets there.

Even when she was completely nude, he remained quiet and motionless. He just looked at her, trying to find any imperfections. But, to his sheer delight, he found none. Not wanting to discomfort her, he made his next move. "You look perfect Abby. An amazing body and young spirit. I will enjoy pleasing you very much. Now, lets get you comfortable."

Mason guided her back to her spot in the centre of his bed and left her there as he walked back to the foot end. Out of the box he grabbed four identical items. He placed three of them on the edge of the bed and then looked back at his subject of study for tonight. He trailed the remaining item in his hand slowly over her leg. It was soft and slightly furry to the touch and he knew from experience it felt nice to be touched with. It went its way up her leg, all the way so it barely touched her skin and then traced it back, past her knees and ankles, ending at the tip of her toes. Then he took the dangling end in his other hand, brought them both to her ankles and folded the soft but strong material around her. Velcro pieces held it together as they touched.

He repeated the exercise with her right leg, securing the second of the four pieces. Then he walked to the side of the bed and bend over, reaching for her right arm. He pulled it out straight and once more repeated his movements. When the third piece was secured, he again walked around, took Abby's left arm and fastened the last of the soft bracelets. For that is what they were, velvet cuffs around her ankles and wrists. Black and red in colour, they sported darkened metal rings.

Abby blushed and smiled when Mason told her she looked perfect. “Thank you.” If you say so... but bet I look really silly... She swayed from side to side to an imaginary tune. Unable to stand still, wanting to keep moving to hide some of her nerves. A young spirit? That sounds about right...

When she heard his footsteps coming closer, Abby reached out a hand to touch him. When her fingers came into contact with his clothing, they clamped down on him immediately. “Hey you...” Mason guided her back to the bed where Abby laid down and got comfortable. Her breathing was ragged, her mouth dry and her heart racing.

She thought she recognized a faint jingle of metal against metal. Chains? Abby picked up on every single sound, moving her head in the direction it came from. When she felt a soft material brush against her skin, she moved against it. Instead of away. What's this? Abby moaned as the material traveled down her legs and stopped at her feet. The unmistakable sound of Velcro being pulled apart made her breath hitch in her throat. He's tying me up?! First one ankle, then the next. Abby felt the weight of the cuffs on her ankles, moving around to find that they where still loose on the bed. Oh God, oh God... She wasn't sure how she felt about being tied up. Yes, Abby trusted Mason completely. But this was the first time that she was being tied up. Mia had used restraints, but she had not tied Abby to the bed. Assuming that's his plan...

Abby heard Mason move up off the bed and to her side. He reached for her right arm first. “Mason...” Her voice was soft. She allowed him to tie her hand up. But when Mason reached for her other arm, Abby pulled it into her body. No. Don't! “No. Wait.” Her heart was beating out of her chest now. With her free hand Abby reached for her blindfold and pulled it down to her neck. Abby blinked hard, allowing her eyes to adjust to the light. She looked up at him with weary eyes. “You're moving too fast... How much do you think I did...?” There was a hint of panic in her voice. The idea of being tied up was alright, she didn't mind that. But being tied up and blindfolded... at the same time?! That was too much, too quickly. “I've never been tied down like this before...” Sitting up, Abby pulled her knees into her body. Wrapping her arms around them. “I know I gave your card blanch... but I'm gonna need a minute...” I'm sorry...

Mason stepped back as Abby sat up. He listened to the words she spoke and saw a frightened girl hugging herself on the bed. Walking over to the door, he took one of his bathrobes off the hook and folded it around Abby's shoulders. "Abby, look at your hands. At your feet. You are not tied up. You are not restrained. You are free to move around. I am here."

He took her hand and guided her off the bed and out of the bedroom. Still holding her hand, they walked down the stairs where they went their way to the sofa. The music was still on, playing the soft piano and guitar accompanying Passenger's Let Her Go. Mason leaned over and brushed a strand of hair out of Abby's face and tucked it behind her ear. He whispered in her ear as he folded his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close."Don't worry Abby, I'm not letting you go." He leaned back against the back of the sofa and pulled her with him, letting her rest her head on his chest. "I'm definitely not letting you go."

Abby looked at her hands and feet, hearing Mason's words. She nodded. “I know, I... I just .. I don't know. I panicked.” Looking up at him, tears where forming in her eyes. “I'm sorry... I thought I wanted this...”

“Thank you.” Abby tried to get her arms into the bathrobe, but the cuffs were in the way. With shaking hands she got them off and dropped them onto the bed. Then she slipped her arms into the bathrobe and put it on. Tying it snugly around her body. “Wait...” Abby sat on the bed and uncuffed her ankles. When she was done, Abby allowed Mason to guide her out of the bedroom, down the stairs and to the couch.

Sitting down on the couch, Abby pulled her feet up and rested her body against Mason's. She rested her head against his chest, her hands playing with the buttons of his shirt. “Mia and I... we didn't get this far... she only tied my wrists together...” Resting against him like this, his hand stroking her hair, Abby felt her body relax. Her eyes where getting heavy and a yawn escaped her lips. “I'm sorry Mason... I want you...” She leaned up and placed a kiss on his lips. “I'm sorry about tonight...”

She yawned again and snuggled up against Mason. Listening to his heartbeat. Hearing the music start to slowly fade away. “I really like you...” she whispered softly before sleep carried her off.

"Don't worry Abby. It was a misunderstanding." He stroked her head as he felt her relax against him. "There will be plenty of nights to come." Her body went limp and her breathing steady as she drifted off.

Careful not to wake her up, Mason wriggled his way off the sofa. He switched off the music and dimmed the lights, leaving just enough to be able to see something in case Abby would wake up in the night. Scooping her up in his arms, he carried her up the stairs. On the landing he hesitated. Straight on to his own bedroom or left to the guest room? Both beds were made and comfortable. He didn't want to give Abby the wrong impression when she woke up, but neither did he want to have her wake up alone. Deciding her state of mind was more important then her dignity in the morning, he went straight on and lay her down on his side of his own bed.

I don't know whether she would wear pyjamas. Conflicted, he wondered whether he would take off the robe. Sleeping in a warm bathrobe is a total disaster, so he decided to take it off. I've seen her naked anyway. He threw back the covers from the side of the bed that Abby would spend the night in, lifted her up again and gently placed her down. Pulling the covers back up, he tucked her in like a father would his daughter. He bent down and placed a light kiss on her forehead. "Sleep well, my precious. There are sweet dreams to be dreamt."

After a short trip to the bathroom to strip down to his boxers and brush his teeth, he joined the sleeping beauty in his bed. Thinking of passion, lust and experimenting, he lay in the dark admiring the still image of his newfound lover. He realised that this was the first time that a girl slept in his bed, at his home. "What do you do to me, Miss Richardson." Eventually he was taken away by his tiredness. His last thoughts were about kindness, tenderness and a cute little smile of a certain woman.
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