It's Just Coffee

It had been little over a week since Erica showed up at Sid's doorstep uninvited. During the week that followed Erica found herself daydreaming about their evening. It was good to feel wanted like that... admired. When Kaleb had inquired about her night, Erica had told him the client was a no-show and she ended up spending the night at a friends house. He wasn't pleased but he had accepted her lie as the truth. Erica hoped he would never find out, because she feared what he would do if he did...

And now Erica was on her way to meet him. This time she was actually invited. Before leaving, Erica had given Sid her phone number. And he had called her. I still can't believe he called! With a big smile on her face she wandered through the park to the cafe where they had set to meet. To say Erica was excited would be an understatement. Sharing that night with Sid had awoken something inside her. Too scared to admit and unsure she even recognized the feelings, Erica decided to leave them for what they where. Feelings. It's just coffee...

It was a little before 2pm when Erica strolled into the cafe. Glancing around she searched across the many faces present to see that one she was looking for. Am I early?

The world had come to an end. Not according to the Mayans, because they predicted it a fair few years back. But life as Sidney had known his to be, had just upped and left. It was like getting up to et a pregnant lady take a seat on the bus. First you have the seat, next thing you know it's gone and will not come back before it's your stop. In this case, he had opened the door for a blonde angel to come in and a dark devil which was his aversion to women had disappeared.

They had never figured out how Erica got Sid's number on the first place. Not that they had made any attempt to. Their evening together had been filled with lots of fun and later lust. The morning after she had made an excuse about having to meet someone and hadn't even stayed for breakfast. At first he thought that was the last thing he would ever see of her. She didn't text him again, and neither did he contact her. The weekend came around, followed by a normal week at work. It cost him a lot of effort to keep his mind on things. To stop them from drifting back to a finished level of the Lego game they had played together. To the first time her lips had touched his, or any of the other times that followed. To her naked body touching his all the way to the falling asleep likes pair of spoons.

Friday came around and his mind hadn't progressed to a state of semi acceptance of what had happened. Walking back from work, he popped in to his local store to pick up supplies and aimlessly wandered through the isles. At the cash registers he noticed he had picked up the exact same thing as the Thursday before. The Thursday he had met her.

At that exact moment he made up his mind. He had paid for the shopping and ran all the way home, not wanting to waste any time nor grant his brains the opportunity to change his mind. Bursting through the door, he knocked over an ornaments vase with his bag as he chucked of his coat, diving onto the sofa with his phone in hand. After ten very deep breaths, he had dialled her number.

Unfortunately she couldn't meet up that night. Other plans, she had said. Of course, he had thought, how could I ever think a girl like her would have any free time in a weekend, especially for a douche like me. He had been ready to make his excuses but was interrupted by her soft voice asking him about Saturday afternoon instead. He didn't have to think twice and accepted, rejoicing inwardly and spending his night researching topics of conversation suitable for a first date.

And so he was occupying a table for two in Forty Ninth Parallel, a little coffee shop close to a park with it's own Lucky's Doughnuts bakery on site. 2 PM had been forty minutes away when he had first entered and had sat down at an empty table overlooking the door. Two cups of coffee had already been finished by the time the door had opened for the umpteenth time, bringing the gorgeous blonde hair and angelic smile of very special girl into full view. Raising his hand above his head, he excitedly waved at the newcomer as he stood up to greet her.

It didn't take Erica long to spot the smiling face and the waving hand. "Sidney, hey!" She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Erica pressed her lips to his cheek before pulling back. "It's so good to see you." For a moment she held him and they stood there together in the crowded cafe. A blush spread across her face and she quickly released him. What if one of Kaleb's men sees me...

Erica slid the strap of her bag off her shoulder and placed it on the table. Then she sat down and waited for him to do the same "Have you been here long? I hope I didn't make you wait..." Erica hated being late, but sometimes she found it simply impossible to keep track of time. After Sid sat down, Erica laid her eyes on his. The smile still on her face. "It really is so good to see you again..." Fond memories of their night together crowded her mind, making her bite her lip a little. "I'm sorry I couldn't make it earlier... I wanted to..." Kaleb had been in the way of her getting out. He had been insanely possessive the past few days. Erica couldn't figure out why.

Looking down at the table, Erica noticed Sid hadn't ordered anything yet. "Are you in a coffee mood? Or are you more of a tea type of guy..." Erica placed her elbows on the table and leaned her chin on her hands, for a moment she studied him. A curious look on her face. She realized she didn't know all that much about Sid. Other than the fact he was very good at Lego games... ...and a very good kisser. "I just realized... we hardly know each other. Will you tell me something more about you?"


Sidney enjoyed the feeling of Erica's arms around him. He wasn't expecting the show of public intimacy and was too slow to respond. By the time he was going to hug her back, she had already kissed his cheek and pulled back. Well, that was awkward. What a surprise, he thought as he watched he girl sit down like nothing happened.

"Nah, not too long," he lied in an attempt to make his nerves not too obvious. "I've had two cups of coffee already, so kinda done with that. How about hot chocolate with a doughnut? You seem like the kind of girl that likes chocolate." As soon as he said it, he realised that that comment might have been taken any kind of way, including the do you think I'm fat!?-way. To stop her from being able to think about it, he immediately waved over one of the waiters before resuming the conversation.

"About me?" Sid wasn't the most interesting person alive, even considered himself the complete opposite. Nobody had ever asked him about him. He wasn't sure about what to say. He had read about questions to ask on a first date, not about what to share about him self. It was an option he had not even thought about.
"I'm... well, Sidney. Or Sid. But you know that already. Twenty years old, live alone - that you also know -, work for Clarke Industries, and when I'm not at work I play games on the computer or PlayStation... That's about it really." The sad truth about these twenty or so words was that it was an accurate description of Sid's life. Wow, that's actually pretty sad if you look at it that way. Luckily they were distracted by the waiter coming over to take their order.
"I'll have a hot chocolate please, and can I have one of your PB&J doughnuts to go with that?" He waited for Erica to order and the waiter to leave before turning his attention back on her.
"So, how about you? Who's hiding behind those bright blue eyes?"

Erica chuckled, "Yes - I am a chocolate lover. Any kind, any time." And after I'm finished I go to the gym to work it off... Erica was blessed with a fast metabolism, which meant hardly anything she ate actually stuck to her body. Cherish it for as long as it lasts, her mother used to say.

With her hands folded on the table in front of her, Erica listened to Sid talk about himself. Well, talk. The man only shared bits of information that one would find on a work application or that where shared in a casual conversation. "Yes yes, I know all that. Tell me something about you. The person sitting here. What are your passions? Your desires? Your fears.... anything and everything. I want to know." Erica found herself curious about the man she'd spent the night with. Normally, when visiting a client, Erica was in and out. In the most literal sense ever... She didn't care much for the men she was sent to. But with Sid, everything was different. All bets where off. He was the first in a while that had treated her like a person instead of a plaything. He had treated with respect. "I don't mean to be nosy... I'm just curious."

When the waiter came, Erica let Sid order first. Smiling at them both. "Ooh that sounds nice. Can I have one of those please? And a hot chocolate as well. Thanks."

It was only natural that Sid would redirect the question back to her. "Who says I'm hiding?" she counter with a wink. "I'm an Aquarius, twenty six. Unemployed at the moment... but I might fancy working at a coffee house like this..." Erica glanced around and smiled. "Yes, I'd like t time work." Which has to be better than what I do now... With a frown Erica sudden realized that she didn't know if Kaleb would allow her to get a job. I'd have to ask... would he say no? Shaking it off, she smiled at Sid. "I am ehm... love shopping. But that's no more interesting than telling you my shoe size... I am passionate about art. I love to draw. And I'd love to buy a camera and take pictures. Capture the small stuff. The stuff everyone overlooks or takes for granted..." With dreamy eyes the blond stared out the window. "I wanna capture the world..."

Damn. She wanted to know more about him. Things he didn't even know about himself. How on earth do I get the answer to those questions??
"Passions? Desires? I don't know..." He couldn't very well tell her that, when he wasn't staying up playing Call of Duty until 4 AM he incidentally doubled as an on line vigilante who didn't shy away from hacking government officials to get the dirt he needed to expose their filthy habits, be it corruption or abuse. At least, I don't think I can? Do I trust her enough for that? Rationally speaking, he shouldn't trust her at all. Still, the night they had shared had awoken feelings within him that he couldn't really place.

"I'm... Well, my only passion is gaming, really. Especially strategy games on the PC, but also shooters like Call of Duty or the Lego games. But you know that." He smiled at Erica as he thought back to how their night last week started out.
"I can play them for hours on end, loosing track of time and just generally being lost to the world. He displayed that ability on numerous occasions. Not that anybody would miss me anyway. His social circle was fairly limited, only extending to the mandatory family.
"I don't have any other friends than the people I meet on line. It saves me from having to attend any social obligations in person. The world on the web is so much more... forgiving. Less judgemental. I was bullied a lot when I was younger. I don't have that problem when I log on." The on line Sid was a different person than the off line one. When on line, he was more self assured, his confidence based on the knowledge that his skills were 'mad', as some of his hacking community acquaintances had stated. Off line, he was just a geek that no one noticed until they tripped over him, and if they did it was only to make fun of him. No thank you, I'll pass.

"Fear... I don't fear a lot. Don't like spiders though. Especially the big ones. Or mice. And rats. They're horrible." Those were petty fears, barely worth mentioning. Sid's greatest fear was to loose his ability to blend in the background. To be unnoticed. Because if he would get noticed, the bullying would also continue. And that was something that the friendly nerd wanted to avoid at all cost.

Erica didn't strike him as an artsy type. Then again, what did he see her as? A fellow geek like him, based on the way she had enjoyed playing with him? That was as unlikely as to imagine she was the prime minister of some far away country, or a CEO of some multinational, or a whore. Neither of those options seemed very likely. So artsy it is.
"Art... I'm not a great lover or expert. But I do like the modern abstract things, with order, colours, patterns, like Kandinsky or Mondriaan. I can see you with a camera though, somehow..." He paused and thought about what it was that she said that struck him as not being odd at all. "The small stuff... You paid attention to me. Still do. You don't overlook me." He looked her straight in her eyes. "That makes me feel special, you know?"

Erica listened intently as Sid made another attempt to tell her more about himself. In her honest opinion, he was doing much better the second time around. "That sounds wonderful. To be able to get lost like that in something you are passionate about..." She'd gotten lost before in a similar situation. But mostly just getting lost around the city... Smiling at her own silliness, Erica focused back on Sidney.

She had picked up on the fact that Sid wasn't exactly the social butterfly she was. But she figured it was best not to touch on that subject. I'm sure he feels awkward about that enough as it is... "So basically your social life is online, that's cool... I don't even own a computer." Hearing him say he was bullied as a kid, nearly broke Erica's heart. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but stopped herself out of fear she'd embarrass him. I don't want him to feel uncomfortable...

A sweet smile played at Erica's lips when Sid said she made him feel special. At this she reached out her hand and laid it over his. "I see you..." she tilted her head and looked at his handsome face. What she really wanted was to lean over the table and kiss him. And she had to fight her instinct for control.

The arrival of the waiter with their order interrupted their conversation for a moment. Erica smiled at the man, wrapping her hands around the steamy mug of chocolate. Putting her nose above the cup to enjoy the delicious smells. "You could wake me up for this...." She smiled warmly at Sidney before picking up her doughnut and taking a bite. The jelly came squirting out with a passion, causing a giggle to escape Erica's lips. With a grin she licked the jelly off of her fingers before lifting her gaze to Sidney's. "Approach with caution. It just spit at me."

Watching someone eat, was something strangely intimate. It showed how a person viewed him- or herself, whether they were careful or careless and whether they cared at all if someone could see it. In Erica's case, it showed the fun and free spirited side and Sidney couldn't help but smile. Handing her a napkin, he thanked her for her warning. "Thank you for the heads up, I'll warn it first." True enough, Sidney actually spoke to his food before he opened his mouth to take a first bit. "Be nice to me, I just ironed this shirt this morning," he whispered softly.

The doughnut tasted amazing, but was a bitch to eat. Even though he pleaded niceness beforehand, he also fell victim to the squirtiness of the jelly. A thick drip crawled down his hand into his sleeve before he had the time to put down the doughnut and level his hand. "Oh crap, that wasn't supposed to happen," he scolded himself as well as the doughnut. "Now you've done it, you little brat." Picking up a knife and fork, he looked positively dangerous to any item of food that would stand in Sid's way. "Charge!"

Erica laughed out loud when the same thing that happened to her, happened to Sidney as well. "I told you..." she said in between hiccups and laughter. She grabbed her napkins and held them out for him to take. His next action almost made Erica pee her pants. Armed with a knife and fork Sid went on to attack his doughnut. "Ohmygosh..." A giggle escaped Erica's lips as she covered her mouth with her hand. By now, more people where noticing them. Erica felt a blush creep up her cheeks. "Kill it..." the girl hissed.

With his fork he stabbed his assailant straight through the heart. "There is really no escaping me now," he spoke in a menacing voice. Slicing from top to bottom he severed the left from the right with near clinical precision. After cutting of the piece of the doughnut around the fork, he lifted it up and triomphantly held it up in the air. "I am victorious!" Just then, a little trickle of the jelly fell down and splashed on his plate, startling him and making him drop his knife. With lout clatter it landed on the plate. "Even in death you haunt me... What are you?"

Only then he noticed the other people in the coffee shop watching his stand up performance. It scared him, being the center of attention, even if it was in the annonimity of an establishment he had never visited before and would probably never visit again. He sat straight on his chair, hunching his shoulders, pulling in his head and stared at his plate. Still, the humorous situation had it's effect on him and he couldn't help but smile when he looked up across the table at Erica. She's laughing at me. A stab of fear crossed his mind. No, she's laughing because of me. Big difference.

Erica applauded Sid. "Very good. Now finish your doughnut before it gets any more silly ideas..." Looking down at her own pastries, Erica picked up her knife and fork and went to work carefully. "It seems almost wrong to eat this with a knife and fork... but seeing you battle it just now... I'm taking the safe route with this one." With a goofy grin she cut into her doughnut and popped a piece in her mouth.

When the pastry was finished she went on to sip from her chocolate milk. Looking at the cute guy sitting across from her over the rim of her mug, Erica couldn't help but smile. She wondered why he didn't have a girlfriend. Erica believe there was someone out there for everyone. I found Kaleb... So surely there must also be someone for Sidney. Someone who would appreciate his quirks, his charm and his innocence. It saddens me to know that person can't be me... That notion made her sigh into her mug, turning her eyes away from him.

He followed her advise and tucked in with knife and fork. "I agree," he mumbled with his mouth full of pastry. He swallowed and apologised. "Just seems the only way one can eat this sophisticatedly."

The remainder was consumed without any more struggles and before long, both plates were empty but for a few stray crumbs. He stacked his plate on hers and put it to the side, before taking up the mug of hot chocolate with both hands and blowing steam up out of the mug. He noticed her smile and looked back into the ceramics, avoiding eye contact. Why does she have to be so pretty? He had almost hoped she hadn't shown up. Her friendliness made him uncomfortable, her beauty uneasy, not knowing what to to with himself. Why does she want to spend time with me? He still couldn't figure it out. She must have a boyfriend or something? The jade green rings on her fingers weren't typical boyfriend/girlfriend or wedding material, but he just assumed that a fun and pretty girl like her would be snatched up within no time. I'm sure someone has swept her off her dainty feet, he figured. See, she even pities me. That's the only reason she's here. The sigh that left her lips said enough. Pity.

Dreary thoughts where slowly making their way into her sunny skies like clouds at the first show of rain. No, I won't have it... Erica sipped her chocolate before setting the mug down and smiling at Sidney. She needed to break their silence because it was tearing her down. "Do you wanna get out of here?" She licked the remainder of chocolate off of her lips and waited a beat. With her hand already on her purse, the blonde girl waited for her date to react.

Out of here. Yes, he would want to get out of here. And even if she did it out of pity, he genuinely enjoyed spending time with her. He looked passed her shoulder, over to a young couple behind them. The girl also had her hand on her clutch, but the boy's hand was resting on top of it. Can I do that too? Maybe they were boyfriend and girlfriend. But we had sex. Does that make us boyfriend and girlfriend? He made a mental note to find out the answer to that question on the web.

"Yes, let's get out of here. I could do with some fresh air," he replied to her question. He slowly extended his hand towards her, eager to touch her skin again, to feel the softness of her hand underneath his. Don't make a fool out of yourself, he reprimanded himself. In thinking so, he removed the last shred of doubt about imitating the other guy and made a feint move towards the napkin on the plate, rubbing some invisible speck of dirt from between his fingers.

He resolutely pushed his chair backwards and got up, taking straight aim towards the counter. I'm scared enough of touching her as it is. Least I can do is get the bill before she does.

Erica smiled at Sidney's reaction. "Yes. Let's go..." she pushed her chair back and stood up, grabbing her purse as she rose. Taking a step towards the counter to pay for their drinks, but Sid beat her to it. The man was quick in his movements. Making his message loud and clear. Okay, I'll just let you get that... Instead she waited for him to pay and greeted him with a smile when he returned to her side. "Thank you." Erica leaned in to kiss his cheek, before taking his hand and pulling him towards the exit.

Once they where outside, Erica finally felt like she could breath again. "It was getting really stuffy in there..." Turning to Sidney she smiled. Linking her arm in his, she glanced around. "Wanna walk towards the lake? Or into the city?" Erica didn't mind. She enjoyed simply walking with him. She'd go anywhere he wanted to go.

The kiss came as a bolt from the blue. It temporarily dazed him, until he got dragged out by her surprisingly strong hand. "You're very welcome." Remind me to pay for you again if that's the reward.

He agreed with her, glad to finally get out of the place. She didn't know he'd been sitting there for an hour longer than she had. And she doesn't need to know either. "I don't mind, honestly. I suppose the lake air is more fresh than city air?" He looked down at her feet and noticed the shiny silver heels. "But I suppose that won't be very comfortable on your current shoes." And I'm not strong enough to carry you. Mental note: start doing push ups. If he was ever to have a chance of wooing this girl, he would have to impress her. Don't all girls dig muscles?

Erica smiled, caressing his arm as they walked. "Don't worry about that... I've done crazier things in these heels. A little walk around isn't such a challenge." With a grin she remembered all the night out to clubs, dancing and having fun. All in heels. Every other sexual encounter... all in heels. Men had a thing for heels. So Erica had learned quickly how to stand and walk in them for extended periods of time. Sure, by the end of the day she often felt like burning the cursed items. But they sure do make my ass look good... "This way..."

Sidney revelled in the touch on his arm. It felt like such a genuine gesture, one he hoped was meant the same way it felt. "Okay, if you are sure..." He didn't know what kind of crazy things she meant, but who was he to disagree with an expert, right?

They crossed the street and walked towards the park in silence. Neither of them spoke, which made Sidney feel even more uncomfortable than when she asked questions about him. He figured there was only one option left, and that was to strike up a conversation himself. The horror.

"Erica... I, uhm... I was wondering..." Now, that was a good start. Show interest. Then came the hard part. Interest in what? Her? Her life? Of course I'm interested! Yet he didn't dare to pry in such personal aspects of her life. Not out of fear for rejection, but knowing deep down he would not like the answer. Wuss. "...whether you liked your doughnut?"

Facepalm. Do us all a favour: dig a hole, then disappear.

Erica smiled when Sid took the first steps towards striking up a conversation. Good. She had secretly been waiting for that to happen. Although she was perfectly happy and content to walk with him in silence if he had chosen that path.

Turning to him, Erica smiled. "Yes..." Patiently she waited for him to formulate his question. When Sid finally asked if she liked her doughnut, Erica had to stop the laugh that came from her mouth. "My doughnut?" The blonde girl tilted her head and smiled sweetly at the boy. "Was that really what you wanted to ask?" She waited a moment before nodding, "Yes. I liked my doughnut. The hot chocolate was nice too. Could've done with whipped cream, but hey -- there's always next time, right?"

"Oh yes, whipped cream!" He couldn't believe he hadn't thought about that when he place the order or when the drinks were brought over. "That would have made it better, most certainly," he said in an attempt to sound theoretically correct about the perception of quality of their drink. Lame...

He was getting annoyed by his own doubts. His self esteem wasn't getting him anywhere as of yet and instead of happy thoughts of this beautiful girl clinging to his arm, he was spiralling into a dark abyss called depression which seemed to rule out any other possible outcome than complete and utter failure and, inherently, rejection.

Afraid to say anything more which could lead to awkward replies or questions, he remained silent and watched as he put one foot in front of the other. His Converse sneakers seemed to clash not only with the colour of his own shirt, but even more so with the sophisticated heels stepping feathery light next to him, following his pace and matching his steps foot for foot.

Erica noticed his change is demeanor almost immediately. Sid started to slouch his shoulders. His eyes where cast down. And that light she so enjoyed to see, was fading from his eyes. Why are you so glum... Erica squeezed his arm a little, smiled at him when his eyes met hers. But the smile didn't reach his eyes. She wanted to reach out her hand and caress his cheek. Touch him to reassure him. But of what? That she still liked him? That she had chosen to be with him today... ..why doesn't he see that?

With a quick glance around the park, to see where they where headed. Erica noticed a small outhouse. Erica knew, from previously having been there, where the key was hidden. A smile formed on her lips. A plan formed in her mind. Erica decided she would show Sidney that she wanted to be with him... in the best way she knew how.

"Come on..." she took his hand and began to pull him into the direction of the outhouse. "This way..."

Her sudden change of direction surprised him. The smile on her face didn't go unnoticed either as he obediently followed the blonde towards the outhouse. For a moment, he lost all track of his own thoughts and was occupied by the alternate reality that had promptly shown up.

Once they got there, it looked closed and deserted. "What... what are we doing here?" He asked the question before she could reach down, grab behind some ornament and triumphantly held up a key. "What the... Are you sure we're even supposed to do this?" Sid was completely at a loss as to her intentions and meekly stood there as the innocent girl he had just had a doughnut with opened the door to a dark outhouse with closed shutters in the middle of a big park in broad daylight.

Once they where inside, Erica closed and locked the door behind them. The wicked grin from before, still playing at her lips. She pocketed the key and turned to Sidney. "You're adorable when you're nervous..." Erica closed the distance between them and cupped his face in her hands. Standing on her toes, she covered his lips with hers. A tender kiss at first. But soon, Erica slid her arms around Sid's neck and deepened their kiss. Gently she pushed her tongue into his mouth, knowing he would part his lips for her. He had no trouble with it last time... She sensed his nerves and caressed the back of his head in a soothing manner. As if to say, it's okay -- just relax. Enjoy.

Nervous? Who says I'm nervous? But when she suddenly stepped closer and touched his face, he nearly jumped. Oh, that... He let it happen, accepted her lips on him, her tongue asking for permission to enter. He felt his mood lift and the grumpiness disappear. At last he parted his lips for her, letting her in. In him, in his mouth, in his mind. Part of him was screaming to get away. It's a public place! Get the hell out of there! But where he would normally listen to his voice of reason, it seemed like the arms that were wrapped around him worked like a net. Trapped like a fish struggling for freedom, but secretly longing to be taken away.

Whatever it was that she did, it worked. He opened up to her, even dared to use his own arms to catch her inside them. The hand on the back of his.head might have calmed him, but his arms around her were a sure sign of don't you dare leaving me here. Still, he enjoyed it. Her. She was pulling him out of his vicious downward spiral, killing his mood, his confidence and his feelings towards her. Instead, he get liberated. I'm being kissed, again! It felt great, wonderful even, and before he knew it his arm had changed their meaning. Ever so slightly they were holding her for his own gain. Don't think for a moment I'm letting you go. I'm enjoying you too much. So he kissed her back, to the best of his abilities, as goosebumps appeared all over his body from the gentle female touches he succumbed to.

Erica smiled against his lips when she felt Sidney lean into her. His lips parted and his tongue came out to meet hers. They danced around each other. Touching. Caressing. Ever so softly. It took but moments for Sid to get back in the mindset of a week ago. He showed her more passion. His hands found themselves to her body and Erica happily leaned into him. Her own hands slid down from his neck and down to the buttons of his shirt.

While their tongues continued their dance, Erica worked on unbuttoning Sid's shirt. When she finished, she snaked her hands underneath his shirt. Caressing his chest with her nails. Then she went down to the hem of his shirt and tugged it out of the confines of his jeans. It came loose easily. And just as easily, Erica slid her hands underneath another layer of clothing. Now finding herself on his skin. She moaned against him as her hands caressed his chest. Teasing his nipples a little. Scratching his skin. Feeling his reaction. Feeling him grow hard against her.

Sidney started to squirm underneath her fingers. His skin was sensitive and so we're his nipples. With every scratch and flick little shocks of electricity jolted through his chest and a moan escaped his lips.

He still wondered whether this was such a good idea, but his reservations were dropping fast. His mind was only able to process the here and now, and his present situation was more than enough to send his mind into overdrive and leave his body wanting for more. His moans increased with her touch and his own hands started to wander, tugging at her top and wanting to feel her skin too.

The loose hem was deceivingly devious, as the material clung to her hips right where the waistband of her skinny jeans ended and getting to it would require a lot more effort than just sliding his hands up. This needs to go, he thought. But at the same time he wasn't going to suggest it himself. Hell, he didn't even know whether he wanted his shirt to be removed, let alone he would ask a woman in the prime of her life to strip topless in a public outhouse. Not unless hell freezes over.

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