I'll save you

Wow... Just... wow.

It wasn't the first time that Sid entered the great doors granting entrance to possibly the largest collection of geeks in the world. The halls that he roamed now were filled with the highest concentration of IQ you would find anywhere in the world. And dedication. All of the visitors were dedicated to one thing or the other.

But still, even if it wasn't the first time, each time it was as if he had walked through a vortex and ended up in a different universe. A universe where he wasn't the outsider for once, but the norm. Where he wasn't laughed at because of his fandom to comics and Marvels movies, but was greeted because he was one of them. Because he represented something or someone that they all had a connection with. The greater good. The Gods of Comics.

This year he had opted for a lightly different approach. His previous editions he had visited as a Star Wars character, but that was getting old. Even though the lightsabre he had carried looked the part, his outfit was still... Well, too normal. With the recent release of the Avengers movie, a lot of the representatives were dressed up as one of those characters. There were more Captain America shields than stars on Broadway and more black eyepatches than there were corners in New York. Even the familiar red metal suit of armour made plenty of appearances. Respect to those guys, they must be dying of heat in there.

The females were a completely different story. In the comics, superheroines were always portrayed as beautiful and strong. Their live imitations within these halls were, in most cases, beautiful as well. But rather than strong, they were sexy. Where the men's 'best costume competition' was based on the actual costume, in the women's department it seemed to be about 'how to dress with as less clothes as possible'. He saw Tinkerbells dressed in nothing but a short green shirt and a matching green bra with wings attached. Superwomans in thongs, Snow Whites showing more cleavage then the average porn star and ninjas wearing stockings. Not very realistic, but hey. Nothing was over here.

And himself? He had opted for something different for a change. He had dressed in a pair of high boots, dark brown trousers and a white shirt. Over it he wore a white cape with hood, beautifully decorated with red medieval embroidered figures. The details were immaculate, as was his replica sword and dagger in the leather belts strapped to his back and around his middle. He had deliberately not shaved for some days to finish his appearance. When he had looked in the mirror for the last time before he left for the convention, he had looked content. It's like I walked straight out of the game.

He had spotted one or two other assassins as he went his way past all the stalls, booths and displays. But for the first time in all his visits, Sid felt unique. In his place. He received compliments on his choice and was asked multiple times where he had gotten the weapons. They were fake, of course, but the protruding handles were clearly visible to the other fanatics and were specifically intricate. Yes, he thought. This is where I belong.

Around 5 P.M. he decided it was time to grab a bite to eat. Lunchtime had come and gone without him stopping for anything and he had drank only water and the whole day. His stomach was starting to growl. Moving towards the exit, he walked past a group of people. They were right in the middle of the pathway, blocking his route to the food. He hesitated for a bit, unsure of whether to turn back or sneak past. Then his attention got drawn to what was happening in the middle of the group.

The group consisted of a few fake geeks. The boring kind in the standard outfits. The kind that don't actually belong on a Comic Con, but only go because of the hot women. They had grouped around a particularly hot looking girl. He couldn't see what she was actually wearing, but judging by the comments that the blokes made, she was dressed very provocative. She was surrounded by a lot of testosterone, a lot of which was heaped up in groins and crotches, beings stroked by their own hands. Sidney could hear her voice trying to rise out from the cheers from the boys as soon as one of them had managed to touch her inappropriately.

His hesitation suddenly vanished. Whether it was his stomach asking for food, his feet complaining of tiredness or his own self feeling confident in his outfit, in that moment he was very sure about what to do. He pulled the hood over his face and put a step forward. And another. He had reached the outer circle of the fakers. With two hands he pushed himself between them and shoved them aside. The second circle was passed in the same way, as was the third, ignoring the "hey!"s and "what the hell do you think you're doing"s as he went along.

In the centre he found his grail, surrounded by four storm troopers with their flies undone and their hands inside reaching inside their trousers. He hated indecent behaviour even more than fakers, especially where it concerned women. Not that he was a gentleman, he was far to shy for that, but in this case, he would gladly step up. "That's enough now fellas." He looked at the four one by one and then turned his eyes towards the girl. "I am very hungry and I promised this lady some food tonight. So get a grip and find someone else to bother." Taking her arm, he led her through the other side of the circle, not once looking back at the four losers standing in the centre with their hands still stuck in their own pants.

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