Home So Soon?

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Lucy was bored. She'd finished cleaning the bedrooms on the top floor already and it wasn't even noon yet. She had changed the sheets in all the bedrooms, making sure to get the nice ones for the Master bedroom. Lucy knew he preferred those. She trailed her fingers over the soft satin material after she finished fluffing the pillows. Often she'd sit down on the bed after she finished. Caress the material and imagine what it would be like to sleep with him in that bed. To be there with him instead of his wife... Lucy had no negative feelings towards Daniel's wife. The girl knew her place.

The front door falling shut derailed her train of thoughts and rushed her to her feet. He's home?! Lucy hadn't been expecting the master of the house until after 3pm. Quickly she turned to the bed and fluffed the duvet to erase any trace of her being there. She rushed out of their bedroom, closing the door behind her and slowly making her way down the stairs. "Mister Smith?" she called out as she walked into the hallway. There was no trace of him. That's odd... Lucy crossed the hallway and walked into the kitchen. The girl headed straight for the fridge to grab a bottle of water. Footsteps alerted her to someone's presence. With a smile she looked up. "Good morning..."

It was just after ten-thirty when he decided his day at the hospital had lasted long enough. Nurses had pestered him with insignificant details on patients that should have been seen by lesser ranked doctors. Administration had pestered him with his expenses on new equipment and training. A scientist he teamed up with at the Ovarian Cancer Research program had tried to point out some mistakes in his essay on Precursors to Prevention, which were clearly the scientist's mistakes and not his. Yes, the day had been long enough.

It had taken some getting used to be back in the saddle anyway. For nearly three weeks, he had cleared his agenda and stayed home to look after their kids. He was the doting dad, playing games from early morning to bedtime, making breakfast, lunch and dinner and crashing down like a Boeing 747 on fire after they'd been put to bed. It had been a completely different kind of exhausting, but he had loved it. Now the new nanny was around, he had missed them. He'd gotten used to being around the apples of his eye all day. And now he wasn't, as he was back to work.

The worst part? It was only Tuesday. His first day back at work after the weekend had started exactly 27 hours ago. It had been only the second day this week that he had dressed up in his usual working attire, instead of looking more like a father.

The new nanny. Miss Carter had been recommended through a acquaintance. She had done some work for him and had appeared very trustworthy and punctual. Good with kids too. Exactly the type of girl that Daniel needed. When they had set up a meeting date over the phone, he had dreaded that she would actually show up. But the meeting had gone phenomenally well. His wife had liked her, as did he. She was young, energetic, and - not unimportant - very easy on the eye. Yes, Daniel loved his wife. But yes, Daniel also loved looking at pretty women. His wife wasn't twenty one any more. Lucy was.

But, with the paperwork drawn up and agreed on both sides, it had been the kids who had had the final say. If either Steven or Mary-Rose would have been against Lucy becoming their nanny, the deal would have been off the table. It had taken them less than forty seconds to stand behind her, playing with the little braided flower on her dress. Not a minute later, their daughter had sat on the nanny's lap. Done deal.

Today he just wanted to be rid of the pestering. To be home, hide in their library, pick out a random book and read until the kids would come home. Or sit in the office and read up on the new developments on his international colleagues in the cancer research field. Whatever it would be, it would be alone.

As he walked through the front door at 11 AM, he heard a female voice call out his name. Thinking it came from outside - after all, who would be inside their house? - he stepped outside again and looked out over the yard. No one was there. Confused, he pushed the door open again and entered his hallway. Putting his jacket on it's usual spot and his ancient briefcase underneath it, he walked into the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks.

It took him a moment to realise that he wasn't alone in his house. Of course not. The nanny lived in their home too. She would have taken the kids to school and would return home to perform her other duties. Cleaning, cooking, things like that. But where Mrs. Jackson had been in her fifties and always dressed in faded jeans or sweatpants and some hideous sweater with a cat embroidered on it, the new girl was young, attractive and dressed in a free flowing skirt and tight fitting top.

Hot damn. If you sexy than flaunt it. "Yes Bruno, you're absolutely right," he silently agreed with the Hawaiian singer songwriter.

He looked at his new nanny and smiled. "Good morning to you too miss Carter." He moved passed her towards the coffee machine and reached in one of the cupboards for a cup. "I hope I didn't startle you by coming home early. Hospital was a drag." He turned around to grab a Nespresso pad from a glass jar, shaped like a heart. It had been a wedding gift from his parents-in-law. "Did the kids go to school all right this morning?"

Coming face to face with Daniel Smith always made Lucy's heart skip a beat. Ever since that very first time she rang the bell and he opened the door. Her breath hitched in her throat and for a moment she was unable to speak. She shook it off quickly enough and managed to make a good first impression. Thank heavens! And now she was working for the family full time. She had given up her apartment and moved into the bedroom they had reserved for their nanny. The room was nicely decorated and it reminded her vaguely of the bedroom she occupied in her parents home. But the rest of this house is so much nicer...

While he stood before her now, Lucy lost her voice for a second or two. Mesmerized by those intense eyes. That beautiful bone structure ...and those hands... Lucy watched his hands as he reached for the coffee. She could imagine him operating on people with those hands. Such skilled hands. Strong too, she imagined. What it would be like to have them roam my body... Lucy blushed at her inappropriate thoughts. Then raised her eyes to meet his, only then realizing that he had asked her a question. Her blush turned deeper as she slowly closed the fridge door and tried to remember what he had said. Kids... something about the kids... "Yes." was her only reply. Hoping it was in fact a yes or no question, Daniel had asked.

Daniel looked at her intently as he waited for an answer. 'Yes' wasn’t exactly what he had expected. A young woman like her with the way she was around the kids, he had expected something more... Elaborate. Probably a bad night's sleep. he thought and decided to drop the subject and let her get on with her day.

When the small cup of coffee had been created, he pulled it out from underneath the machine and raised it to Lucy. He purposefully took a sip, making sure he slurped, raised his eyebrow and looked dead serious. ”What else?”

He smiled and picked up a biscuit from a tin on the counter. ”Don’t let me interrupt you. I'll be in my office. Give me a shout when you're going to pick up the kids, I'll come with you.” Armed with his coffee, another two biscuits and his briefcase, he went his way up the stairs. Closing the door behind him, he put the briefcase next to his desk and sat in his chair. He put the back rest flat, lay his feet on the corner of the desk and closed his eyes for a moment.

Finally, some peace and quiet.

Lucy released the breath she had been holding and smiled. Thank heavens he didn't ask any further. Thou this time she'd be ready to answer any of his questions... and not blush like a crazy fool and forget what he asked. Lucy felt like a school girl with a crush. When Daniel raised his coffee cup, Lucy raised her in a toast. Then laughed a little when he imitated George Clooney, with his infamous Nespresso phrase. "Very clever."

She watched him grabbed some biscuits out of the tin and then declare he was going into his office. "Alright. I will." she promised as she watched him go. Part of her was very disappointed about his sudden departure. To think I've been looking forward to his homecoming... Lucy frowned as she stared out the window. She could hear him climb the stairs to his office, then waited for him to shut the door.

For a moment the girl stood at the kitchen counter. Drinking small sips from her water bottle, wondering what to do next. As Lucy contemplated her next move, she spotted the dirty dishes in the sink. Best put these away... Lucy moved to open up the dishwasher and proceeded to put the cup and plates in, before shutting the door and staring at the clock. And now it's exactly two minutes later then before... She sighed audibly. Her eyes roaming the kitchen for anything to put away or clean. And then she spotted it. The mail. Lots of important looking envelops with Daniel's name on it. Bingo! Lucy left her water bottle on the counter and dashed for the mail, picking up the stack and heading into the hallway.

Within moment she had climbed the stairs and was standing in front of Daniel's closed office door. Lucy bit her lip and looked down on her skirt. It was flawless and she looked pretty cute, if she did say so herself. Here goes... She raised her hand and knocked on the door. Then waited for him reply before opening the door. "Sorry to interrupt sir... but the mail came. And it looked important." She stood in the doorway and waited to be asked inside.

Daniel was still in his chair when she knocked on the wooden door. He removed his feet from the desk – she had probably cleaned it and it would just be rude to treat her hard work with such disrespect – and called her in, his recognisable English accent bouncing of the books lining the walls as a reminder of where he was born and raised.

The mail. Of course. He hadn’t heard the mailbox clatter, but she had quite possibly already picked it out before he got home. He couldn’t care less at the moment, not wanting to think about work at all. ”Thank you Lucy. Just put it here in my mail tray on my desk. I'll find it.” He smiled at her and glanced her over as she moved from the doorway to his desk. Pretty. Her smile was kind of shy, but at the same time it made her radiate a sort of cuteness. Calm down, she's not even worked here for a month. Don't want to scare her off right away. But, he couldn’t help but notice her obvious feminine form underneath her top and her slender legs under her skirt.

Very nice. Very dangerous, too. Yes, doctor Daniel Smith was happily married. He loved his wife and adored their children. He also happened to be a great lover of young, female beauty, like a sweet nurse alone on a night shift. Or a nanny, alone in his house.

Lucy smiled at him as she closed the door behind her. "Sure thing boss." she joked as she closed the distance to the desk and laid the packet of envelops neatly stacked on his mail tray. Now that the mail had been delivered, the girl had no real reason to stay there. She frantically searched her brain for something to say or some reason for her to stay there. But the moment she turned and looked into those dark and mysterious eyes, Lucy felt all rational thoughts leave her. Why was she there? For the life of her, she couldn't remember.

For a moment she simply stood there, staring at him with a goofy smile on her face. Daniel looked back at her, a curious expression on his face. His cell phone beeped, breaking Lucy's trance. What am I doing... She looked down at the phone. Probably his wife... The girl suddenly felt silly for being there. For staring. For even entering his office in the first place. "I ehm... should get going..." Lucy began to back away from the desk, towards the door. Getting ready to leave.

She looked like she was going to say something else, but then faltered. Watching her with interest, he waited for a moment to see whether she would regain her composure. And if not, he just enjoyed looking at her. It's not like she would mind, otherwise she would leave, right?

The email was either perfectly timed or an unwanted interruption. Either way, it arrived and with a quick glance on his screen, he judged it could wait. Triggering Lucy to leave was an undesired effect and now he was the one to rack his imagination for a reason for her to stay. Screw it, I don't need to have a reason. "Lucy...?"

Lucy had just began to turn towards her door, her hand outstretched to reach for the doorknob. She watched Daniel look at his phone. I need to get out of here... The girl turned on her heel and grabbed the doorknob. Just as she twisted the knob, she heard Daniel call out her name behind her. Oh god... Her heart beat faster as she turned around. Lucy's eyes meeting his. Her lips parted, "Yes..." she sounded breathless. Nerves ran a crazy course through her body. Her heart seemed to stop beating all together for a moment as she waited for him to speak.

Her piercing blue eyes looked directly into his. She looked nervous somehow, like she knew what he had just thought. Unless she was thinking the same. It would explain a lot. Her sometimes erratic behaviour when he came around, not knowing what to say when she was usually so hard to shut up around the kids. I'm imagining things.

Whatever the reason, he liked having her around and he wanted her to stay. He picked up the little espresso cup with his thumb and index finger and drained it of the lasts drops of the black liquid. "I wouldn't mind another coffee." Holding the cup up for her to take, he smiled. "And... Do you have time for a drink? I can recommend the Vivalto Lungo if you're not into the really dark stuff. It actually tastes slightly sweet and flowery."

A smile flashed across Lucy's delicate features. She bit her lip and nodded. "Yes. Sure I ehm... I can get you another coffee. Definitely. And get me something too..." she slowly made her way back towards the desk, reached for the cup and accidentally -- or was it on purpose -- caressed her fingertips against his. A blush, darker than the curtains in her bedroom, raced across Lucy's face when she finally grabbed the cup and started to back up again. "Thanks for the tip... but I'm more of a cappuccino or latte macchiato kinda gal." She paused, then added, "Can I get you anything else? More cookies?..." Me...?

It was a small cup. Their touch was purely accidental, he was sure of it. Still, it felt oddly intimate. "Anything else?" He looked at her. "Yeah, sure, more cookies. Cookies are good."

When she turned around to leave his office, he watched her from behind as she disappeared into the hallway. Placing his feet back onto his desk, he brought his hands down to his crotch and adjusted his manhood. Even though he shouldn't, it was still stirring inside the tight confinements of his boxers and dress pants. He mumbled to himself as he did so. "How about yourself, miss Carter. Are you part of anything else?"

Waiting for her to come back, he picked up his phone and quickly scanned the email from the board. See? Wasn't important. I've got hotter birds to fuck at the moment. Or bigger fish to fry. Whatever the expression is.

The girl nodded before walking out of his office. More cookies. she told herself as she rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen. Lucy grabbed another nespresso pad from the heart shaped jar, placed it into the machine and set a clean cup underneath the drip. As she placed the jar back, she smiled at it. Such a cute thing. The image of the lady of the house flashed before her eyes, but Lucy pushed her away. You're not home.

As she waited for the machine to make Daniel's espresso, Lucy went into the fridge and pulled out a carton of milk. She then proceeded to make a cappuccino for herself. By the time she finished, the machine beeped as well. "Good." Lucy grabbed a serving trey, placed the two cups and the tin of cookies onto the trey and rushed out of the kitchen. It was a challenge to get up the stairs as quick as she could without spilling their hot drinks. But she managed. And even without being out of breath when she reached the first landing. Thank you Cardio machine.

With a smile she walked back into the office. "Did you miss me?" She asked playfully as she walked towards the desk and set the trey down. It was out before she had realized it. "Oh ehm.. I mean..." Lucy blushed, smiled at Daniel and made a funny face. "Sorry 'bout that."

He has his eyes closed as he listened to the gentle guitar chords accompanying the sharp voice of Liam Gallagher singing probably his most famous song ever. Only when her soft voice broke the music he realised she was back. He hurried to put his feet back on the ground and sit up.

"Miss you?" He regarded her with curious eyes. Would it be bad to say I did? Hmm... most likely. Then again, he didn't really miss her. He just liked looking at her. He laughed as she tried to apologise. "Don't worry about it, I just seem to zone out when music is playing. At least, to some songs."

He raised his butt off his chair and snatched one of the cookies of the tray, taking a big bite even before he had sat back down. With his mouth full, he hummed in appreciation. "These are good. Home made too, right? Just wondering... did you make these? If so, I'm going to keep you."

"Forget I said that..." Lucy laughed at his comment. "I know what that's like. I can totally space out when I'm listening to music. Especially when I'm on the tread mill... which otherwise is deadly boring..." Oversharing Lucy... She quickly shut up and grabbed a cookie from the plate. "Mind if I sit?" Assuming his answer would be yes, she plopped down into the chair across from his desk. Crossed her legs and munched on the cookie.

As she brushed the crumbs away from her lips, Lucy nodded proudly. "I did actually. I made these with your sweet girl yesterday. There's a whole batch more with hazelnuts. But I have to say... these chocolate ones are my favorite." Lucy liked hearing him say he wanted to keep her. "So in that case... I guess I'm staying around then." She winked and took another bite from the cookie.

Three more bites disappeared into his mouth before he spoke again. "A joint effort then?" He held up the last piece and twisted and turned it, looking at it from all sides before popping it in his mouth and chewing it. "Mission accomplished, miss Carter. You're staying." He smiled widely as he swallowed the last crumbs. "My wife is no whiz in the kitchen, and I sure as hell can't cook for shit. So if my daughter has any chance of becoming a decent house wife by sticking with you..." He didn't finish his sentence, but the meaning was clear. You're staying.

As she finished her own cookie, Lucy smiled at Daniel. "I'll be more than happy to assist in Rose's culinary education, I'll be more than happy with myself." She reached for her mug of cappuccino and held it up in a toast. "A toast to... shitty cooks and awesome cookies." Lucy rose from her seat and leaned across the desk to toast with Daniel. Unknowingly giving the man a nice clean shot at her cleavage.

He raised his own little cup in response. "To awesome cookies, I'll toast to that." The thought of his daughter being able to spend some quality time in the kitchen with Lucy and taking away some skills for later made him smile. He was glad she was young and energetic, as opposed to the previous nanny.

Sure, Mrs. Jackson had taken care of the house and the kids. No doubt about that. But the kids didn't really bond with her. Lucy on the other hand had them wrapped around her finger. They adored her, that much was obvious. And as far as Daniel could tell, that feeling was mutual. She was always playing with them, making fun, laughing and caring. Never a grumpy face when they were together. And, even better, Steven had not been so well behaved in months. She's got a very good effect on the boy.

He let his eyes wander as their ceramic cups softly touched. While he was granted a nice view of what she was hiding underneath a layer of black fabric, his body stirred at that thought. A good effect on both of the boys.

Lucy smiled as she sat back down. Grabbed the cup in both her hands and blew the steam off it to cool it down a little. Once she felt it was cool enough, she took a small sip. She hummed in appreciation. "Your machine makes the best coffee drinks. Ever." Her eyes met his over the rim of her cup as she took another sip. His mysterious dark eyes seemed to stare straight through her. What is he thinking about? Lucy thought to herself as she continued to sip her drink. Her eyes never leaving his.

"So... you didn't have any important surgeries today? I mean... you could just leave and no one stopped you?" Lucy knew Daniel was someone important at the hospital, but it wasn't like she'd researched him or anything. Okay, maybe a little... A blush spread across her cheeks. She quickly reached for another cookie and dipped it into her cup. Staring into the cup for a moment as she waited for the cookie to go soft. Before she brought it to her mouth and bit the soggy part off.

He smiled at her. She seemed genuinely interested, which was a trait he could appreciate. ”Nope, not today.” There were only two meetings that had been cancelled last minute and a conference call that was scheduled for later in the afternoon. But he could dial in from home too, so there was no reason to linger at the hospital needlessly.

”It's nice to be able to decide your own hours to a certain extent.” He rarely skipped out on appointments or surgeries, but every now and then he wanted to take his family and take a long weekend away. ”But, it does create a need for an in home office. I've got a meeting with some doctors in Sydney and Moscow later.”

He enjoyed her company, but realised that he didn’t know much about her. Wanting to find out a little more about the girl who looked after his kids full time, he turned away from talking about work and to her. ”So, do you enjoy working for us so far? I hope it doesn't interfere with your personal life too much?” He tried to think back to visitors or her going out, but couldn't think of an occasion that she'd done something for herself. ”You know, you are allowed to invite people round here or go out if you want to meet with friends, or your boyfriend maybe?”

Lucy nodded and smiled, "It must be nice..." she said in reference to him making his own hours. "You've got a pretty nice set up for yourself right here, I'd say." she said, looking around his spacious office. It was bigger than her previous dorm room. And bigger than my current bedroom... "Really? A conference call... cool." she finished her drink and set the empty cup down on the table.

When the conversation then ventured away from his work and onto her, Lucy shifted in her seat. Sitting up a little straighter. At her first question the girl nodded quickly. "Yes, I do. The kids are so nice and well behaved. And you and Allison are so friendly and kind to me. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity..." And just like that she was back in the interview seat. Lucy blushed, staring at the hands in her lap.

At the mention of a personal life, Lucy chuckled. "Hardly sir... I mean, Daniel." she looked up, blue eyes meeting his. "I don't have a personal life. Sure, some friends. But no boyfriend. So you won't have to worry about some guy distracting me from doing my job." Lucy made sure to mention that last part. Wanting to make sure Daniel knew she was serious about her job. Because surely there weren't any other reasons for him to know she was single... right?

Daniel. What had happened to Mr. Smith? Did one shared hot drink and a batch of some oven baked dough – very delicious dough – change their relationship from professional to personal?

He thought back to the previous conversations they had. Raking his brain, he couldn't remember telling him that she could tip the balance. He would only do that with friends, family and equals. And she just works for me.

Sir will do fine, miss Carter,” he said with a polite smile. There wasn’t any reason to get upset about it, a gentle reminder would most likely suffice. ”Good to know you don’t have a personal life.” Oh wait, that sounds wrong. ”I mean, that you don't let it interfere with work, should you have one.” Not much better, I wager. Oh well.

He finished his coffee and looked at the clock. Only two hours until the meeting. He realised he needed to prepare a few things and this little break had - however pleasant - delayed his own plan. "Right, thank you for the coffee and biscuits. This had been very nice, but I've got a bit of work to do." He put the mug back on the tray and flicked some crumbs from his pants onto the floor. "Give me a shout when you go to pick up the kids, I'll drive us there. Should be done with the meeting by then."

And just like that, their conversation went from friendly to cold. Lucy stumbled back into her chair, eyes wide with shock and surprise. She could feel her cheeks turning scarlet red at his words. Sir will do fine... Lucy absentmindedly reach for her cheek, feeling the heat underneath her fingertips. Oh god, what have I do now? "I'm ehm... am sorry sir... I thought... you where asking personal questions...." Lucy started at her hands, not daring to look up at him. Feeling embarrassed and ashamed. What was she thinking?! "I'll go..."

The girl flew up from her seat and reached for her cup, fingers fumbling, knocking it over before grasping it and placing it firmly onto the trey next to his. Stupid idiot... She'd crossed a line, one she didn't think was there. Lucy had honestly believed that, in asking her personal question, Daniel... Mr. Smith had lowered the barrier between them. But he obviously hadn't. Or hadn't meant to. "I misunderstood..." Lucy wished for the ground to open up and swallow her hole, but alas, she wasn't that fortunate.

She grabbed the trey and straightened up, turning her back towards him as she walked to the door. In silence she left his office, hearing his words about calling him to get the kids. "That's not necessary sir, I'll get them myself." With that, she closed the door and rushed down the stairs. Lucy reached the kitchen and slammed the trey down onto the counter. "You stupid idiot!" She leaned her elbows on the counter and rested her head in her hands. Lucy released a deep sigh and shook her head. Come on, get over it...

So she did. Lucy cleaned away the dirty dishes and figured she'd do laundry next. Her original plan had been to do the laundry in the morning, but she got distracted then. And now she just wanted to be as far away from Mr. Smith as she possibly could. He'd never come look for me in the laundry room. Which was on the other side of the house, near her own bedroom. So that's where Lucy went, sorting whites from colored and loading up a washing machine. As the machine did its work, Lucy hopped up on the counter and dug out her phone. She found the familiar number and started a message to Savvy... You're never gonna believe what I did...

He felt as stupid as she did. He was genuinely interested in her as a person, but his thirst for authority and recognition had scared her away. For a moment he pondered going after her, finding her and apologise. Before bending her over the nearest flat surface to lift up that skirt and fuck her. He smiled at the thought. That would be nice. At least she doesn’t have a boyfriend to get in trouble with.

For now, all that had to wait. There was work to be done and after collecting all the necessary papers and making himself comfortable behind his desk, he clicked on the light blue Skype logo and typed a simple Hello to his colleague in Sweden.

While waiting for an answer, he reviewed the case they were discussing. The lady in question was in her fifties and suffering from a unique form of neural infection. Clarissa was being treated by a former university class mate, who had since emigrated to the other side of the world and settled in London. With five of the worlds finest and most renowned surgeons they would contemplate options, judge possibilities and form risk assessments. If they would only show up.

Half an hour before they were scheduled to set up, it became clear that his preparation had been for nothing. Doctor Patel over in India had been called in to an emergency surgery, the Swedish guy still hadn't responded and his assistant had notified them that he hadn’t come in to work that day, so the meeting was postponed for a day. ”Well that's just great,” he mumbled to himself as he filed all the papers and shut down his laptop.

Contemplating his next move, he realised that the nanny wouldn’t have to leave to pick up the kids for a while yet and, thinking back to their abrupt ending to their conversation earlier that afternoon, he figured he could go look for her. ”I wouldn’t mind another one of those biscuits,” he told himself. Then he mimicked the girls voice. ”Can I get you anything else to go with that, sir?” ”How about those smiling lips wrapped around my cock...” No, he decided as he started off to find his nanny. That probably wouldn’t go down well.

But I still want a biscuit.

Lucy had spend a good 20min texting back and forth with Savvy. Her friend was on her side, saying the man was out of line. He had no right to ask her all those personal questions, only to then turn cold on the spot. Lucy nodded at her phone as she typed her final message to Savvy. "I don't know what got into me...thinking he was really interested. I'll be keeping to myself for now... got some work to do. Love ya, x Luce...". With that she pocketed her phone and went on to load up the dryer.

After going into the children's rooms to clean up their toys, Lucy wandered into the hallway past the office. She could hear Mr. Smith on the other side, talking to someone. Lucy sighed and shook her head, feeling silly all over again. She shrugged it off and went into the kitchen to set the table for after school snacks. It was something she always did before she had to leave. Get a few glasses lined up, make a pitcher of fresh lemonade and set out a plate of her freshly baked cookies.

Lucy was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and flipping through a magazine. So lost in her thoughts, she hadn't heard Mr. Smith come in.

Sneaking up on her seemed like a bad idea. Crossing the small divide between them to lightly touch her ass on his way passed her even worse. He'd scare the hell out of her.

He still felt bad. Something hadn’t gone right, and he was unsure as to how to fix it. Or at least, which option to choose.

He could act like nothing happened. Just walk in to the kitchen to make coffee and say hello, conversing if she decided to stick around. He could apologise, lowering the barrier between them and thus, removing her need to call him sir and opening the way to becoming more intimate. Or he could be an over sexed ass, sneak up on her and press his hips against her, rather appetizing looking, behind. And the winner for both best and worst idea goes to... Yeah, that one.

Making up his mind, he adjusted his male pride inside his trousers - Why do naughty thoughts about young women have such an effect on me? – and stepped in to the kitchen. As he walked passed her, he couldn’t help but take the shortest – and narrowest – route to the coffee maker and as such, lightly felt the softness of her dress grazing against the back of his hand.

”Just wanted to get a refill on the coffee and see if there was another biscuit to steal away from you,” he started like nothing happened and filled the machine with fresh water.

”Lucy, I hope I didn’t offend you earlier.” Of course he had, what a preposterous idea to think otherwise.
”I just want to be clear that, even though I like you as a person, we have a professional relationship first and foremost.” That just doesn’t take away the fact that you're hot and I want to see you naked. Oh wait, wrong line. Now was the time to act innocent.
”I don’t want to give you the impression that I'm hitting on you or think you're hot and attractive, because I'm not.” He made a show of stumbling over his own words. ”Oh, I mean... Well you are very pretty, but you know, I'm married... Oh wait, that came out wrong too. Not that I would be hitting on you if I weren’t married, because I'm like nearly twice your age... Oh fuck, maybe I should just shut up. But you know what I mean, right?”

He flashed her a weary smile like a man defeated by his own doing and waited for her answer. Well, I did my bit. Your turn, miss Carter.

His sudden presence startled her. Lucy looked up with her dark brown eyes. Dear in the headlights look, all the way. Oh shit... She closed the magazine and straightened up as he walked behind her. She spun around to face him, then backed away a few steps. Her eyes still on him. "Of course." she said when he mentioned getting more coffee. Lucy pointed at the plate of cookies, "Help yourself." She tried her best to be cold and distant, to mirror the feeling she'd gotten from him before.

When he said her name, Lucy looked up. Directly into his eyes. "Yes.." she said softly. She listened to him explain himself. Didn't mean to offend, professional comes before personal, bla bla bla. The speech she had been expecting rolled off his tongue with ease. And now he's going to ask me to leave...just like last time. Lucy sighed and stared at her shoes.

When Mr. Smith continued and began to stumble across his words, Lucy raised her eyes to meet his once more. What was he trying to say? "You think I'm pretty..." she repeated softly, confused by his words. Lucy tilted her head to the side as she waited for him to finish. "I ehm... no." she said in all honesty. "I don't know what you're trying to tell me..."

”Of course I think you're pretty! Hell, if I were ten years younger and think you were even remotely interested in me, I'd make a move on you in a heartbeat.” Those were two ifs that probably wouldn’t be hard to negotiate. Age was rarely an issue for women, especially not when the guy was older. And judging by her reaction, she was pretty interested in him to start with.

”I only mean to say... Well, I don’t know actually.” He pondered grabbing his coffee and walking away. Letting this admission sink in a little. He had planted a seed and it needed to grow. Nurture it, give it a bit of water every now and then, by telling her nice things. Time to cut this little show short.

Instead, he left his coffee where it was and took three big strides, positioning himself between her and the table. Resting his arms on both sides of her slender body, he pinned her up against the counter. Bringing his face close to her neck, he let his hot breath touch her skin as he levelled his mouth with her ear. "The bottom line is that I want you. You're all cute and innocent when you're with the kids, but when they're not around, I want you to hitch up that skirt, slide down to your knees and show me what you can do with those sweet lips."

Pushing himself back, he turned around and took a swig of his coffee. ”Oh jeez, look at the clock. Time to pick up the kids already.” Daniel grabbed the car keys from the counter and stepped into the hallway. Turning back, he looked at the stunned nanny. "You coming?"

Lucy blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Casting her eyes down to try and hide the effect his words where having on her. But she was listening. He thought she was pretty, too young for him, but pretty. And for some reason, that's all Lucy picked up from that conversation. When he mentioned he'd make a move on her if he thought she was interested, her eyes found his again. Locking on and holding his gaze. "You would..."

As Lucy's mind was frantically trying to formulate a sensible reply, Mr. Smith suddenly moved in. Within seconds he had her pinned up against the counter. Ohmygod... Lucy gasped and didn't dare move. He was so close that Lucy could feel the heat of his body radiate through the thin fabric of her clothing. Her eyes where wide as saucers as he leaned in close. The feel of his hot breath on her neck send goosebumps across her skin in rapid succession. Her breathing was labored and her heart was beating so hard, Lucy feared he might actually hear it. His words silenced her completely. She held her breath and listened. Her eyes fixed on the wall behind him. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. She couldn't believe the words that where coming out of his mouth. He wanted her... in that way.

Lucy closed her eyes and silently filled her lunges with the scent of his cologne. It was the expensive one. The one she enjoyed on him so much. When he finally pulled back, Lucy's face was red and her bottom lip was tucked between her teeth. She was unable to speak or meet his eye. She kept her eyes cast down. Frozen to her spot. Confused. Surprised. Shocked. Lucy wasn't sure. She couldn't find words for half the feelings and emotions that where coursing through her body.

Mr. Smith casually walked away from him and declared it was time to pick up the kids. Lucy gasped. They where gonna be late! Her eyes flashed up and found the clock. Assured herself that there was still time and then turned to him. He had the keys in his hand and was waiting for her to say something. "Yeah... okay... I hmm, sure..." she ran her hands down her skirt before she took a careful step towards him. This was gonna be one awkward ride.

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