Eviction Pending

Somewhere in the distance, someone was doing some redecorating. Awoken by the sounds or ringing and hammering, Sidney pulled his pillow over his head in a futile attempt to ignore them. The first thought that crossed his mind was anger towards the inconsiderate neighbours that started home improvements on this ungodly hour. Risking a quick peak from underneath his pillow made him rethink that. 2:47 PM? Damn... I feel like crap.

He couldn't blame it on anyone but himself. At least, if he was true to himself. He could try and put this one on Sniper763 and CorporalBooth and maybe a few others who had persuaded him to keep on playing Call of Duty last night. Granted, it had been fun and the battles had been epic. The three of them together had beat the opposing party, against all possible odds, in a battle for supremacy of some unknown island somewhere in the pacific. Round after round they had fought, guns blazing until they ran out of ammunition or enemies to annihilate. Teamspeak had been on and his volume had been way up, resulting in the curses and cheers of soldiers, alongside the pop-pop-pop and spash-squish of bullets being fired and hitting flesh screaming through the apartment. He was surprised that none of the neighbours had come to complain. Then again, he might have been so caught up that the sound of knocking or the doorbell had drowned in the heat of the battle.

Unfortunately both friends were in a different time zone, so by the time their (and his own) supply of bear had dried up and they were heading to bed, soft rays of sunlight were already sneaking through Sid's windows. The adrenaline rush was subsiding as he made his way to his bedroom, slowly but surely, dizzy and sick from the 12 beers he had polished off. Promising himself to never so much again, he drifted into a restless sleep.

Out of that restless sleep he was now rudely awoken. It took him a while before he realised that it wasn't next doors D.I.Y. team, but his own front door being knocked and his doorbell being rung. He wasn't expecting any visitors today, which made the effort to roll out of bed seem even more pointless. Please don't let it be my mother. That would REALLY suck. He checked his phone and found five missed calls, two voice mails and a text message. He decided to leave the door alone for now and held the phone against his ear to listen to the voice mails.

Message received today at 10:31 AM

Mr. Trabellous, it's Miss Turner. I have received some complaints about noise coming from your apartment yesterday and I would like to come over to discuss these. Are you home later this afternoon? I'm in the neighbourhood. Please let me know.

Fuck. Miss Turner was his landlady, the woman he rented his apartment from. When he signed the rental agreement, she had been Mrs. Turner. Via this connection he had landed the job at Clarke Industries, as Mr. Matthews was her ex-husband. And like all young geeks (he assumed), an older woman was a lot of food for thought. Especially one as good looking as Mrs Turner. No, Miss Turner these days.

Message received today at 13:26 AM

Sidney, it's Miss Turner. Again. I have tried calling you and sent you a message, but you seem to be making a point of ignoring me. I will be at your apartment at 3PM. Make sure you are home.

Her voice sounded harsh. 3PM. That's in eleven minutes. The noise at the door had stopped, but it must have been her being early. He rushed to the bathroom and splashed water in his face, grabbing a fresh towel from the drying rack to rub it off. Two seconds he spent deciding which deodorant to use, choosing the chocolate smell of Lynx' Dark Temptation. Women love chocolate, right? He had slept in his bare chest so grabbed a simple shirt to cover himself, brushed his teeth with extra minty toothpaste and rinsed it off with mouthwash, before moving on to the living room to clear up the empty beer bottles.

At 2:57 the doorbell rang again, immediately followed by knocking. He took a deep breath and opened the door. His breath stuck in his throat as he looked upon one of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen. It had been a while since he had last seen her, she had been a Mrs back then. But the way she had dressed today... She's a cougar for sure. Trying not to think about it, Sidney casually tried to welcome her. "Good afternoon Miss Turner. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, I only just got in... From... err... Well, training. Please come in?" As she walked past him, he caught a whiff of her perfume and had a perfect view of her behind. Even with his mind half asleep, he could sense his body started to respond to the eroticism this woman was exuding.

Only then he realised that he had gone commando in his loose fitting jogging trousers.

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