An Agreement

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It had been several weeks since Phoebe moved in with Parker and Reese. And so far things where's going good.

To Parker it seemed as if it had taken Reese a lot less trouble, getting used to their new roommate. He sometimes found himself wondering why. While he himself struggled with her presence sometimes. For instance her laundry in their hamper; every Wednesday was Parker's self proclaimed 'laundry day'. And on more than one occasion one or two of Phoebe's socks or panties had found their way in between Parker's boxers. This was odd. Thou not terrible... since Phoebe's boxers where often cute ones. The annoying part however, was that Parker than had to return the panties. Which had caused awkward situations on more than one occasion. So Parker had made the choice to simply leave the panties, socks and any other items in the bathroom.

For some odd reason he had kept a certain pair of panties thou. Too cute and too red. Parker figured she wouldn't miss them. And if found out, he could easily claim they belonged to one of his conquests. Easy enough, since there where plenty of those.

But then a drunken Friday night happened... Parker had struck out with his date and was sent home alone, drunk and too horny for his own good. This had resulted to a private session behind a locked bedroom door, with those sexy red panties as a focus point. The next morning came the aftershock. And that's when Parker realized he needed to have a talk with Reese. Because this situation now had the potential of getting out of hand.

Parker waited for Phoebe to leave for class, when he cornered Reese in the kitchen. "We need to talk..." he declared as he sat down at the breakfast bar.

Reese turned, surprised, when he heard Parker behind him at the breakfast bar. His coffee mug rose to his lips as he stared at his best friend and roommate, expectantly waiting on whatever it was they needed to talk about. For a moment, he was concerned about maybe Parker bringing up certain late nights or certain early mornings after drinking too much. 

"What's up? You don't look so great. Go drinking without me?" he asked. 

Parker did a quick shake of his head. "No, it's not that... or maybe it was..." The man sighed as he rubbed his forehead. How to say this...Parker thought. He could beat around the bush and talk into wide circles, trying to avoid the actualy topic. But this wasn't something he could sugar coat or talk his way out of. It was bad.

"It's about Phoebe." he sighed.

At this, Reese frowned and set his coffee aside. Phoebe? New roommate Phoebe? "Parker, what happened? This sounds more serious that 'she walked in on me in the shower'," he said, moving to the opposite side of the breakfast bar and leaning closer. 

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