What Is Across The Pond?

Across The Pond is a modern day Role Playing site. Situated in the great city of London, UK, it gives you the freedom to roam the bustling city, the vibrant nightlife, cosy markets, upper class and council estates and more.

Can you join Across The Pond?

Registering for a new account is simple, so YES you can! But, before you do...

You need to be 18 or older to join this site. All our members like to have a free reign about what they write and how they write it. That means that certain adult themes will be allowed.

Also, we'd like it if you had a spell-check on your browser or writing program. We like a bit of quality in our posts ;)

Just a heads up: we don't use any known forum software like JCink or ProBoards. Over here, you only register your own OOC account. Characters are then created once you're inside. Please keep your username to a single word, only letters (small or capital) and/or numbers, no spaces or funny characters. As opposed to your password. You can go as funky as you like with that.