Yvonne Carlton

Yvonne is a feisty girl. Ever since she was able to walk and talk, her bubbly prescence was a joy to behold. She always had friends to play with, was very sociable and loved helping people wherever she could. A pretty princess with a big heart.

It was no surprise then that she would go to college to become a nurse. To fund her extracurricular activities, she worked at a lingerie shop. Falling in love with the pretty designs, comfortable material and the undeniable effect it has on men and women alike, she remained there as a part time assistant even after she started working full time for Giddeon Leigh at his private gynaecology practice.

Yvonne here is your average happy-go-lucky type of girl, who likes long walks along the beach with her dog. She is not particularly interested in a steady relationship, but isn't actively getting out of the way from it either. She likes to enjoy life to the fullest and does so at ever occasion she has.

Name Yvonne Carlton
Playby Rose Leslie
Occupation Civilian
Relationship status single
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Age 28
Created at 4 weeks ago by Mason
Adjectives caring, strong, bubbly, outgoing.,