Xander Cunningham

Xander is a run of the mill guy with a tendency to analyse every situation to the tiniest detail and then turn everything into his advantage.

He studied at BCU, then moved on to intern as a practising psychologist and eventually started his own psychiatry clinic. He's not the handsy kind of guy and won't abuse his position of trust with his patients, yet he will see how far he can push a client in which he has an interest.

He is also invited at a regular basis as a specialist Behavioural Neuroscience lecturer at BCU, where he holds a position of trust and is friendly with both colleagues and students.

Name Xander Cunningham
Playby Yusuf Gatewood
Occupation Psychiatrist
Relationship status single
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Age 34
Created at 4 weeks ago by Mason
Adjectives persuasive, perceptive, egocentric, harsh,