Willow Pelletier

Sometimes Willow felt like she walked straight out of a medieval novel. You know, the one where the king has his way with a whore, the whore sires a child and the king denies all knowledge of the woman or the child. Not that her mother was a whore, she was actually a well respected medical consultant across the ocean in London. But her father...

Mother had always said that her father was some big shot CEO from a medical company over in Canada. He had been in London for a conference about legalising life enhancing treatment combined with mind altering drugs. During the conference they had been on the opposing side of the debate. Her mother was fierce in her defense as to not to allow mind altering drugs to enter the main stream medications. She was a very... Well, lets just say her world was small and protected, she was raised as an upper class girl and she didn't approve of anything that was anything less than that. One night they had come across each other in a bar, had a drink together and ended up in bed.

Minor detail: mister big shot CEO was married, and extra marital affairs on business trips weren't really good for either the company, nor family life. When she found out that night had gotten her pregnant, she did try to contact him. He obviously denied all allegations and after two years of trying to get him to acknowledge their daughter she had not pursued it any further. How useful could the father of her child be across the ocean anyway.

Willow had grown up protected, raised by the same uptight standards as her mother upheld. She was sent to boarding school, which was probably even more of a hell than being at home. School uniforms, no boy-girl contact, strict rules, no fun. When she had turned eighteen, she made the decision for herself to change her life and move to Canada instead. Maybe hoping to one day find her dad and see what he was like. She had come to live in a small village somewhere and started to track down relatives, but had not yet succeeded. In a years time she had managed to find out that the medical company was based in Vancouver and she had moved there. She needed a job and had applied as a pharmacy assistant. With her medical background, she was sure she could be an asset to the pharmacy and it give her an entry in the world she needed to be as well. And as an added bonus, the pharmacist was incredibly hot! He looked like a lot of fun and hoped he could turn her away from the prude uptight girl she still was and show her a different side to life.

Name Willow Pelletier
Playby Danielle Campbell
Location Pharmacy Assistant
Relationship status single
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Age 19
Created at 4 weeks ago by Mason
Adjectives pleasing, willing, submissive, desiring,