Tobias Cooper

Tobias is a guy of simple pleasures. Watching a beautiful sunrise, seeing mother duck cross the road, trailed by a line of little fluffy ducklings, reading a good article in a magazine... Things like those brighten his day.

His parents were laid back folks. Just really the down to earth type. No eccentric cravings, no hidden agendas. Nothing special about them, really. In itself, that wouldn't be a bad thing. Unfortunately, for Tobias, it wasn't enough. He wanted for something special to happen, something exciting. When it didn't, he would think about it in his head.

Ever since he learned to draw, and later write, he was tearing through sketchbooks, drawing down and writing up stories that had happened in his mind. He had vanquished deadly monsters, invented extraordinary machines and travelled to the far side of the darkest planet in the solar system. It didn't take a genius to see that Tobias' mind would become a source of inspiration for his stories. Sure enough, he went on to college and his short stories won multiple prizes at local and national competitions.

For a living, he writes content for websites and media items for Collin Bateman at StoneBridge. In his spare time, he's often to be found relaxing in parks, letting his mind wander while writing down floating ideas. Tobias is very social and likes going out with friends. He's easy going, open to anyone, not judgemental and can be a friend to both men and women - the latter even without wanting to take her to bed. He's straight with (at the moment) no experimental tendencies.

Name Tobias Cooper
Playby Nathan Parsons
Occupation Creative writer
Relationship status single
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Age 26
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Adjectives curious, devoted, inquisitive, open, social,