Sidney Trabellous

It's never easy being a geek. You get associated with Star Trek and long nights chatting online to fellow geeks, finding out a way to travel through time or playing World of Warcraft. You get bullied at school, your lunch gets confiscated and you always carry a spare set of clothes with you, just in case your headmasters 'anti bullying program' fails to protect you from some toilet training. Again...

Sidney is your typical geek. He has always been an outsider, growing up on a council estate alone with his mother. His parents got divorced after his dad had cheated on his mum with someone at his work. Some secretary skank, she had called her. Sidney had harboured a grudge against his dad for it for a long time, but as he grew older he had come to understand his decision. His mother was a bitch.

After the divorce she had applied for unemployment benefits and had been granted a house on the estate. She would have to apply for jobs as a condition to keep the allowance, but he never heard her talk about job openings or go to interviews. He had wondered what she did to keep the house, especially as the council was homing in on fraudulent or just plain lazy people on the doll. Money was always tight, with no room to buy new clothes or even pocket money for Sidney. But she somehow managed to supply herself with a steady flow of booze. One day his last lessons got cancelled and he got home early. His questions got answered then as he had caught his mother with her pants down, bent over a table, being taken from behind by a guy in a suit. He had recognised him from one of his trips to the council. From that moment he knew the kids at school weren't just bullying him, they were right. His mother was a whore. Taking some pictures with his mobile phone gave him enough leverage to leave his mothers care and live with his dad in Vancouver.

Life in Vancouver was different. His father had a steady job and had given him the funds necessary to alleviate some of the pressures of being a typical nerd, providing him with money, clothes and a PC amongst other things. Sidney had developed an interest in computer sciences and taught himself multiple programming languages, finding a way to bypass security precautions in basically any kind of software or games. This had in turn resulted in him becoming the nerd that he was made out to be, but that was a minor detail. Now he was being used - and sometimes abused - for his skills, mostly to copy games and CD's, instead of being bullied for his mother. The real extent of his knowledge he kept hidden, as he didn't want to end up being used for illegal practices.

Soon enough he ran into trouble when he used one of the computers in the school library to hack into one of the teacher's account to adjust some test results. The librarian had caught him and blackmailed him into silence. From that moment on, he was her puppet. True to her word, she had never disclosed Sidney's true skills. In return, she had dominated his life, both at school and in a lot of his free time. The little confidence Sidney had acquired during his time at high school was demolished by her.

That was two years ago. In the present tense, Sidney is working as a data entry agent for a large company. In other words: an invisible drone. He is a nobody. When not at work, he spends his time honing his hacking skills. His social life is non existent and the outside world only consists of work, the shop and his apartment. He feels there is no real purpose in his life. He has been very submissive by nature, cannot say no when asked for something (but as he is invisible he does not get asked for anything a lot) and is always willing to please.

So here he is ladies and gentlemen. Your go to guy for anything illegal in computer-world and to dominate otherwise. A typical nerd, but then good looking

Name Sidney Trabellous
Playby Elijah Wood
Location Hackney
Occupation Student
Relationship status single
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Age 22
Created at 1 month ago by Mason
Adjectives insecure, mouldable, spineless, geeky,