Quin Shaughan

Quin Theodore Shaughan was born as a second son to the last remaining baron Shaughnessy. The Shaugnessy's gained their fame, fortune and aristocratic title back in 2016 due to the success of the Milwaukee born businessman Thomas Shaugnessy, who earned his stripes in his endeavours as the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

Unfortunately, being of semi-royal descent, often means that the family's values are strict, old fashioned and not in line with modern values. Being the really tight lipped, morals in your bible kind of tribe, for Quin not to be straight is considered blasphemous. The only way he can become the man that he wants to be, is to break with the impertinent family and relinquish his inheritance.

Moving from Montreal to Vancouver in his early twenties, Quin finished college and university, changed his name to Shaughan and started to work at a lawyers firm. During his studies he met a girl and developed feelings for her, but the nature of those were tricky. They could have just as easily been fake ones resembling more of a deep friendship, rather than a romantic one. Confused about these sentiments - and pressured by the woman, who is in fact in love with him - he ended up starting a romantic relationship and married her.

Now 35, Quin is an employment attorney at a Vancouver based law firm. He specialises in discrimination and sexual harassment cases, having his fair share of personal experience with it himself.

Name Quin Shaughan
Playby John Barrowman
Relationship status single
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Age 35
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Adjectives bisexsual, conflicted, demanding, rebellious.,