Parker Emery

Parker came from a long line of cops. His grandfather, his father and two of his three brothers are in the force. At first Parker wasn't so eager to follow in all of those large footsteps, but then one of his friends was shot and killed in broad daylight. Without any witnesses, the police couldn't do a damn thing. Something Parker simply couldn't wrap his head around.

So that's when the young man decided that he would be the one to make a difference. So he joined the academy and graduated with honors.

Without much money, and still needing a place to stay - Parker put up a wanted ad. Which is how he met Reese Josephs. The two hit it off right away and the lease for an apartment was signed soon after. Recently, a lady named Phoebe Erickson moved in with them.

Name Parker Emery
Playby Robert Pattinson
Occupation Police officer
Relationship status single
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Age 31
Created at 1 week ago by Faith
Adjectives Parker is one of those guys that are easy to get along with. He has loads of friends as he loves to go out. He's a tad crazy. And an outrageous flirt without a filter or a mute button. So overall, fun to be around. As for love, that's been a bit of an issue for the young man. Not for a lack of trying thou... but after an incident with a mail order bride that went wrong, Parker has been making sure to keep his relationships simple and casual.,