Pamela Casey

This is Pamela. Thirty six years old and a typical boring housewife. She got pregnant by her high school sweetheart James Casey and they decided to stick together. They have two kids, Dylan (15) and his three years younger sister Evonne (12).

James works as an accountant and while he usually works daytime, overtime isn't unheard of either. Pamela doesn't have a 'proper' job, as some would call it. She's a housewife, so she runs a household and takes care of the kids, shopping, cleaning and everything else related to it. She did really want to go back to college and get her health and social care papers after the kids would grow up and go to school, but well... That never happened.

The relationship between Pamela and her husband is boring. The passion they shared in college has dissolved and has been replaced by a more platonic kind of relationship. Being in love was replaced by loving, which they still do in some way, but the spark is gone. Like, dead gone. You know, nights used to consist of endless romps in each and every part of their house, but now she's lucky if he spends five minutes on her in the bedroom. Once a month, if that.

She obviously hates it, but she can't seem to get through to him. He's just not interested, too tired or to preoccupied. One of my friends who she complains to on a regular basis told her a secret. Her husband is quite a bit older, and even though he is a loving guy, he could not satisfy her physically. She had hooked up with a younger guy who had shown interest in her, made her feel wanted again. And apparently, her man got a kick out of watching her cum... To Pamela, it had always sounded incredibly slutty, but recently she can't deny that she's wondering what that would feel like.

So here she is. A bit older than your average girlfriend. Boring housewife and mother on the outside but with heaps of pent up frustration, lust and passion inside me just waiting to be released. Yours to have, as long as she's back in time to be home before the kids get in from school. Yes sugar, you might be her dirty little secret, but life must go on as normal for you to remain a secret. And that includes doing shopping, chores and tending to kids...

Name Pamela Casey
Playby Leah Pipes
Occupation Housewife
Relationship status single
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Age 36
Created at 4 weeks ago by Mason
Adjectives classy, suburban, careful, wanting,