Noah Evans

This little hottie has been dancing all of his life. His parents owned a bar in a small town and Noah was practically raised there. Before he went to school, Noah spent every waking moment in the bar. Dancing around in his diapers. Entertaining the locals. Perhaps it wasn't the perfect environment for a toddler, but Noah loved it. He loved the attention. The freedom he got from dancing and the joy he felt when people applauded him.

Noah did well in school, got good grades and was labeled by teacher as the one who would go far. Noah was a born entertainer. Loved the spotlight and the attention it brought. He was also a comedian. Always doing his best to make everyone laugh. When he went to high school, Noah discovered girls and dating. That would also be the time where other kids his age started drinking. But because Noah was brought up in an alcohol rich environment, he vowed to stay away from alcohol. This changed once he got out of his school and started to look into colleges. His father suggested he stay close to home, so that Noah could keep helping out in his free time. But Noah felt it was time to spread his wings.

He settled on a college in London, about two hours away from his hometown. He found an apartment and enrolled into college. But because his parents owned a bar, they didn't have the financial means to support their son. They gave him as much as they could, but the lion share fell on Noah's own shoulders. So he did was felt most natural. He went to find as a bartender. He struck out at the normal and more popular clubs. They all wanted sexy girls. Not some blond hair, blue eyed small town boy. So Noah broadened his search when his eye fell on an advert for a club named 'the Dive', a digny looking place a few blocks down from Picadilly Circus. This is where he's currently working as he looks for a job that pays more.

Name Noah Evans
Playby Nick Carter
Location London
Occupation Waiter
Relationship status single
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Age 27
Created at 1 month ago by Faith
Adjectives Friends: this could be anyone from people who went to college with him, or people who work with him or even the ones that visited the bar. Noah is an easy going guy, makes friends real easy. And because he swings both ways, there's a lot of options there.,