Lucy Carter

Lucy grew up with her older brother Devon and a younger sister Emily in the suburbs of Vancouver. Her parents, Mitchell and Amanda, worked hard to provide their children with everything while also providing a steady home base for them. For the most part they succeeded. All three Carter kids did well in school, where helpful around the house and respectful towards others. Everything a parents wants their children to be.

But when Devon turned 18, he fell in with the wrong crowd. Started smoking and drinking and had his first arrest when he was trying to rob a gas station with some friends. Their parents then put all of their focus on Devon. Devoted to getting him the help he needed, even thou he didn't want it. The Carter's are a Catholic family. So Mitchell turned to God, and the pastor of their church, for help. Help came in the form of a one way ticket to a Catholic reform school across the country.

As her parents focused on her older brother, Lucy took care of her sister Emily. She made sure the girl was dressed, fed and at school in time. Lucy was in high school and hadn't decided what she wanted to do with her life yet. But in taking care of her sister she found that she liked it. Taking care of kids. Making sure they where looked after. So after Lucy finished high school she got a degree in Child care and education. She did her internship at a local preschool. And when she finished, Lucy went looking for a job. She found it through a wanted ad for a nanny and housekeeper for a wealthy family in the city. Lucy started to work there right away, but things didn't feel right. So Lucy finished out her trial period and quit.

While she was looking for another job, the Smith family came on her path. Through friends of her father, Lucy came into contact with Daniel and Alison Smith. The pair was looking for a live-in nanny/housekeeper for their two children Steven and Mary-Rose. After a successful job interview Lucy moved into the Smith house and started working right away.

Name Lucy Carter
Playby Alexis Bledel
Location London
Occupation Nanny/Housekeeper
Relationship status single
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Age 20
Created at 1 month ago by Faith
Adjectives Bubbly, easy going, fun but also naive, insecure and has the tendency to get a little anxious when big changes happen in her life.,