Isabella Monroe

Chase and Gaby Monroe are free spirits. They live in a commune named The Village, close to Alberta - Canada. This is where Isabella was born. Everything was hugs and puppies at the commune and she grew up in a warm and loving environment. Isabella was home school and educated about sex at an early age. When she reached the age of eight, the commune's leader expressed an interest in the beautiful girl. He wanted to have her as his wife, and explained his plans of wedding her at eleven and getting her pregnant at age fourteen. Gaby, being born and raised on the commune was thrilled. She too had been wedded off to the leader when she was Isabella's age. She saw that man's interest as a blessing. Chase however didn't feel the same way. He wasn't used to the commune's ways and refused to give his daughter to the older man. Having made his decision, Chase took his daughter and left the commune. Gaby stayed behind and married the leader in her daughters place.

Chase took his daughter to Vancouver. Found a good job, a house for the both of them and quickly settled down. Isabella went to a public school and life went on as normal. It took the little girl a while to get used to the normal ways of the world. She wasn't used to full classes, strict teachers and quickly rebelled. It took some extra homework and a teacher's professional help to get Isabella to conform to the school's standards.

Being taught about sex at an early age made Isabella eager to experience it. She sought out older boys when she started high school. Offering herself to them, wanting to learn and enjoy herself. She lost her virginity at age fourteen.

Her father taught her everything she needed to know about being independent. Doing everything in his power to make his girl a model citizen. When Isabella was nineteen, Chase died of a heart attack. But instead of feeling lost, Isabella felt free. She used the money her father had left her, sold their house and bought an apartment downtown.

Isabella loves to loose herself in stories. Be it by her own hand or from books. She started writing at an early age and now that she's older, she's studying Journalism at the University. After writing several pieces for the local newspaper, Isabella was hired as a freelance journalist. She loves her job as it gives her the freedom to do what she likes, without being tied down by an agency.

Friends; Isabella is an easy going free spirit. Fun to be around. Easy to talk to. So yes, I imagine she has plenty.

Enemies; being a freelance journalist, she can write what she wants without an agency pulling the shots or telling her what she can or cannot write. I can imagine this will get her into trouble on more than one occasion.

Lovers; yes! Boys, girls. Bring them on. She loves everyone and is willing to try just about anything.

Isabella is single.

Name Isabella Monroe
Playby Phoebe Tonkin
Occupation Journalist
Relationship status single
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Age 25
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