Genevieve Porter

Genevieve (or Neve, for short) was never a run of the mill kinda gal. Not too much into dolls and high teas, more prone to climbing trees and playing footie with the boys. You could almost call her a tomboy, but she'd kick your ass if you would ever have the brains to do it in her face.

On the other hand, she was the prettiest girl in her class. Every boy wanted to be with her, but she turned all of them down. It would have been unfair to the other ones and would cause unwanted friction. All through high school she lived by this rule, thus keeping the peace all round.

To prom she took a guy who was the son of one of her dad's colleagues. Nice looking bloke, scrubbed up nicely in a tux. Both their old men were in the police force, but apparently that didn't bother the guy too much. After a few drinks, he started to get touchy and in the end, even dragged Neve away from the party to have his way with her. Unfortunately for him, someone noticed and within moment, he was beaten to a pulp and the beautiful girl was saved from harm by an army of adorers. Needless to say, the guy never followed in his fathers footsteps.

Genevieve on the other hand, did. She finished high school, went on to the police academy and worked her way through the police force. Always ready to give a pretty smile and a helping hand, she would just as easily be on traffic duty as that she would join a drug raid. She became versatile before finally specialising in sex crimes and became an Investigative Detective at the Sex Crimes Unit. She was never bothered by the incident at prom, the guy only ever got to look at her panties before his eyes were battered shut. But still, she wanted to help women (or men) who'd become the target of a sex crime.

Personality wise she is a strong woman. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself or someone she considers friendly. She has clear goals and will not tolerate anyone standing in her way to achieve them. She's always open and friendly and after work she will just as easily slip into her comfies to watch a movie as dressing up for a drink or night out.

She doesn't have a steady relationship but is sexually active and exploring her body as well as the male counterpart. She'll experiment happily and when she wants something, she gets it.

Name Genevieve Porter
Playby Claire Holt
Occupation Police officer
Relationship status single
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Age 31
Created at 1 month ago by Mason
Adjectives strong, persistent, direct, righteous.,