Corey Walton

Corey had it all. Good looks, piercing eyes, smart mouth. All in all, a great catch for any girl in high school.

The lucky one's name was Tamara. Cute as a button, slightly out of sync with the world around her due to a Christian upbringing. Corey liked that about her. They taught each other everything they knew about their world, crossing divides between them with joy and happiness.

After they finished their studies, Corey settled in a steady job and before long, they happy couple got pregnant. A beautiful babygirl was born in 2012, making the 25-year-old first time dad the luckiest man alive. Unfortunately, that luck ran out pretty shortly after little Taryn's first birthday.

A regular check up for Tamara lead to a continous stream of visits to the hospital. Instead of trying for a second child to grow their family, the parents had to deal with a deadly disease taking hold of Tamara's precious body. Over the span of thirteen months, she'd turned from a healthy woman to a woman struggling to be alive, ultimately giving up the battle just over three years ago.

Since that moment, Corey and Taryn have been dealing with the loss in their own way. The doting father quit his work and is now a freelance webdeveloper, working from home when the little girl is in school or in bed. For all the wrong reasons, he's the perfect single dad.

Name Corey Walton
Playby Darri Ingolfsson
Location Vancouver
Occupation Single dad / Freelance webdeveloper
Relationship status widowed
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Age 30
Created at 3 months ago by Mason
Adjectives Persistent, determined, loving, caring,