Brandon Devereaux

Brandon Thomas Devereaux. BT to his friends in high school, Brandon Thomas to his mother, mister Devereaux to almost everybody else. He was the privileged kid at school. The one who's mummy would blackmail the teacher to get an A+ instead of an A. The one all the kids wanted to play at home with, because he always had the coolest stuff and the newest toys. The one who's daddy worked hard and earned a lot of money, making it all possible.

With a pretty neat donation from his parentals on his twenty first birthday, Brandon was sent off to do his own thing. Having a vast network of connections, it didn't take long for him to become the centre of a ever growing network of freelancers and professionals across Vancouver. Soon, he would know all important people and would be able to refer anyone to anyone. With this knowledge, he positioned himself as a fixer, and there was a lot of fixing that needed doing.

Within five years, he had doubled his initial allowance. Five years later, he'd doubled it again and it only kept on growing. He invested in the right people and the right ideas. Losing a few dollars here and there, most of it was spent well and so he wasn't shy for money at any given time. Now thirty eight, he owns a large mansion, drives several limited edition cars and is both a wanted guest and host.

Apart from his parents and siblings and a few close friends, there isn't a special woman in his life. He would like to change that, but this is made increasingly difficult by his work on the one hand and his cocky and arrogant nature on the other. Sure, he knows how to spoil a woman, but he also knows how to rub someones nose in his success.

Name Brandon Devereaux
Playby Tony Goldwyn
Location Vancouver
Occupation Fixer/Investor
Relationship status single
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Age 38
Created at 3 months ago by Mason
Adjectives Cocky, Arrogant, Lavish, Inventive,