Amelia Davis

Power. Life is all about power. For Amelia, this started at a young age. Being an only child, she could manipulate her parents into doing anything she wanted. Yes, she was a spoilt little brat and no, she didn't like it when, twelve years after her own birth, mummy and daddy dearest burst her windows of opportunity when they told her a baby brother was on his way. Focus shifted from her to him, attention was shared. She didn't like it one bit. But she managed.

It wasn't a surprise that she went to business school. With her drive, motivation, skills and knowledge it was no surprise either that she landed herself a job as a junior manager right after she walked out of her graduation ceremony. She made herself unmissable, climbed the corporate ladder as far as it went and, after the old man at the absolute top retired, she was unanimously voted to be his successor as CEO of Vancouver's largest investment company, British Columbia Investment Management Corp (bcIMC).

Her career has always been more important than her personal life. After she spread her wings and left the parental nest, contact with her family decreased to a bare minimum. She had known one night stands, even regular dates, but no men became anything more than that. She wouldn't allow them, they wouldn't persuade her. And then he happened.

He was a young boy, just turned fourteen when she met him. Meeting him through a friend in the foster system, she instantly took a liking to Avery Grant. Already she could see the potential, the handsome features not yet fully grown. He reminded her of her little brother in a way. A little lost, needing to find his place. And she showed him. She became the mother he longed for, he the son she never had. They matched well, she could handle him, he would obey her.

They became intimate and slowly but surely their relationship transgressed from a deep parental love to an even deeper form of mutual respect and blind obedience. She had always been strict, but would now punish with a different quality. She abused him as much as she showed him love, punished him as much as pleasured.

And then he left. She wanted him to know she wouldn't blame him if he wanted to spread his wings, to discover the world on his own, without her. She had even set aside a hefty sum of money for him to do so. Not that Amelia wanted Avery to go, but she just wanted to put it out there. He took it the wrong way. He thought she wanted to send him away, to get rid of her. So he left. Sadness only lasted a moment, before she replaced him. She'd grown used to the company Avery had offered and tried to find a suitable replacement. Until now, no one matched her description.

Name Amelia Davis
Playby Catherine Zeta Jones
Location Vancouver
Occupation CEO
Relationship status single
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Age 48
Created at 3 months ago by Mason
Adjectives caring, smart, classy, strong, strict, short tempered,