Alicia Michaud

Alicia had a rough start in life. Currently picking up the pieces of a shattered life with her twin brother Olivier, they had worked together tirelessly to make ends meet after they left their parents back in Ontario. The situation at home had become too unstable, too much of a risk to - literally - be beaten to death. Such was life, they reminded themselves as they found a small studio they could share, close to a wide variety of employment possibilities. That life could come back to bite you in the ass was shown to them three weeks later when they were called back home for the double funeral of their so called parents. Their childhood had been one big trauma, with mother mentally unstable and clinically depressed, abusive, alcoholic and addicted, and a father who was unable to stand up to her, stand up for them and allowed himself to be tormented by her anger issues. After the twins turned eighteen and took the first train out to a new life in Vancouver, something inside dad clicked and made him gain a bit of self dignity. Only a little bit, as he sneakily tried to poison his wife by stirring small doses of it through her tea. When he finally plucked up the courage to slip her a dose big enough to be lethal, she found out and killed him by slashing his throat, moments before she collapsed herself.

Alicia is a very caring girl, not only towards her brother, but also in general. She currently works for a recruitment agency and is mostly sent to care homes for cleaning and cooking. Where possible, she spends her time studying evenings for her health care diplomas to get a steady job in the healthcare sector, so she can actually care for the patients rather than clean up after them.

She hopes for her brother to finish his life long dream to become a biomedical engineer and supports him completely in his study at UBC.

Name Alicia Michaud
Playby Hayden Pannetiere
Location Vancouver
Occupation Student
Relationship status single
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Age 21
Created at 3 months ago by Mason
Adjectives insecure, cute, pleasing, dependent,