Abigale Richardson

Abby grew up as the only child of a hard working woman. Her mother Jenna got pregnant at a very young age. The father is some guy she only saw that one time. They met after a concert, hit it off really well and they ended up in his hotel room together. The sex was passionate but unprotected, resulting in a pregnancy. Jenna, unable to contact the father, decided for herself that she was going to keep her baby. She brought Abby into the world under the guiding eye of her parents. Who didn't necessarily approve of their daughter's choice. But they also weren't going to stand by and watch their grand baby come into the world without their help.

When Abby was 8 years old, her grandparents died in a tragic car accident. Jenna was heartbroken and distraught. At that time she was juggling two jobs, to support her and Abby. Where he parents used to take care of Abby when Jenna was working, now the young girl was left to her own devices. Jenna took on a third job and Abby did her part. She started to make her own breakfast, walk herself to school and then come home to start dinner for the two of them. Abby was forced to become independent very quickly.

This new found independence led to Abby making her own life choices. She started to do to clubs at age 14, thanks to a very good fake ID. She had her first boyfriend at 16, who took her virginity. A string of boys, and sometimes older men, followed. Jenna was hardly ever home, always working. And when she got home, there wouldn't be much time to care for her daughter. Abby didn't mind. She liked being on her own. It meant being able to do what she wanted.

Abby's academic career is mediocre. She had lots of tutors, and spent lots of extra time spent with teachers and such. Instead of putting her energy into school, Abby started to sing in the clubs she frequented. So far she doesn't have a record deal yet, but has been told that she's quite good.

Recently, Abby found herself at 'The Square and Compasses' restaurant that is owned by Mason Stone. She performed at a wedding he was hosting and afterward things got steamy in his office. Over the short period of time that they have known each other, Abby has gotten quite fond of Mason. After having dinner one evening, she agreed to be his. They are currently working out the details of their relationship.

Name Abigale Richardson
Playby Amber Tamblyn
Location London
Occupation Singer
Relationship status seeing someone
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Age 24
Created at 3 months ago by Faith